Who are they?

The Kori are a caste of traditional weavers of North India who are Hindu. The Kori, numbering around two-and-a half million, are distributed throughout the states of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Orissa and the union territory of Chandigarh.


The Kori derive their name from the Hindi word kora, meaning coarse cloth, which refers to their traditional occupation of weaving such cloth. William Crooke, author of The Tribes and Castes of the North-Western India, states that the name Kori has been derived from that of the tribal Kol caste, and they are assumed to be an offshoot of the same populous caste.

According to ethnologists Russel and Hiralal (The Tribes and Castes of the Central Provinces of India, 1916) the Kori caste in Madhya Pradesh “appears to be almost entirely a functional group, made up of members of other castes who were either expelled from their own community, or of their own accord adopted the profession of weaving.”

Depending upon what region they live in, they have different legends about the origins of their caste. In Uttar Pradesh the Kori claim their origin from a Brahmin ruler, the highest Hindu priestly caste. In Maharashtra they assert that they have descended from Maharishi Kashyap, who is regarded as one of the seven great Rishis (sages) of Hinduism.

The Kori living in Madhya Pradesh trace their origin from the poet saint Kabir, a famous, medieval apostle of the weaving castes. They say that he met a Brahmin girl at a dam or well, and on being greeted by her, replied, “May God give you a son.” She objected that she was an unmarried virgin, but Kabir proclaimed that his words could not fail; and a boy was born out of her hand at that moment. She ran away, deserting the baby. The baby was rescued by a heifer who suckled him, and was subsequently adopted by a weaver and became the ancestor of the Kori.


In Uttar Pradesh they speak Hindi. In Madhya Pradesh they speak Hindi as well as a regional dialect Malwi and Nimadi language. The Koris of Maharashtra speak the Bundelkhandi dialect of Hindi and are also conversant with Marathi. They use the Devanagari script. Oriya is spoken in Orissa, using the Oriya script.

The Kori are listed as a Scheduled caste (SC) under the provisions of the Indian Constitution. The SC status grants them many benefits under India’s affirmative action programme. This initiative was intended for the welfare of the lower castes of the Hindu social hierarchy. Over centuries they have been discriminated and abased by the higher castes.

The social status of the Kori is low and socially and economically backward. They are not regarded as lowly or “untouchable” like the Chamar (tanner) or Bhangi (sweeper). The weaver is often the target of ridicule, which is partly due to weaving being considered more appropriate for a woman.

What Are Their Lives Like?

The traditional occupation of the Kori is weaving which is still practiced by the majority. The exception is the state of Maharashtra where their traditional occupation was to sell grass for fodder. At present, the Kori here are daily-wage labourers, practice agriculture and sell fruit.

A few Kori families work on power looms and sell their products through middlemen. Others have acquired hand-looms with subsidised loans secured through the government’s rural development projects.

Those with land are farmers. Many, however, are landless and therefore work as hired field labourers, or as in Orissa, they can be found driving bullock carts. They are also among the skilled and unskilled labour force in the industrial or construction sectors and in different government and private services.

Being Hindu, the Kori abstain from beef but eat eggs, mutton, chicken and pork. Maharastran Kori do not eat pork. Their staple cereals are wheat, rice, jowar (millet), along with pulses, seasonal fruits and vegetables and dairy products. Alcoholic drinks are not prohibited.

Their literacy rates are well below the national average. Boys are better educated than girls who may study to primary level at best.

This community makes use of both traditional and modern medicines and they favour official family planning programmes. Younger couples are more accepting of family planning to restrict the number of children; except in Orissa.

The Kori also avail themselves of the facilities of the Public Distribution System (PDS), and other government-sponsored developmental programs. Many still depend on local moneylenders and shopkeepers rather than use banks.


This is an endogamous community, i.e. they marry only within their community. At times they are also endogamous at the subgroup level, as in Uttar Pradesh where they have twelve endogamous subgroups of equal status. Each of these subgroups is further divided into exogamous clans. In Madhya Pradesh the Kori have six clans while in Orissa the number of clans is five.

The Kori are monogamous and adult marriages are normal. Marriages are arranged by family elders on both sides. Cross-cousin marriages, as well as junior sororate, and junior levirate are permissible and practiced, except in Madhya Pradesh where they are prohibited. The vermilion mark on the forehead, bangles of glass, shell, silver or gold, toe-rings and a mangalsutra (gold and black beaded necklace) are some of the symbols of marriage for women.

Dowry is prevalent among the Kori except in Maharashtra, and it is given in cash and kind. In Orissa, however, a bride price is paid to the parents of the bride by the groom’s family. Divorce is permissible with social approval. In Maharashtra only the husband can initiate divorce proceedings. Remarriage of widows, widowers and divorcees is allowed.

Increasingly, the Kori live in nuclear families. All the sons inherit the father’s property equally and the eldest son succeeds to the familial authority. Women are responsible for all domestic chores. They actively participate in social and ritual activities together with their men-folk, as well as supplement the family income by helping in the weaving and agricultural operations. Despite this, women are considered socially inferior to men.

The Kori have traditional caste councils that deal with offences like adultery, rape and divorce. Punishment is in the form of fines, while excommunication is the final resort. In Madhya Pradesh, the Kori have the Chattri Kori Samaj, their regional organisation which plans and implements community welfare activities and settles disputes.

What Are Their Beliefs?

The Kori are Hindu by faith and worship all the deities of Hinduism like Vishnu (benevolent Preserver in the Hindu trinity), Rama (7th incarnation of Vishnu), Shiva (Destroyer), Lakshmi (the goddess of wealth, wife of Vishnu), and Durga (ten-armed, martial goddess who slays demons, wife of Shiva). The Kori also have other region-specific community deities. They observe all major Hindu festivals like Holi (spring festival), Diwali (festival of lights) and Ramanavmi (Rama’s birthday.) During the Jawara festival of Madhya Pradesh the local Kori become so overcome by a Devi (goddess) that they pierce their cheeks with iron needles and tridents feeling no pain.

The Kori employ the services of a Brahmin priest to perform their life-cycle rituals associated with birth, marriage and death. In case of suicide or death from snakebite, cholera or leprosy they bury the dead, otherwise they cremate them and immerse the ashes in a river, preferably the Ganges, which they consider to be holy. Infants and very young children are buried. The Kori also observe specified periods of death and birth pollution, the duration of which varies from state to state. .

What Are Their Needs?

Although the Indian government provides various forms of assistance to encourage them economically, the majority remain poor. If they would make good use of the assistance offered by the government, they would be much better off. Education for their children would ensure a better future.

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  1. I just want to know that in gujarat region many vanakar caste is located . are thay related or similar with kori samaj

  2. In UP many person are written the kashyap and Arya…., are they also Kori?, and KORI and KOLI also same or not?

    • Most probably kori write Verma for their surname in UP but few of them want to hide their real caste from society to avoid any disgrace so they write anything like singh, gupta, mahamdiya or sometimes they create their own like gothi, gandhi, or anything…
      They also have subcaste like Aharwar, Shakwar, Kamalvanshi, etc..

      • kori sub caste is not aharwar it is airwar,shakwar,kamalvansi,etc
        ahirwar,aharwar is subcaste of chamar

        • Dear Sir,
          I am not aware with ancestral profession of ‘Kori’ residing certain parts of UP and MP. Kori title is being used by Chamaars in many parts of India. Whether Kori and Chamar were having same ancestral businesses. If different, can you put some lights on this issue.

  3. My name is Vijendra Diwan I am live in Amravati ( Maharahstra ) I proud to be a Kori. I live in Maharashtra so many people dont know their native place and they connfuse about their native place my fathae say me that we are came from UP ( Amthi ) near Sultanganj . My desire to come to my native place. We lived in Maharahstra since 1920 – 1925.

  4. Dear Kori brothers,
    I would like to tell you some Historical points, please note that now days in Internet era, there are war to destroy original History of Indian origin. I hope all of you know that only “sudra” varna is original Indians, remaining Brahmin, Kshaktriya & vaishya are non- Indians ( Known as Arya) Came to India since before about 5000 years. there is no relation of Kori with Brahmins. Till Buddha religion in golden era ( up to Samrat Ashok) there was no caste system. It was completely destroyed by Brahmins along with Super study centre now Called Nalanda University.
    All Hindu Religion Books, Caste system is written between Year 200 to 600 AD. Hence no history made available in India for this period. “sudra” were divided into 6500 caste By Manu (Leader of Brahmins) Kori Caste of now days are known by their traditional profession. Kori caste become famous by Sant Kabirdas. Mother of Gautam Buddha was also Kori even though those day there was no caste system, it was her family profession before marriage. kabir Das himself hate Brahmins propaganda then how one say Kori claim their origin from a Brahmin ruler. It is tactics of making such history in name of Some Foreigner writers. Just few years before in Maharashtra Pune based Bhandarkar Brahmins used same tactics to insult Shivaji Maharajs History. but alert Maratha immediately detected and taken action. Please do not fall in wrong History.
    Hindu itself is not any religion which is already declared by Court. Every religion have their name in their Holy Books whether it is Koran, Bible etc. Where is “Hindu” word in any so called religion books like Ramayana, Mahabharata or any Vedas? Who is founder of Hindu? You would not get any answer.
    ” Hindu” is Farsi language word which means slave(Here gulams of Brahmin). when first mugal Muslim came to rule in India in year 603 AD. He saw that here original Indian Sudra are already slave of Non Indian Brahmins, Hence he first time called Sudras as Hindu. Till Dayanand saraswati as Brahmin he not named and founded “Arya Samaj” as he said “Hindu to Muglo dwara di hui gali hai.” (Hindu is abuse given by Mugals). Brahmin started accept them as Hindu only after when Babasaheb Ambedkar demanded dual voting System in Indian constitution. Then Brahmin afraid of minor (as they are only 3% of Indian population) Hence Brahmin tried to recollect all original Indian ”Sudras” in name of Hindu under leadership of Brahmins.
    Dear friends, It is not possible to write all such huge history on this platform, hence it is my suggestion that those who want to know their real history, please Join BAMCEF organization in your nearby & on internet. Finally I strongly like to say “ Jo Itihas se sabak nahi sikhta, Itihas use sabak sikhata hai”
    Jai mulnivasi.

    • Dear Rajkumar Ji ,

      Very Many thanks(VMT) u have provided this useful information about hindus and describes your views about kori community .once again we proud to be a kori and you & your comments which u have wrote about clarification of real facts. i want to know more about your views and comments .


      Ramesh Kumar Kori
      Estate Manager
      5N Farm House
      New Delhi-110 066
      contact No. 9310654542
      Email: [email protected]

    • Dear Rajkumar ji , what histroy written cannot changed as mulnivasi are releted aryanand dravid n mainly thease two groups of peaple are there in india upper side of vindhya velly was vadic bharat that is aryan and lower is dravidan . this is undoubtly in vadic yuga there were four varna in sanatan dharma manu was the first humen as brahmins . This is as per matsya puran the oldest in vadic history. In this puran there was a flood at earh and fish save manu .so he was last man survived in that flood . Old vadic yuga was not difine uper and loewr cast this riligin is based on karma the four karma were in that verna . The manu written manu smirte an as manu written brahma was suprem god and four verna (that mean four type of karma people) origineted from brahma first foom head of brahma brahmin ; second khshtriya from arm ; vasiya from thai tand “shudra from legs. THat is undoubtly written in manu smarti in thease four varna sudra lowest is most imp. Because hindu dharma is standing on the leges of brhama supreem good this is the only perception shudra peaple shuld have that the r the piller of sanaatan dharma brahamn is mean gyani . That can be easly understend that witout legs no body struture can stand than how sanatana dharma can sstand without shudra. anither aspects of shudra the base of hindu dharma is shudra . Chang the mind set that we r the lower cast this is only cast proud that w r orginted from legs supreem god .

  5. kori occupy different occupation for need after the battle on social issues by invaders.

  6. kori/kori are the dravidian caste ruled entire acient india.kori occupy different occupation for need after the battle on social issues by invaders.

  7. Weaver caste all over India are disorganised.Let Kori/Koli/Salia?devang/Kosthi/Dewangan/Bhulia(Orissa)/Bhuiyar/Bunkar/Vanker/all be amalgamated to one caste.Yadav are the eye opener.At least follow them.Let young net suave people take up the lead.Let us gather in a convention.Some body to take up the leadership.Let us judge peoples sentiment by reactions.Hoping all the [email protected]

  8. Dear Suresh Bauddha,
    Very first religion in India is ‘Jain’, but due to some strictness and scientific point this religion not spread much and Brahmin also diluted to some extent.
    It is interested to know that after about 150-200 years same family of Jain founder ‘Mahavir’ another person came to highlight as ‘Gautama Buddha’ as founder of Buddhism on correction scientific views he laid down ‘Panchsheel’, slowly it spread all over India. This point was biggest teasing to Brahmin, hence after great Buddhist Samrat Ashok, after year 200AD, Brahmins started to destroy Buddhism, they declared reward of 2 Gold coin for killing of each Buddhist monk, they also burn Buddhist scholaes super study centre (now known as Nalanda university). Then they written all Hindu Religion Books, Caste system is written between Year 200 to 600 AD. Hence no history made available in India for this period. “sudra” were divided into 6500 caste By Manu (Leader of Brahmins). No Buddhist left in India and they has to follow only slavery of Brahmin.
    During those days, Buddhism was spread by samrat Ashok and his sons in neighbor countries that is why now days china, Shrilanka, Japan, Thailand Korea, Singapore etc, countries are follower of Buddhism but we the origin are not aware of it. Thanks to Baba sahib Ambedkar who lightened hope of our original religion Buddhism. It is pure propaganda made by upper caste that Buddhist follower are most backward, where as it is fact that, those countries followed Buddhism are now a developed one.

  9. thanks shiddarth, i will be get in tought with you, regarding KORI caste, as i am doing research on their educational status.

  10. I know the fact today. Please expend / explain the above in most of people so that samaj can be growth at their level.

  11. I know that facts today. Please explain to above in Kori samaj so that they can growth ahead .

  12. hi , usually we are called sindhi,as our ancestors migrated from sindh,in 1947 as being hindu in sindh , we have caste and i came to know that my ancestors belonges to kori caste of sindh and they were weavers , does kori of sindh have some relations with kori caste of northen states of india .

    • Yes Dear, as caste system are about 1400 year old and before 1947 AD sindh was in India along with Pakistan & Bangladesh, hence every where Kori belong to same category. Thanks for arising such questions.

  13. hello, I also belong to weavers n I want to know that if we r backward n not sudras so why we have taken sc reservation why not obc or st reservation??????
    plz ans my ques…

    • Sheetal Mavi ,
      As per your opinian I would like to clarify some points that weavers are belong to SC. who say we are not sudras? there are only four varna Brahmin, Kshaktriya, vaishya (all three are known as Arya and they are foreigner, not Indian origin) and fourth is ‘Sudras’ which are remaining and Original Indian (Mulnivasi) as per category these sudras are divided in open caste (not Upper caste), Backward caste also known as other backward caste (OBC), and aatisudras ( SC/ ST). I hope you might have understood now.

  14. Dear Swajatia Bandhuo,

    Today , I seen this group first time and happy to see that, we are thinking for together once again.
    Why we are not making any useful club of our cast.
    I seen somewhere earlier that, some people from our community are interested to join BSP/BAMCEF etc.

    I suggest to all of you, before joining any political party or morcha, we have to increse our unity and power first.
    Without both, nobody will give you respect.
    Our community is very poor and voice less in every area, except that we have so many teachers, Advocates, CA, Businessmen, Doctors, Govt. Officers etc.

    So, go ahead and seriously be unite.

    Thansk and best regards
    Vinod Kashyap

    + 91 9997018786, + 91 9997933033
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    • Vinod Kashyap,
      Dear sir,
      I am agree with some points as mentioned by you but we must know that uniting in the name of a specific caste it self is supporting caste system in fevour of caste maker Brahmin, plese get togather in name of Kori or as per society for unity in your area first but in order to make any revolution we all have to come under one roof of any political party, nowdays it is only BPS, next points before joining political parity we must aware of our History, social awarenes and other aim which is provided only under BAMCEF .please come and join them first BAMCEf and see the difference, previously I was also to think like you, but when came in field then realised the trueth

      • dear,rajkumar,i mnot agree with u,because if we want to progress our comunity we should want unity,i think bsp is only chamar party ,if we want gain some profit than we should increase our cast unity.if we were in unit we support any political party for our benifit.unity=preasure on any political party= our cadidate in loksabha,vidhan sabha= inter in policy making=cast development.
        but isse pahle hame 1 hona hoga,.sub caste ko thoda pichhe karke 1kori samaj banana hoga.sub caste bhi chalaiye lekin sare kori aapas me sadi vivah karna aarambh kare.tabhi hm 1 ho paege,yadvo ki tarah.

        • Dear,
          Please read the history first from some better source like trusted history books. Information given here is very false and written by some RSS supported DHOKEBAJ.
          1). Kori/Koli is an historical subcaste of Chamar caste. Read some good history books and do proper research.
          2). Chamars is not caste of tanner as made popular by Manuwadi nationalist writers. Read recent book of “Chamar and Dalit history of Northern India”. This was a twist of word done by Manuwadi.
          3). Reason why Manuwadis were able to twist identity because they always shared power whoever ruled whether . Brahmins were even free from Jizyah Tax under Muslim rule and were forced to give only 2 times in history under Aurangzeb and Firozshah Tuglaq.
          4) If Chamar is related to chamda(leather) as made popular then Jat/Jata must be related to jut/juta(Shoe ) and Gujar must be related to gu(latrine) as gu+jar can be easily twisted. Reality is if you become poor and weak then people start make fun of you.
          5) Originally Chamars was a very big caste. Modern caste like Meghwal, Jatav, Ahirwar, Satnami, Paswan, Dusadh, Kori/Koli, Mahyawansi, Kamboj, Madiga etc are subcaste of this and slowly some even became separate caste. And this has only diluted our power. And some are in OBCs even.
          6) When we are getting educated then we must unite all subcaste and form our government. Together we are over 15% of Indian population. In state like Kolis are around 22-25% and rest Chamars are 7-8% and if we unite then Kolis can single handedly rule state like Gujarat without support of any other caste. Without unity, awareness and knowledge of our great history, we are being biggest caste of gujarat still are poorest people of state.
          7) Even if some brothers have some objection with Chamars, then I will say that Chamars didn’t make us lower caste and forced us to live in poverty. And if still considering a separate caste from Chamars, then we can still support BSP as Brahmins, Rajpoots and Banias support each other and BJP and Congress. Chamars are not our enemy. Check the Chamars population in Wikipedia, they will ruler many states in future. Today they are rising so we must go with them and be a power sharing community with them and raise our level.
          8) When beggars and cowards can be respected in this country, then we have been a hard working community we will be respected too once we get share in power.
          9) If we rule Gujarat, we will become as powerful as Jats in Haryana easily.
          Don’t think by heart, but think by mind.
          Unity is power. Knowledge is the key of all locks.

  15. Dear Swajatia Bandhuo,

    If anybody have any books, related to our community , please shere it through name or scan the copies.
    As large our population, we have nothing with us.

    नाभिषेको न संस्कार: सिंहस्य क्रियते मृगैः |
    विक्रमार्जितराज्यस्य स्वयमेव मृगेंद्रता ||
    Animals do not coronate a lion through sprinkling holy water on him and conducting certain rituals. He assumes kingship (effortlessly) through his own prowess.

    Make target , and get the power once again.

    Thanks and regards
    Vinod Kashyap

    • Vinod Kashyap,
      Dear sir,
      I had read Geeta ,Ramayan, Mahabharat, Veda Puran(Reading now) and Manusmruti. you shall find why Brahmins were not allowing us (Mulnivasi) to read these books it is simply hell, and political books that washes brain and give secreat how to make slave sudras. I would like to recommend a book written by Dr. Ambedkar ‘Buddha and his Dhamma’, but before it please go through few lines written as below.

      Mulnivasis-Who and How? Some Sanskrit literature of Arya Brahmins, that is available today makes mention of some important aspects, related to Mulnivasis. According to this literature, in the ancient period there was heavy struggle between the Aryas and the Mulnivasis. This struggle is described in the Sanskrit literature. The terminology used for the Mulnivasis is Anarya, Dass, Dasyu, Asur, Rakshas, Ravan and Naga. These were the names given by Aryan invaders to the Mulnivasis. These are not praise-worthy names, but were used to abuse and condemn them. Therefore, it is now proved that these Anarya, Dass, Dasyu, Asura, Rakshas and Danav are the original inhabitants of this country, who, are now referred in the constitution as Scheduled Castes and convert from them to religious minorities. How can we say that these people are Mulnivasis? This question can be answered in many ways and many reasons can be given, to call these people as Mulnivasis. One, these people were made untouchables and were driven out from the public life and were forced to live a wretched life of animals. The Second section of the Mulnivasis are tribal people, who were forced to live in jungles and hills. Thus we can see that the Scheduled Castes are not Hindus, because they do not observe religious customs of Arya Brahmins. Arya-Brahmins call them Hindus, but have not granted them any rights of Hindus. Hindu code bill was not applicable to the Scheduled Castes. Thus there is no similarity of conduct, thoughts, faith, belief, customs, religious tradition, language and way of life between Arya-Brahmins and Scheduled Castes / Scheduled Tribes. The third big section, whom we call, Other Backward Class(OBC) is also Mulnivasis, because they have been deprived the right of holding power, acquiring property and possessing weapons(As per manusmruti). When these O.B.C. accepted the domination of Arya-Brahmins they granted them religious rights of Hindus, but adopted Puranic system for them, instead of Vedic system. From this, it is proved that this class is not Vedic. We can see that when rights were granted to O.B.C’s as per Mandal Commission, the Arya-Brahmins opposed it most. They tried to hatch a conspiracy against the objectives of the Mandal Commission and were successful in that. From these SCs, STs and OBCs, who are the Mulnivasis have become Sikhs, Buddhists, Christians and Muslims. It means the 95% people of minorities are from this Mulnivasie castes. Arya-Brahmins call them foreigners, especially Muslims. Muslims are not foreigners, but are original inhabitants of this country. Thus we all are Mulnivasis. This is proved fact. Struggle for liberation of Mulnivasis When freedom struggle of our country was going on, we were dual slaves. The Arya Brahmins were slaves of British people and we, Mulnivasis (original inhabitants) were the slaves of the system established by them, in which we were made slaves, socially , culturally and religiously. On 15th Aug. 1947, these Arya-Brahmins got freedom and became the masters and rulers of the country. And we, who were the slaves of the slaves are still slaves of these Arya-Brahmins. On 15th Aug. 1947, the country got the freedom, but the people of the country did not get this freedom. Only Arya brahmins got freedom and we, Mulnivasis are still their slaves. Therefore, it is necessary to launch the struggle for the liberation of the Mulnivasis. Pride of the caste is the reason of our slavery and caste are invented by Arya Brahmins, through which they divided the Mulnivasis into 6000 small groups and perpetuated this division into them. Every caste is having its own caste people and there is ladder of high and low, based on graded inequality among these castes, they keep on fighting among themselves, instead of uniting themselves to fight against the common enemy. The Arya-Brahmins encourage and sponsor this fight. Because of this constant division of Mulnivasis of the country, they have become unfit for the resistance. Along with this, another important aspect is that these Mulnivasis were prohibited from taking education, possessing weapons and acquiring property. Because of this, they became helpless, and hopeless and came to depend upon Arya-Brahmins. The brahmins took advantage of this dependency and made the Mulnivasis, slaves. When they were made slaves under Brahminical system, they could not save the independence of their country and along with them, India, their motherland also became slave. Therefore, it is necessary to liberate the Mulnivasis and their motherland. It is necessary to free them from the system. Hence to achieve the objective of “Change of System” and to free the country from Arya-Brahmins, it has become necessary to launch the movement of their liberation of the Mulnivasis. Point of view based on Social system From the view point based on system, it can be seen that the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Other Backward Classes and Minorities are victims of the brahminical system. Therefore Mahatma Jyotirao Phule, Periyar Ramaswami and Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar have fixed the objective of their movements to change this social System of inequality. Therefore those who are suffering from this Social System, can only take active part in the movement of change of System. This is quite natural. There is no point in organising those communities, who were benefited by the System. Thus for changing the System of inequality, it is necessary to organise those communities, who were victims of the system, Therefore the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Other Backward classes and Minorities are being organised. Aryan Brahmins are foreigners If Scheduled castes, Scheduled Tribes, Other Backward Class and the minorities converted from them, who have been divided into 6000 castes, are the Mulnivasis of this country, then who are foreigners? We must find out an answer to this question. There is not much difference of opinion among historians on this point, that Aryans are foreigners. The only difference of opinion is on the issue of the country of their origin

      • Dear Rajkumar ji,
        I respect your knowledge,but nobody can change their past time. Currently we are not able to remove -Bangaldesi people from India, then how could you ask for Aryans and their systems.
        History of India is not fulpoof , we know as we see in our books of fake history. Because ,Britisher knows the current rulers- Mughals and Islamic Nawabs.
        So, they write the books of Indian History as the suggestions and idea given by Muslims.
        Britain want to divide India in so many pieces on the basis of religion and caste, and they welcome to Baba Saheb for demand for SC country also, but they refuse to convert Islam and also in Christianity and taking Buddhism because it’s their Indian origin religion and refuse for separation from India.
        I doesn’t believe in caste system but we have to live in the system.
        First I am Indian , then Hindu after that I am Kori.
        From past , we are the warriors and Rajputs , after defeated by Muslims rulers, we had hide our indentify and spared around the other parts of India.
        I want our pride and respect. If we see the quota systems, what we have find so far?.
        I think nothing so far. If we come under one banner/roof and work for our prestige, it will be OK for our caste and our Hindu religion and for Great India.
        So, please don’t divide the people of this prestigious caste in to SC/ST/OBC etc.
        After becoming poor ( because we left our wealth behind the Migration from our original place ) and call SC, if we get our pride and prestige, we will again take our position in this world.

        Thanks and best regards
        Vinod Kashyap

        • Vinod Kashyap,
          Dear sir,
          I am agree with some points as mentioned by you but as I say we must know that uniting in the name of a specific caste it self is supporting caste system in fevour of caste maker Brahmin. If you read the couse behind convertion to Boudha by Ambedkar you realised what is the harm and main points behind slevery of indian Origin. Hitory is counituously discovering on way by BAMCEF with fulproof evidence these history is not tought in School and ccollage and these books are written by them only. for eg. book shows ’5000 varsh pahale Aryon ka Bharat me aagaman hua’ Can you sujjest me it was Aagman or ‘attacted’, whether they are our gest? when other leader told Ambedkar to join team for India freedom then Ambedker said you are slave of British, we are your slave then let me get freedom from our slaverry first.Time is near to realised that origin Indian are no more Hindu, becouse Hindutva can only give slavery and situation is going to worst.No Hindu means no castism. prasent condition of mulnivasi is becouse we are living togather with Brahmin Aryas. find out why Pakistan was demanded by Mr Jinna and got freedom one day before freedom of India? They were knowing that once India get freedomm from british Brahmin shallcommand for slavery as we are suffering todays. who is responsible for it? Ambadkarism and Hinduisom can not be run togather. If you say they write the books of Indian History as the suggestions and idea given by Muslims.
          Britain want to divide India in so many pieces on the basis of religion and caste, then why Mulnivasi (Sudra) were not allowed to read shastra and veda even before british and Mugals? History can not be denine for long time even though it was very much hided by Brahmin.As per you view we are not able to remove -Bangaldesi people from India but we must know that it is one of the side effect of Paqkistan division unnaturaly in two part by brahmin Nehru and his follower Patel
          company as the History is unveiling nday by day, trueth is comingout Brahmins are threatening of their survival and again Hence Brahmin tried to recollect all original Indian ”Sudras” in name of Hindu under leadership of Brahmins.with their ajent and Organisation like RSS, VHP etc.Sorry they can not fool this time.
          Come with us or enjoy slevery it is upto you.
          Thanking you.

  16. Dear Raj Kumar Ji,

    I would like to inform you that, I am not a supproter of any caste system on the basis of colour, upper and lower, state basis, language basis,district basis etc.
    Kindly provide you cell no.some one wants to talk to you.

    Kind regards
    Vinod Kashyap

  17. Chuu le aasmaan,
    Zamin ki tu talash naa kar
    Mazaa le le zindagi kaa ,
    Khusiyon ki tu talash naa kar
    Gamoh se door hokar,
    Teri takdeer bhi badal jaayegi
    Muskurana sikh le,
    Uski wajay ki talash naa kar…

    Kind regards
    Vinod Kashyap

    • thanx bro..u bring me back in such beautiful life.. i lost so much bt ur lines give me power to face bed times…

  18. इस छोटी सी जिन्दगी के,
    गिले-शिकवे मिटाना चाहता हूँ,
    सबको अपना कह सकूँ,
    ऐसा ठिकाना चाहता हूँ,
    टूटे तारों को जोड़ कर,
    फिर आजमाना चाहता हूँ,
    बिछुड़े जनों से स्नेह का,
    मंदिर बनाना चाहता हूँ.
    हर अन्धेरे घर मे फिर,
    दीपक जलाना चाहता हूँ,
    खुला आकाश मे हो घर मेरा,
    नही आशियाना चाहता हूँ,
    जो कुछ दिया खुदा ने,
    दूना लौटाना चाहता हूँ,
    जब तक रहे ये जिन्दगी,
    खुशियाँ लुटाना चाहता हूँ

    A very very Happy Diwali to all my friends.
    Kind regards
    Vinod Kashyap

    • Hi Vinod,

      Forgive me as I don’t know your age, but trust I was just wondering on net about my cast and now I am witnessing this…….. believe me I wasn’t aware of all this about my cast though I also do not believe In cast system but good to know about my past, or from where I belong to, to whom I belong to.

      However I like your thoughts as well, so congratulations for that. And BTW nice poem.

      Sandeep Singh

  19. Hi! Everyonw… I’m from khurja n currently in delhi and now-a-days searching a good bride for me..

    Wud u like to help me ??? Search my full name on google (Yatendra Kumar Mahour)


  20. Kuch Log Jaan Bujh Kar Nadaan Ban Gaye,
    Hum Unki Meharbani Se Nakaam Ban Gaye,

    Dil De Diya Kisiko Badle Mein Na Kuchh Mila,
    Hum Muft Mein Hi Gair-Dil Insaan Ban Gaye,

    Le Ke Kisika Dil Use Thukra Ke Kya Mila,
    Sang Mere Aaj Tum Bhi To Badnaam Ban Gaye,

    Ab Hai Ye Aalam Har Shaher Ki Gali Mein,
    Saman-E-Hansi Aaj Sare Aam Ban Gaye,

    Mehfooz Tum Raho Khalish Har Gam-O-Sitam Se
    Barbaad Hum Sahi Tum Gulfaam Ban Gaye…

  21. स्वगृहे पूज्यते मूर्खः स्वग्रामे पूज्यते प्रभुः।

    स्वदेशे पूज्यते राजा विद्वान्सर्वत्र पूज्यते॥

    English translation of Sanskrit Quote:

    A fool is worshipped at his home.
    A chief is worshipped in his town.
    A king is worshipped in his kigdom.
    A knowledgable person is worshipped everywhere

  22. अमंत्रमक्षरं नास्ति नास्ति मूलमनौषधम्।
    अयोग्यः पुरुषो नास्ति योजकस्तत्र दुर्लभः॥

    English Translation:-

    There is no letter which doesn’t have charm (curative property).
    There is no root which doesn’t have medicinal property.
    There is no man who is not able.
    Rare is a person who knows its proper application

  23. अपि स्वर्णमयी लंका न मे रोचति लक्ष्मण |
    जननी जन्मभूमिश्च स्वर्गादपि गरीयसी ||
    Lakshman, This Golden Lanka does not allure me. Mother and Motherland is dearer to me even than heaven. This ‘Shloka’ is from the conversation between Lord Shree Ram and Lakshmana in ‘Valmiki Ramayana’. It is very appropriate to remember the shloka on the occasion of Vijayadashami. Over six thousand years ago, after the great Victory over Ravana, on the day of Vijayadashami, Lord Shree Ram tells Lakshmana that He was not interested in the wealth of Lanka and did never want to rule Lanka. He would rather go back to His Motherland. Later ‘Vibheeshana’ was made the king of Lanka.

  24. उद्यमेन हि सिध्यन्ति कार्यणि न मनोरथै: |
    न हि सुप्तस्य सिंहस्य प्रविशन्ति मुखे मॄगा: ||
    Any work will not get accomplished just merely by desiring for it’s completion. A ‘prey’ by itself doesn’t enter in to the sleeping lion’s mouth!!! By giving an example of a lion the subhashitkAra here wants to emphasize that the desire and capabilities should be added by the efforts and hard work to achieve the goal! Even if the lion has the capabilities to catch it’s prey, the prey will not automatically fall in it’s mouth!!

  25. मातृवत्परदारेषु परद्रवेषु लोष्ट्रवत् ।
    आत्मवत्सर्वभूतेषु यः पश्यति सः पण्डितः ॥

    maatRRivatparadaareShu paradraveShu loShtravat
    aatmavatsarvabhuuteShu yaH pashyati saH paNDitaH

    He who looks at other’s wife as mother, treats others’ wealth as stone, and treats everyone as himself, is really noble.

    — ॐ –

  26. kori samaj have many sub title sutch as kori, tantuvay, bunkar, vashya, mahor, shakya, shankhwar, kathwar, in some district they encluded with the chamar on the base of equqlity of social veheaviour. the chamar have many sub title as chamar like kori, chamkatia like kuril, jatav, jahasav, jhusia .
    agya ram prabhakar, 8/694 vikas nagar lucknow

    • Agyaram ji,
      It is pleaser to know your knowledge which mostly people forget to mension such points. Thanks for making clarification, such points required to people for their doubts, we must under stand that we all were one and united before caste system as sudra which is already prooved on basis of DNA analysis.
      As hidden history is unveiling day per day. Arya are threatening of their evilfull history hence trieng to misleading and uniting under name of Babas and their followers. Bevare of them they could be in bogus surname of mulnivasis.

      Ramkumar Kori

    • I think you are far from reality their is no connection with Chamar caste and Kori it might happen they got marriage in any case but it does not mean that Chamar have any subcategory like kori if they have any then, they may be some other kori but as per my knowledge their is no resemblance. In ancient Chamar had a work of dead animal’s skin while the kori were weavers.

  27. am RWV0983 on jeevansathi.com
    any one interested in me please contact me on ([email protected])
    thanks to all readers

    • obc mainly occupation some rajput , some agriculturist and some fishermen

  28. Rajkumar Ji,
    Your knowledge is simply outstanding commendable. I wanna about the status of the caste “kori” in the Central Govt list?Are they OBC’s or SC’s .I very confused about it.Its very URGENT.If you have any info on the topic,please post your comment.
    Yogesh Kumar

    • Dear Yogesh Ji,
      Kori caste in UP is under SC, In Delhi is under OBC.
      So, depend upon states.

      Kind regards
      Vinod Kashyap

  29. Dear Yogesh Ji,
    Kori caste is in UP become SC, In Delhi is under OBC.
    So, depend upon states.

    Kind regards
    Vinod Kashyap

  30. Dear Yogesh Ji,
    Kori caste is in UP is under SC, In Delhi is under OBC.
    So, depend upon states.

    Kind regards
    Vinod Kashyap

  31. पानी से निकलकर मगरमच्छ किनारे पर आया,
    इशारे से बंदर को बुलाया.
    बंदर गुर्राया- खों खों, क्यों,
    तुम्हारी नजर में तो मेरा कलेजा है?

    मगर्मच्छ बोला- नहीं नहीं, तुम्हारी भाभी ने
    खास तुम्हारे लिये सिंघाड़े का अचार भेजा है.

    बंदर ने सोचा ये क्या घोटाला है,
    लगता है जंगल में चुनाव आने वाला है.
    लेकिन प्रकट में बोला- वाह!
    अचार, वो भी सिंघाड़े का,
    यानि तालाब के कबाड़े का!
    बड़ी ही दयावान तुम्हारी मादा है,
    लगता है शेर के खिलाफ़
    चुनाव लड़ने का इरादा है.

    कैसे जाना, कैसे जाना? ऐसे जाना, ऐसे जाना
    कि आजकल भ्रष्टाचार की नदी में
    नहाने के बाद जिसकी भी छवि स्वच्छ है,
    वही तो मगरमच्छ है.

  32. Dear all,
    I’m also Kori by cast. I live in the Washington USA. My family migrated from Bikaner Rajistian to Pakistan in 1947. later moved to the USA. But my lived in near by Bikaner for over 500 years till 1947.

    Can some one add. their opinion?


    • Dear Madam,

      All Kori are Rajputs.
      Please see history, they migrate/speared all around the states of UP/HP/Rajasthan/MP/Haryana/Punjab/Sindh etc after defeats from Muslims and taken the business of Weaving.
      So, they are land less everywhere.

      Kind regards
      Vinod Kashyap

  33. Can we call kamal kori caste as rajput caste???
    plz rpl……????

    • The Kori are historically connected with weaving, but with the widespread introduction of mechanized textile manufacture, they are now mainly landless agricultural workers. They have a caste council, which plays a vital role in social control. The word Kori is said to be derived from the word the kulin, i.e. a person of Shudrastatus.[citation needed] Other traditions point the community of being of Kshatriya status. Mostly they are engaged in trade of textiles. Historically from Central Asia and Afghanistan. Their historical homeland was Afghanistan and theAwadh region, and those Kori found in western Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Rajasthan claim to have originated in Awadh. They generally are said to be migrated from Afghanistan.

      The community is endogamous, and practice gotra exogamy. They marry their girls to the west and south from their locality and bring brides from north east direction.In Uttar Pradesh, they are found everywhere, except in Rohilkhand.

      In Haryana, the community is found mainly in the districts of Faridabad and Gurgaon. The community has been granted scheduled caste status, and speak Haryanvi. They are strictly endogamous, and practice clan exogamy. There main clans are the Nangli, Ashtamuni, Tanwar, Naveriya, Chhonkriya, Bhumaria, Mainayya, Bargujar, Jalanbari and Chauhan. They still remain connected with their traditional occupation of weaving, although a small number are now petty businessmen.

      The Koris or as they are know, the Koli of Rajasthan trace there descent from the ancient Shakya rulers. They have several sub-divisions in the state include Koli Madhav, Gaykriya Koli, Son Koli, Banaudiya Koli, Maha Koli, Mahawa Koli, Rathda and Sakwar. Like the Uttar Pradesh Kori, the Koli are still essentially a community of weavers.

      Kori is not only a caste of Hindus. It is also of Muslim families of Sindh. The people are changing their caste Kori into different castes (Memon, Qazi, Qureshi, Kalhora, Daudpota, Abbasi, Katpar, & some others). Nearly 36 castes are related to the Kori caste in the Muslim families of Sindh.

      The Kori caste tribes live all over the Sindh. Mostly the Kori families are settled in all over Sindh: Larkana, Shikarpur, Qambar shahdadkot, Sukkur, Khairpur mir’s kashmor, Jacoabad, Naushehro feroz, Nawab Shah, and lower Sindh Hyderabad, T M Khan, Tando Ghulam Ali, Matli, Badin, Thatta, Jamshoro, Karachi & middle of the Sindh Dadu (Sehwan).

      The Kori in Punjab are divided into two groups, the Kori who are immigrants from eastern Uttar Pradesh, in particular the districts of Pratapgarh, Sultanpur, Gonda and Bahraich District, and the Koli who originate in the hilly regions ofHimachal Pradesh. Both groups are found throughout Punjab, but their densest settlements are in Hoshiarpur District. While Kori are still weavers, many Koli are involved in the manufacture of hides. The community have two gotras, the Kashyap and the Sandilya. They now speak Punjabi, while most also understand Hindi.

  34. तुलसी की जगह मनी प्लांट ने ले ली।
    चाची की जगह आंटी ने ।

    पिताजी डेड हो गये।
    भाई तो अब ब्रो हो गये।

    बेचारी बहन भी अब सिस हो गयी।
    दादी की लोरी तो अब टाँय टाँय फिस्स हो गयी।

    टी.वी. के सास बहू मे भी अब साँप नेवले का रिश्ता है।
    पता नही एकता कपूर औरत है या फरिश्ता है।

    जीती जागती माँ बच्चो के लिए ममी हो गयी।
    रोटी अब अच्छी कैसे लगे MAGGI जो इतनी यम्मी हो गयी।

    गाय का आशियाना अब शहरो की सडको पर बचा है।
    विदेशी कुत्तो ने लोगो के कंधो पर बैठकर इतिहास रचा है।

  35. Online singles who use a us health insurance site want to meet people with similar hobbies, pets, incomes, educational levels, or whatever you usually
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  36. Baniya ne sheikh ko khoon dey k uski jaan bachai.
    Sheikh ne usay MERCEDEZ gift kardi.
    Sheikh ko phir khoon ki zarorut pari,
    Baniya ne phir khoon dia.
    Ab k bar Sheikh ne till waly laddu gift kiye,
    Baniya:Ghusse se, mercedez kion nahi di?
    Sheikh:Munna…!! Ab hamarey ander bhi baniye ka khoon dor raha hay:)


  37. Sir, I am also Koli Live in Delhi
    Our All India Origanisation 0f Koli Community
    Jo ki 45 Years se all India me work ka rahi hai sare india me my Mob No.09212573443

  38. I would request to all my bandhu and friends, that, this time we have to vote to Narendra Modi only. No SP,No BSP, No Congress,No JDU, No RJD, No other party and stop the wastage of our precious vote.

    Thanks and regards
    Vinod Kashyap

    • Here you exposed, my dear, as I told earlier, it is very clear from your previous blog that you are sponsored by BJP,VHP/ RSS and not for our mulnivasi and society

  39. A fool is worshipped at his home.
    A chief is worshipped in his town.
    A king is worshipped in his kigdom.
    A knowledgable person is worshipped everywhere

  40. highly appriciate the views of great kori n ramkumar kori. modi though is ur brother but more is a puppet in the hands of RSS/ BJP / VHP /BAJRANG DAL etc ur worst enemy who have brought u to present position. ur memory is so short lived, ur sister c m uma bharti /brother kalyan singh y were thrown out. in gujrat u have good vote n no alternative but modi n for parliamentary elections also they can’t get half of seats without declaring modi as p m as much seats now. modi can’t become p m in view of failure on part of BJP unless it desert policy of doglapan/ discrimination as all r equal, none is high or low. ur brother mulyam who was made c m /brought to national level deceived kanshiram ji.do’t think caste changes, some place u may be king, in genral, some place bc n other place sc which holds good with mochi / koli /jat/jatoi /jatav n so on. please read some lirature on sudra/caste/varna/ discrimination.y a beautiful brahman woman marrying with carpenter/jat/blacksmith/goldsmith/koli sudra man lowest varna gives birth to chandal .y sudra is lowest. other than modi whoeverso let be pm.

  41. some person write kanchuria as their surname. someone tell me kanchuria lies in which caste & sub caste

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  43. I belongs to kori community/odia is my gotra. Please let me know the main place of mansil mata temple in India with Photo and address.

  44. Dear All,
    I am Mahesh from Meerut, Basically i am from Hamirpur Jila, Uttar Pradesh. my suggestion is… that can we organize a Sammelan like “KORI SAMAJ SAMMELAN”. if you all agree with me than reply.

    • I do not know about Kamalvansi but I am sure that Kori / Koli are same.

  45. sir
    i m sandeep kumar belong to bhuiyar cast living in haridwar &there we have made our community dharamsala by name of kabir dharmsala buiyaar/kori so u all r invited .but pls. give some more knowledge about bhuiyar and kori why people say that they are different.
    my mailid on facebook is

    [email protected]

  46. Keep inform all of us that we belong to one community that is KORI / KOLI

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