Who are they?

The Lodha are an important agricultural community of 3.2 million who live in Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Delhi. They also call themselves Banbate, Kisan, Lodh, Lodh Rajput or Tomar.


According to William Crooke, the word Lodha in Sanskrit is the bark of a tree used in dyeing, or could be derived from another Sanskrit word lubdhake, meaning a hunter. Crooke further adds “under the name of Lodhi they are found widely spread throughout the Central Provinces (Madhya Pradesh). They seem to be comparatively recent immigrants from the direction of Bundelkhand (a region that is in the northern Madhya Pradesh and southern Uttar Pradesh)”. In fact, the Lodha residing in Uttar Pradesh claim Narwar in the Jhansi district of the Bundelkhand region as their original habitat.

The Lodha claim Rajput ancestry – the second highest Hindu caste of warriors, by declaring that they are descended from Lav. In Hindu mythology, Lav is the eldest of the two sons of Rama, warrior king of Ayodhya, hero of the mythological Hindu religious epic, the Ramayana, and the seventh incarnation of Vishnu (the Preserver in the Hindu trinity). Those living in Rajasthan, assert that the legendary Rani Aeniti Bai, who was known for her heroic acts, belonged to their community.

The Lodha are a ‘backward peasant’ caste that is gradually rising in economic, political and even social status. Under the provisions of the Indian Constitution the Lodha have been listed in the Other Backward Classes (OBC) category, a listing that provides them with many benefits like reserved quotas in government jobs and higher education, relaxed qualifying standards in competitive examinations and other such assistance.


The Lodha of Uttar Pradesh and Delhi speak Hindi as their mother tongue and write in the Devnagari script, while those of Rajasthan and Gujarat, although they use the same script, speak the Braj dialect of Hindi as their first language. In Maharashtra the mother tongue is Marathi, the local language.

What Are Their Lives Like?

The Lodha are a community whose main traditional occupation is agriculture. However, their involvement in this occupation is on the decline. In Delhi, in the past forty to fifty years many have been engaged in the processing of lentils and looking after fruit orchards on contract. They also work in offices, rear cattle, sell vegetables, make ropes and wooden boxes and run petty businesses like groceries shops. In Gujarat they cut and sell grass. Some are in the transport business.

Political leadership has emerged at the regional level. In Uttar Pradesh, Kalyan Singh, a Lodha, was the Chief Minister for quite some time and is still very influential in the state. This political involvement has led to better relations with other communities and a rise in status.

All Lodha eat meat except those living in Rajasthan and Maharashtra, who are vegetarians. They do not eat pork or beef. Wheat and rice are their staple cereals, supplemented by pulses, seasonal vegetables and fruit. Liquor is not common but tobacco is popular with the men.

This community takes advantage of development programs and have benefitted through self-employment schemes, irrigation, electricity, subsidised loans and improved seeds and fertilizers. The Lodha like to send their children to school but do not educate their daughters beyond the lower levels. They use modern medicines and practice family welfare to restrict their family size.


The Lodha are an endogamous community, i.e. marriage alliances are conducted only within the Lodha community. They have a number of subgroups in the numerous regions they inhabit which have specific names. In Uttar Pradesh there are two subgroups, Jaria and Patharia, which are territorial in nature, while in Delhi there are four – Maharia, Mathuria, Jaria and Patharia. In Rajasthan, the Lodha have four subgroups, which arranged in descending order are – Mathuria, Patharia, Narbania and Jaina. Previously these subgroups were also endogamous but inter-group marriages are now tolerated. There are also a number of exogamous clans. The Lodha of Rajasthan are very proud of the existence of 84 clans – believed to be a legendary number. The Jati Purana (caste text) of the Lodha of Madhya Pradesh mentions about 515 clan names.

Marriages are between adults and are settled through negotiations between elders of both sides. Monogamy is common, although a second spouse is allowed if the first wife remains childless. Lac and glass bangles, toe-rings, vermilion in the hair parting and coloured dot on the forehead are worn by women to indicate that they are married. Dowry is demanded in both cash and goods. Divorce is permitted and so is the remarriage of widows, widowers and divorcees. Marriages between a man and his deceased wife’s younger sister or between a woman and her deceased husband’s younger brother are permitted and in many cases preferred. In Uttar Pradesh, however, only men are allowed to remarry.

They live in both extended and nuclear families. Ancestral property is inherited equally by all the sons. Though modern laws give the daughters this right too, they often do not claim their share in order to maintain good relations with their brothers. The eldest son succeeds as the head of the family.

The status of women is low. Many of them, in addition to doing all the housework, also help in the work that the men do to earn a living except in conservative Rajasthan where they are confined to domestic work only. Only women can sing and dance to the accompaniment of the dholak (indigenous, barrel-shaped, double-sided drum) on special occasions.

The Lodha have a caste council at the village level to maintain social control and settle disputes. They also have larger associations at regional levels called ‘the Assembly’ in Uttar Pradesh, Delhi Regional Friends Association in Delhi, Lodheswar Society in Gujarat and the Lodhi Kshatriya Rajput Society in Maharashtra. These associations actively promote the welfare and economic improvement of the community as well as function as lobby groups. Additionally, they provide a sense of identity to its members.

What Are Their Beliefs?

The Lodha are Hindu by faith and worship all Hindu gods and goddesses. They also worship Shakti (power) in the form of Durga, another militant goddess, Chandi (angry or fierce) and Kali, the black goddess. The head of the family makes daily offerings to the clan goddess who is also an aspect of Shakti. In Maharashtra their family deity is the goddess Sharda and the village deity is Hanuman, the monkey god. The worship of Krishna, (eighth incarnation of Vishnu) is also prevalent among the Lodha of Rajasthan from the Braj area in Mathura district, where the Krishna legend originated.

In Madhya Pradesh regional deities like Goraiya (deity of tombs) and Masan (invisible demon who hates children) are propitiated. A few follow the Arya Samaj and Radhasoami movements. The Arya Samaj followers believe in the simpler version of Hinduism, dating back to 1500-500 BC, AD have given up practices like idol worship and do not eat meat. The Radhasoami followers are also Hindu but the role of the Guru is all encompassing and very influential in a devotee’s life. This movement has seen phenomenal growth in North India.

The Lodha celebrate all major Hindu festivals like Holi (spring festival of colours), Mahasivaratri (Great night of Shiva), Dussehra (festival celebrating the victory of Rama over the demon king Ravana) and Janamashatmi (Krishna’s birthday). They make pilgrimages to their sacred place like Hardwar, Mathura, Allahabad and Pushkar. Lifecycle rituals are performed by a Brahmin priest. The dead are cremated and the ashes immersed in a river, preferably the Ganges River. Ancestor worship is also performed.



  1. thanks for this imp information

  2. proud to be a lodh kshatriya…..i am from hyderabad and the status of woman is gradually increasing here …..every parent z making their children to study including girls…..

    • Every one of our cast(Lodha Lodh Lodhi) members should proud, educate & unite. I am from kota rajasthan and glad to know the avaiking persons like you.

      my nick name is RajYash ,
      I am married ,my wife is tracher.I have two Childern.
      One Name is AAYUSHPAL SINGH-STUDY IN 9th Class
      Second Name is ANANYA RAKHI SINGH-STUDY IN 4th Class

    • i will support ur spirit

    • Yeah
      Proud of being belonged to Warriors.

    • yeah absolutely aarti g

  3. I am pround to be born in Lodhi Rajput family. My parents permitted both their girls and boys to study upto post graduation level. We worship God Shiva and Goddess Shakti besides other dieties in Hindu society. Status of women in our area (ie Mainpuri, Uttar Pradesh) is very good and girls are encouraged to study upto highest level. Some are even holding very important post in Govt offices. Earlier widows were not perrmitted to remarry. I was shocked to see my grandpa’s aunt (buaji) who became widow on next day of her marriage. She was not allowed to remarry and remain with our family till her last breathe. Her suffering are known to us, therefore, we (members of my family) are of the opinion that they (widows) should be permitted to remarry to avoid agony of their future life.

  4. our status is good enough and i’m proud to be lodhi

  5. lodha rajputs ……… we have developed a lot recently ………. but there are still some families who need help ……….. i m from rajasthan udaipur …….. please support such families of lodha rajputs near by u ……….. thnks

  6. This is not true or factual.
    Lodhi is a Hindu community in India. They are Kshatriya.

    Origin and History
    The word Lodham first originates in Rigveda (The oldest literature of Sanatan/ Hindu dharma), Mandal-3,Sukta-53, sloka-23 [2] [3], then the word again shows its presence in Manusmriti, Chapter VII- 54 [3] [4] and in Parashuram sahitya. In all the slokas depicted, the word Lodham is used for Shoorveer / warrior/ brave. Lodh were the first Kshatriyas of the earth.

    When Parashuram killed The Chakravarti King Sahastrabahoo (A Lodham) the then left over leaders of Kshatriyas (Lodham) went to The Lord Mahesh. The Lord Mahesh saved them from Parashuram and ordered all the Khastriyas (Lodham) to choose farming instead of Kshatra (weapons). As The Lord Mahesh saved the Lodhams from the atrocities of Parashuram the then he is also worshiped as The Lodheswar Mahadev. Lodhi Rajput are Chandravanshi from the lunar deity Chandra.
    They have 23 Rajgharanas in Indian subcontinent starting from the west
    o Teenkotla, in the Sialkot District of present-day Pakistan
    o Lodra in the Multan District of present-day Pakistan
    o Ludrava, Jaisalmair Rajasthan, India.
    o Amarpatan (National Highway No.7, 50 Km away from Maihar) MP, India.
    o Ramgarh, Mandla MP, India.
    o Gahora, Chitrakut MP, India.
    o Kerbana, Bateagarh, Damoh,MP, India.
    o Hindoriya (Hata, Damoh) MP, India.
    o Madanpur Mahroni, (Lalitpur) UP, India.
    o Mankhedi Seoni MP are just few of them.

    • u r write jitender rajput . that history u can wrote this is absulotely write & any other person whos dout then he can see the history of lord KRISHANA . the lodhi rajputs r chandravansi & the history of jitender wrote his write…….. thanks brother..


      • You are right but lodhi is in both dynasty Lunar and Solar.

    • some people try to be make smart ,handsome ,deshing , cool all their but some are born only lodhi rajput ( jai rajputana )

    • lodha or lodhi r the muslim community not the rajput community iam the rajput and we have 36 clans

      • lodhi are the first kshatriya of the earth. the rigveda was also mentioned that lodh word is used for shoorveer and yodha. and muslim lodhi are the converted pepole from hindu lodha.
        we found both group of kshatriya chandravanshi and suryavanshi.

      • lodha or lodhi rajput is a hindu community not muslim we are the follower of lord shiva lord shiva is another name is lodheshwar mahadev and all muslim lodhi is converted from Hindu lodhi …..we are chandrawanshi kshatriya chauhan is a suryavanshi kshatriya…..

      • You are wrong …read properly the history of lodhi Rajput there are many proves in rigbed parsu charitra and so on …then you find that who are Lodhi Rajput….

      • Yr Chauhan bad m aaye hai ..lodhi Kshatriya bhut prachhin h….ab tm apne beta k Nam ka bhi Kshatriya clan bna Lena ur 37 clan Kr Dena ye to tmhare upar hai…..Lodhi is a Sanskrit word which means warrior yodha ..ab agar tmri bhasa m Kshatriya kuchh ur hote Ho to usme koi kuchh nhi Kr skta….lo

      • Chouhan is not only Rajput, there are many types of Rajput communities also in different part of our country which you do not know. So please improve your knowledge.we are not writing it now but our fore fore fathers use to be called as Rajput.

    • Hi my name is samyak lodha and am a Jain and lodhas are suryavanshi belonging to chauhans

  7. it is gud to see that so many people r trying their efforts to clarify our origin
    but unfortunate is it need that who r we
    hence fortunate is that now we r growing but in proportion of population our contribution on national level is not seems to be measurable
    as far as population concern authorized actual count is not visible

    rgds D S LODHI

  8. Hallo,
    I am a lodhi Rajput ( Jaria) from Uttar Pradesh . The people from the community are using a no. of surnames. May I know the subcastes in lodhi community in different regions. Are lavavanshi are lodhi rajputs.
    My best wishes & regards.

  9. hi i m Raj Lodheshvar n i m proud to be lodha kshatriya. we need to meet each other , we r usueing saveral suename, so we need to make one common lodha. n be a part of our community

  10. Hlw buddies….i belong to b.s.r in u.p….it is my pleasure tht i belong to a lodhi family…here graph of girls study is continuous growing…gd to see u all here…

    • Jis desh jaati main janma liya balidan usi per ho jayen .These lines are written by great indian poet Surya Kant Tripathi nirala. dear . dont feel same to be a Lodha/lodhi rajput.. the things which cant not be changed is your caste.You set an example by rising and SKY SHOULD BE YOUR LIMIT. Mayavati apne aap ko dalit ke beti kah ker sharmaati nahin. then why you. be bold and enhance your knowledge. Make your companion who have more knowledge than you. who guide you in better way for guide line you can any time contact me on 08826600790. thanx.

    • Please write a correct spelling of engineer.

  11. we should write our surname lodhi, then only people from other society will identify us properly. it will be helpful for our existing and coming generation’s confidence and awareness.

    • Very nice to see Mr chandra pratap singh singraul saying the he is Bharatiya. Great sir.
      Other Bharatiya have to learn lesson from 823 year old history, when a looter Ghori was able to defeat Bharati Kings andlay foundation for moughal rule in India. Basic reason was cast division in India. Check out Mr Vajypee’s speech https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=qsCYBvPxubM

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  13. Cast lodhi rajput
    Gotra Maurya
    Gaon u.p bulandshahar

    But my confused is I don’t know my kuldevi & kuldevta so plss koi bata sakta hai kya

    • Karan Lodhi


      Kull Devi-shitla mata gurgava wali

      Kull devta-Jaharveer goga jii

    • First let me clear your Gotra is not Maurya but You are Mahur or Mohriya.
      Jatidevta is lord Shiva and Jatidevi is Godees Durga\ kalimai\ chamundai.

      Every family ancestor(grand…grand father or mother are kul Devta or Devi. So you only know them from which kul you are and Sorry as we do not know about your ancestors.

  14. The above information given by net sources is very significant about lodhi rajput & i’m proud to be lodhi.
    But what is the gotra those lodhi people lives in aligarh (u.p.)
    Could we marriage to bhadauria rajput?

    • If u marry bhadauria it will be an inter cast marriage, we both are Rajputs but they don’t accept us as Kshatriya or equal to them.

    • Yes Go ahead.

  15. Hi I am shrawan Kumar my cast is lodhi rajput and I am living in Jaipur Rajasthan
    Mere sbhi document me general category likha h but mujhe an malum chala k mere gaanv u.p. me hum obc me aate h
    To kya ab me competition exam me obc category bhar sakta hu plz and me
    What I do for

    • If you are applying in any Rajasthan based competitive exam for that u will be general but when u r applying for central level exam u can apply in obc because we r having obc status at central level . U can look on Rajasthan obc website to find if lodhi rajput is in obc category or not

  16. I am lodhi rajput .but I don’t know my gotra.so plz koi bata sakta hai kya? I lives in Farrukhabad (U.P)

    • There most common are pathariyas

  17. You.. Told jaria and pathariya….. But there is nothing about batham…..
    I am batham
    I have so many family people who are pathariya

    • batham are not lodhi urs culd have inter cast marriage

  18. I’m Lodha Rajput

  19. Hello, my self Rahul pratap singh. glad to read all the comments. to connect with me on whatsaap msg me on 09990712396 or join me on facebook http://www.facebook.com/Rahul.pratap.3557440.


  21. I’m lodha ( lovevanshi Rajput ) proud on lodha caste

  22. thanks for awake the samaj

  23. mai janna chyta hoon kuch log jati chipakar kya sabbit karna chayte hain isse unhe kya fayda hota hai,

    • helo dosto hum log eek dushre ke contact kaise kare

  24. I proud of my caste Loudha….sir congratulations….

  25. Hello everyone , I proud to be a Lodhi Rajput , mathura khap…i am a lecturer in nursing college in Rajasthan govt.

  26. I am also belong lodhi Community. I am working as an Assistant Professor(adhoc) in Delhi University

  27. Hi.. I’m Dhyanendra Singh Lodhi Rajput from Gwalior ( m.p.).
    Jai lodheswar.. Jai Lodhi….

  28. Thanks for all my samaj.

    very very proud me

  29. I m Mahendra lodha proud to be a lodh…jai lodheswar ….m.p seoni malwa

  30. I am proud of lodhi samaj

  31. P P Singh lodhi Rajput ,Village Umrai, Post Kharduli Dist Etawah UP or 62B Friends Colony (Bagiya Havela RAM) Etawah U P

    • Nice to read your words.It is really proud to be honest and hardworking person for a nation.Thank you.I am from Ghaziabad. I am CS/IT engineer and my father working as an Engineer in All India Radio, New Delhi.

  32. hello guys m from Hoshangabad madhyapradesh
    nice to here all thease thing from u…

  33. Hello Friends,
    I am proud to be a lodhi Rajput. LR is a symbol of pride and loyality. We should unite for the betterment of our cast and culture.
    So, I am making a Lodhi Rajput group on watsup.
    Who want to join the group please send a request on 8587002257.

    अन्य के लिए जो रक्त बहाये. मातृभूमि का जो देशभक्त कहलाये |
    गर्जन से शत्रु का तख़्त हिलाये. असुरो से पृथ्वी को विरक्त कराये |
    वही असली राजपूत कहलाये ||

  34. Lodhi Dheeraj Rajpoot
    From Kesar ganj Ajmer Rajsthan.
    Working To
    Shree cement Ltd.
    (Mines deppt.)
    Bangur city, Ras, Dist. Pali Rajsthan

  35. Iam Lodh kshatriya.
    Lord ram is our god.
    Iam from Hyderabad.
    Our duty is that proud to be an lodha.

  36. Excellent information!!!

  37. hi…i am new to this group..i just wanted to know that is there any connection between us(lodhi) and the descendents of Ibrahim Lodi who invaded India??
    If we are Rajputs then why are we categorised as OBC????



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