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Vijay Ranate

murao now in which category like as open / obc/sc / sbc /st /nt or what category

I want to know that from word Muli (Radish) how Murao word can be derived. Is there any similarity between these two words? As per tradition folk tales, commonly believed by Murai or Murao, this word was derived from Queen Mura who was mother of first real Emperor of India, Chandragupta Maurya. Similarly Koeri word was derived from father of Emperor Chandragupta Maurya named Koer (nickname of King Vishalgupta Maurya of Pipalivan). As per ancient Buddhist Text Mahavansh, Moriya or Maurya caste originated at Pipalivan after separating from Shakya Kshatriya. Kachchh or Kurm or Kachhi or Kachhap or Kachhwah was… Read more »