Who are they?

The Khatri are a trading and mercantile community, who originated in Punjab and spread to the many states in which they now live. Numbering around 2.5 million, they live in Punjab, Delhi, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Jammu & Kashmir, Maharashtra, Himachal Pradesh, Bihar, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chandigarh. In all, they are distributed in over 132 districts in the country and have 241 segments.

The Khatri claim to be Rajput: the second highest class of warriors in the fourfold Hindu caste system. They believe that their name is a corrupt derivation of the Sanskrit word Kshatriya, which is a synonym of Rajput. During the British rule of the 19th century, the Khatri virtually had a monopoly over trade in Punjab and neighbouring Afghanistan. There is no doubt that the Khatri is an influential community of northwestern India; one that has emerged as one of the most progressive and dynamic in recent years. Before India’s independence and resultant partition in 1947 the Khatri were settled mainly in the western part of pre-partition Punjab (now in Pakistan) and shortly after began migrating to India.


There are many theories regarding their origin. One legend relates that Parashurama (Rama, 6th incarnation of Vishnu) wanted to massacre the Kshatriyas and caused every Kshatriya woman to miscarry. However, some women escaped and took shelter in Brahmin (highest priestly caste) houses. The Brahmin declared them to be Brahmin and even ate with them in order to show Parashurama that the Kshatriya women were from their caste, and thus saved them. According to this story, the children born of these women became the Khatri.


The language spoken by the Khatri people varies from state to state. In Punjab, Haryana and Jammu and Kashmir, the Indo-Aryan language, Punjabi, is their first language and the Gurumukhi script is used to write it. However, in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, they also speak Dogri and Bhadrawahi. Hindi is the primary language in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh and it is written in the Devanagari script. They speak Maithili in Bihar, Mewari or Marwari in Rajasthan, Pahari in Himachal Pradesh and Kacchi in Gujarat. Most Khatri are also fluent in Hindi language and many educated Khatri speak English.

What are their lives like?

The Khatri are businessmen, traders, professional moneylenders and financiers. Their business pursuits range from owning and operating village shops to being major wholesale traders and industrialists. However, there are also some who practice agriculture and rear animals. Many are contractors and transporters, while a few are employed in government and private sectors. The Khatri of Gujarat are known for their cloth which they print and dye as well as the specialized art of bandhini (tying and dyeing fabrics), while in Maharashtra they are the traditional weavers of silk saris, especially the famous paithani saris.

The Khatri are also engineers, doctors, scientists, army, police, administrators, politicians and creative artists. Generally, they are highly literate. They encourage both sons and daughters to study and graduate.

The Khatri use modern medicine as well as indigenous medicines. They practice family planning. Official development programs have brought numerous opportunities to them and they make full use of the schemes offered relating to subsidized loans and irrigation facilities; and made optimum use of the Public Distribution System and national banks for personal savings and obtaining loans for commercial purposes.


This is an endogamous community – that is they do not marry outside their group. However they do marry between clans, and often, villages. The clan names are also often used as surnames. In Punjab (where they are largely concentrated in the districts of Amritsar, Jalandhar, Ludhiana, Gurdaspur, and Patiala), the Khatri have four subgroups, namely, Bahri, Bunjahi, Sariu and Khokhrar, which are further divided into a large number of clans.

In Haryana, large numbers live in the districts of Hissar, Ambala, Rohtak, Faridabad, and Yamunanagar, and have subgroups or sub castes like Bunjahi, Sarin, and Bahri Khokhrar, divided into clans. There are two main subgroups in Delhi – the Purbia, (eastern) and Pachhadha (western), who are divided into clans such as Mehra, Kapoor, Mehrotra, Khanna, Tandon and Seth. In the hill state of Himachal Pradesh their subgroups are Bari, Bunjahi and Sarin, of which the first and second have twelve sections each and the third has one hundred and fifty-two sections. Some clans here are Chaddha, Sethi, Ratwan, Chopra, Kaure, Mehta, Mehra, Verma, Jagota and Vaidya, which are also surnames.

The Khatri of Uttar Pradesh are divided into subgroups like Kakkar, Kapoor, Khanna, Lahauri, Seth and Tandon, as well as clans like Bhalla, Bhasin, Mehra, Mehrotra, Bedi and Sodhi. The Khatri of Bihar have six subgroups, namely the Charjati , Panchjati, Chhajati, Barajati, Bahannajati, while those of Rajasthan have two subgroups divided into eighty-four gotras such as Dodecha, Gaba, Saghia, Morgoja, Morbani, Kangra, Bagecha and Sada.

Marriages are arranged through negotiation between elders and parents. Adult marriages are preferred today. There are no symbols of marriage among the Sikh Khatri women, but among those who are Hindu, married women wear (sindur) the vermilion mark, glass bangles, a coloured dot on the forehead known as bindi, toe-rings and finger rings. Monogamy has been and remains the rule among them. Dowry is common among this community, given in both cash and kind.

Both Hindu and Sikh Khatri discourage divorce, but it is allowed in extreme cases of maladjustment or barrenness. Remarriage of widows, widowers, and divorcees is allowed. However, in states like Bihar widow remarriage is forbidden. Junior sororate prevails. Traditional extended families are found among the community, although they are becoming less common as young couples increasingly choose to set up new homes apart from the parents and in-laws. Only the sons inherit ancestral property. It is divided equally but the eldest son inherits the late father’s authority as head of the family. Daughters, traditionally, receive no share of the estate.

Khatri women care for their homes and do housework. They are given a specific role in the ritual, religious and social spheres of family and community life. In many cases, especially in urban settings, they also participate in economic activities and contribute to the family finances. They are proficient in embroidery and knitting. The Khatri have oral traditions in the form of folksongs and folklore. In Punjab and Haryana folksongs such as Ghori and Mahia are sung at the time of marriage. Dances such as the bhangra are performed by men and gidda, by women) at celebrations. Traditional musical instruments include the harmonium, chimta (tongs), dhol (drum), daphli (tambourine) and bansuri (flute).

The Khatri have informal councils headed by the elders who deal with issues relating to marriage, divorce and property. There are other organized societies for the welfare of the community like the All India Khatri Mahasabha in Uttar Pradesh.

What are their beliefs?

The Khatri are 69 % Hindu, 22 % Muslim or 11 % Sikh by faith and strictly adhere to the tenets of their respective religions. Some belong to the egalitarian Arya Samaj and the Guru-centric Radhasoami and Nirankari sects. Sikh Khatri hold the ten Gurus of their religion in high esteem. Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism, as well as Guru Govind Singh, the tenth guru was a Khatri. The Muslims among the Khatri live mainly in Gujarat and adhere to the tenets of the Islamic faith, and belong to the dominant Sunni sect.

The Hindus of this community devotedly worship all the deities of the Hindu pantheon. In addition, the Khatri of Maharashtra also worships a communal deity and a regional goddess. Sitala Mata (goddess of small pox) and Shrinathji are regional deities of the Khatri of Rajasthan.

Brahmin priests perform all rituals relating to births, marriages and deaths for the Hindu Khatri, while the granthi (Sikh priest) do so for the Sikh Khatri. The dead are cremated and the ashes immersed in a river, preferably the sacred Ganges River at Haridwar and a thirteen-day period of death pollution is observed. However, infants and young children are buried. Ancestor worship prevails among the Hindu Khatri. All major festivals and fairs are the same as those observed by other Hindu and Sikh. Muslims observe Id, Bara Wafat (Prophet Mohammed’s birthday) and others.



  1. khatri can be sindhi also plz update urself

    • Like you mentioned in your article regarding Sangam Rai Kapoor and his dynasty in Burdwan. Actually there are descendants of the marriage alliances between the rulers of that area and the Punjabi khetri rulers. Their descendants belong the the caste of Ugra Kshatriyas and were mainly influential zamindars of that area, taking on the mantle of their kapoor forefathers’ zamindari raj.

    • Yes you r right

    • Rajput women never marry lower caste like Brahmin. This theory complete rubbish

      • Pagla gaya hai kya…Bramhin is the highest upon all the varnas.
        Rajputs are originally huns who migrated from middle east to India during Gupta era and adopted kshatriya status.
        Khatris are originally vedic kshatriyas.

        • Khatri are baniya sudra not kshtriya

          • Khatri”s are the most upper cast neither they are BANIA or PANDIT. First you study in full then comments.

          • Sharma hi Apka dadwal rajpoot HP katoch khatri real kstriya hah Raja porus Khatris katoch rajpoot OK king salwAn khatri guru govind singh a dadwAl rajpoot and sodhi khatri a clan, khatri I’s kstriyA ruler OK read chauhan are desents from. Bhati kstriyA is khatri Bhati and arora is not khatri OK

          • We are real kstriya search Kapoor vohrA tondon tuli hands puri real kstriya OK khatri I’s word use in Punjabi instead kstriyA ok

          • Khatri real kstriya OK vohrA decent from dadwal khatri a rajpoot kstriya OK all khatri are kstriya upper from Maratha and equal rayol rajpoot, banaia Ye arora hah joo khatri nae hah, ok

          • abe chutiye baniye kabse shudra ban gaye..gandu

        • Brahmins are idiots


        • true rajputs,jats,ahir,gujar belong to the same stock they r nt original VĒDIC khsatriya, khatris are.

    • Apka belkul thek hah Ruchika

    • so cute and nice Khatri family we proud of Khatri family

  2. Hi,
    I endorse Ruchika’s point. Khatri’s were also settled in Sindh. In Upper Sindh, Khatri’s may have directly migrated from Punjab, while lower Sindh was inhabitated by Khatri’s from Rajisthan. Khatri’s have been living in Sindh since long time and spoke Sindhi language. Tando Allahyar (Near Hyderabad) was famous for largest population of Khatri tradesman in pre-partition days, while many Khatri families lived in Shikarpur, Sukkur, and Larkana, besides small towns in upper as well as lower Sindh (Thatta, Badin, Umerkot, Mithi). Most of the Sindhi speaking Khatri’s migrated to India during or after partition. However, there are a few families (about 400) still live in lower Sindh, mostly Mirpurkhas, Umerkot, Tharparkar, and Sanghar districts. They are of Rajisthani origin and speak Thari/Dhatki (Sindhi+Marwari) language. Only a few (less than 50) families of Sindhi speaking Khatri’s live in Shikarpur, Hala, and Thatta. The Khatri’s in Shikarpur, Hala and Thatta had inter-marriages with other Sindhi speaking Hindus (who are called Lohana / Bania and are traders by profession), while those in other districts still maintain their intra-clan marriages. Khatri’s of Halla and Thatta have recently had intermairrages with Dhatki speaking Khatris.

    • I am sindhi khatri..jankari ke liye thank you

  3. khatri population in india is around one crore fifty lacs they live mainly in delhi,punjab,himachal,haryana,uttranchal,uttarpardesh,rajasthan,madhyapardesh,chattisgarh,ranchi,mumbai& many more cities

    • But in himachal mehta kapoor they claim themselves as rajput not khatri

      • Khatri is only a trsnslation of kshtrya in regions which mainly strted from Punjab & haryana. When these eople migrated to other regions & called themselves ss khtri , misinterpitions were there. Actually , the translation of Rajput & kshrtrya in punjab ( now divided in many parts ) is khtri.

      • Great Sir HP khatri rajpoot hah vohrA khatri in Kunmunu Jamwal rajpoot kstriya

      • Khatri Bhai we are true kstriyA in India true 5race in India dogra rajpoot Maratha gorka jat khatri are kstriya Gorkha dogra and rAjpoots true kstriyA only thing is that unite with kstriya and marry only kstriya this khatri ,and arora are never kstriya or khatri

    • Hello vig jI namaste Abhishek singh vohra I glad to tell Sidodaia tomar Som are kstriya clans khatri kstriya not alone but voo bi Aaj thakur hi use karte ancient king example sh Ram king of ayodhya

  4. If Khatris were not rulers as Kshatriya, they why have most of Punjab’s governors of provinces been Khatris. Look at the Dewans (governor) of the Mughal period, they were all Khatris. Look at the kings of the major Empires. Look at Ranjit Singh’s highest ranking military officials, they were Khatris. several army generals or small princes in North India have been Khatris. For example, General Hari Singh Nalwa in Mahraja Ranjit Singh’s army who had conquered lands across the River Sindh, was a Khatri. Dewan Mool Raj, the Governor of Multan Province, was a Chopra Khatri. The Rajas of Ludhiana area, Jalandhar, Burdwan in Bengal were Kapoor Khatris and so on (These are just a few examples) In modern times, Khatris have largely become an urban community living mostly in Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and other parts of North India.

    Look at ALL the Gurus…….they were all Khatris. Guru Gobind Singh, the greatest warrior of our land, what was that Anonymous……….why yes, he was a Khatri too….hahaha. Where do you think the basis for the Sikh religion formed??? It formed from the upbringings and teachings of Khatri people that is why the religion is full of honor and valor, and prestige. It is because the Sikh faith defends its beliefs first with the mind, and then with the body. Jatts are another group of people I have respect for because they have unity and pride in their people.

    Oh, for the other readers who were interested in knowing about Khatri last names and their origins,…….not for you Anonymous cuz your a pu$$y shiit who can’t even give himself a name on this board.

    NOTE: This information was provided to me from older generations such as my father and other people in the community, done with my own research….

    Kshatriya tribes and gotras:

    Suryavansi: (Raghava or Raghuvans): Kachwaha, Haiwaha, Rathor, Balla, Tomar, Senghar, Gaur, Sarin

    Chandravansi (Yadava or Yaduvans): Jadon, Bharra, Dahia, Sammad, Jethwa, Silahar, Chavada

    Agnivansi: Pramara, Parihara, Chalukya, Chauhan, Jhalla, Scindia, Dora

    Nagavansi : Tank, Meir, Bais, Bhatti, Dabhi, Anwan, Khukrain

    Govansi (or Bhumivansi): Bhandari, Gurjara, Bhalla, Kushi, Nair, Bhonsla, Katoch

    Apavansi (or sagarvansi): Kapur, Wahi, Wadhva, Duggal, Kochar, Dhawan, Mehra

    Vayuvansi: Khanna, Tandon, Kakar, Chopra, Sami, Sahni, Uppal, Chadha

    The Suryavamsha as well as the Somavamsha originated from the common ancestor, the great Brahma. His sons were : Marichi ;his son sage Kashyap; his son Vivaswan or Surya i.e. Sun, and the descendants vamsha was Suryavamsha, the other son of Brahma was Atri.and his sons were Sagar or samundar i.e. sea (from which the apavansi or sagarvansi sprang and Sagar’s son was Soma or Chandra, and his descendants were the Somavansa. From his own body, Brahma created Svayamabhuva Manu, a male and Shatarupa, a female. Humans descended from Manu and so are known as manava. And subsequently from them appeared the Prachetas. They created wind (vayu) and fire (agni) from their mouths, whence we have the Vayuvansi and Agnivansi clans.
    The earth is said to have derived its name from Prithu, the 6th king of the line of Vaisasvata. From this we have the Bhumi- or Govansi. Manu eldest son of Iksvaku, king of Kosaldesa (Ayodhia). A few generations later came Masndhatri, in whose line the 31st king was Harishchandra, wellknown to live for truih. Raja Sagar of the same clan performed the ashvamedha yajna (from him we have the Apavansi ). and his great grandson bhagirath is reputed to have brought ganga on earth by virtue of his penances.

    Like all other castes in India, Khatris are also divided into many sub-groups. On the top are dhai-gharas or those belonging to the two and a half houses. These are the four castes of Kapurs, Mehras (or Malhotras), Seth and Khannas. These are then followed by Bahris or the twelvers e.g. Tandons, Chopras, Wahis, Gadheoks, etc. Then there is the large mixed group of Bhunjais or fifty-twoers; which includes almost all the remaining Khatris ; Wigs come in this group. There are also special sub-groups of Khatris called Khukhrains and Sarins/Sareens, which do not fall into all of the above groups. Khukharain Khatris include names like Anand, Chadha, Kohli, Sethi etc. Of course the most famous Khatri of all times is Guru Nanak Dev (1469-1539) who was a Bedi Khatri. All the following nine Gurus were Khatris with sub-castes like Trehan, Bhalla and Sodhi, etc.

    And just so you guys don’t get confused with Khatri last names with Arora last names……..



    ALL ENDS WITH SUFFIX EJA eg taneja dhamija
    ends with suffix ANI eg LAKHANI CHOUTANI, KAPANI

    soods,BHATIAS AHLUWALIAS ARORAS KHAIRAS R NOT KHATRIS, they are Baniya type people along with GARG, GOYAL, GOEL.

    A lot of Baniya, Arora, Tarkhan, Ramgharia, etc. etc. try to claim to be of Khatri (Kshatriya) descent, but they are not.

    • how you can say that arora are not khatri i am arora and we are khatri , do u know who are arora’s ?

      aror is a place in sindh from where all khatri belong and they used arora place as there surname in punjab to say that they belong to aror to distinguish themselves from other khatris .

      To conform this i find a person on facebook which live in sindh which have same surname as i have “dudeja”/”dodeja”

      i ask him to which clan they belong i asked him do u belong to arora clan . he get completely puzzled he said what arora what are they i was shocked by this then i give him more option to which clan you belong arora,khatri,rajput , then he told me that he belong to khatri clan that confirm that arora arekhatri and that also confirm why all arora say they are khatri

      2.) My second point is if your are Khatri then why u marriage among arora ? i will show many people who marry among arora clan and vicer versa

      • and they are aganivanshi khatri the Hindu temples of Kabul and the Hindu Fire Temple of Baku built and maintained by them still exist

        • His information on “Kshatriya tribes and gotras” is also wrong

      • hey i have a serious query.. are aroras khastriyas?? please tell me…

        • Yes Aroras are also khatri, but they are not Desi khatri, the are refusy khatris. (come here on time of partition )
          Desi khatris are more honest and brave then arora khatris,
          Desi khatris have old history of there parents. but aroras cant show his history. bcoz the are new in India then others
          Desi khatris have old property like 200=300 years old,
          but aroras have new,
          Desi khatris and Arora khatris k bhut sare riti rivajo mein bhi farak hai,

          • Aroras are not khatri….Khatris are inferior to Aroras…..They are too much money minded…..Khatris never has any land on their names…Aroras had ‘Aror’, the land of aroras….So request to all aoras, don’t claim to be khatri…don’t downgrade yourself….

            and those who have any doubts or questions about bravery, mail me at [email protected], i will be more than happy to see them face to face to test their balls…..

          • ARORA IS GREAT

          • Mr. Gagan,

            I agree with your opinion, u r right.

            Khatri are two type first one is Desi Khatri nd second one is Punjabi Khatri.

        • Basic difference between khatri and Arora is khatri are warrior and Arora are business or trading community

        • Yes,they are Kshatriyas of aror and Khatris are Kshatriyas of western punjab

      • Agreed! Arora’s are definitely Khatri.. Not many in Sindh now days but most Khatri’s anywhere know Arora is one of khatri clans

    • KHATRI and ARORA both different cast.

      when arora was khatri then why they choose word arora.

      may be arora, bhatia, sood and ahluwalia are a clan of ancient khatri’s people. but they have not married each other.

      now and future all cast are inter marriege with all cast’s. jaat married with khatris , arora. bania married with other cast. also bramins .

      brave khatri have more knowledge about punjabi khatris cast. he is real khatri.

      dd sodhi

      • My dear
        You can see the knowledge of brave khatri
        “Vayuvansi: Khanna, Tandon, Kakar, Chopra, Sami, Sahni, Uppal, Chadha ”
        “which do not fall into all of the above groups. Khukharain Khatris include names like Anand, Chadha, Kohli, Sethi etc.”

        here Chadha is controversial

        Apavansi (or sagarvansi): Kapur, Wahi, Wadhva, Duggal, Kochar, Dhawan, Mehra

        Wadhva, Duggal both are Arora gotras

        if you read carefully then only you find the bankruptcy of your friends mind you are just finding your surname “sodhi” in khatris and you think brave khatri is correct

        I am Duggal I am pure arora and I am proud of an Arora.

        I think brave khatri needs services of psychiatrist.

        AK Duggal

        • Aroras are not khatri….Khatris are inferior to Aroras…..They are too much money minded…..Khatris never has any land on their names…Aroras had ‘Aror’, the land of aroras….So request to all aoras, don’t claim to be khatri…don’t downgrade yourself….

          and those who have any doubts or questions about bravery, mail me at [email protected], i will be more than happy to see them face to face to test their balls…..

          • Some body told me that Aroras are inferior to Khatris in caste status (rank). Khatris are also found among Muslims e.g. ‘Sirajuddin Malhotra’ of Pakistani Punjab. I know also Chopra & Kapoor of Kabul. Same person told me that Khatris(Hindu,Muslim & Sikh)of lndia,Pakistan & Afghanistan had blood mixing with Pathans. Also Pathans and Persians had blood mixing and both are pure Aryans.

          • Why r u using such kind of words like inferiority of one to the other …. plzzz keep a healthy thinking …. the matter was not about that bro !

        • khatri khukrain are anand bhasin chadha chandok sethi sawhney (sahni) suri puri kohli others are arora

          • Thanks a lot for updating us about the origin & life style of khatri community. I couldn’t find any where clan Chaudhary as Khatri. We are about 200 Chaudhary families in HP & borders of Punjab. 95%families are businessmen & rest in academics. Can anybody throw some light about the origin & distribution of Chaudhary Khatri- Dr Harinder Kumar Chaudhary, Professor & Head, Deptt of Crop Improvement,CSK HP Agricultural University, Palampur 176062:

      • We have lot of problem in facing religous in rathaur kshtri some of them are rajput thakur ‘and some are teli,…… que is how we can understand who is really ??

    • bhai tu pagal h kya ???? baniyas claimed to be khatri….
      why the hell in this world some one wants to lower his status

    • To Brave Khatri,
      Idiot, just type ‘arora’ in wikipedia and see who your Pyo is ?
      You are neither brave nor a kshatriya, you an imposter.
      Tera Pyo

      • Aroras are not khatri….Khatris are inferior to Aroras…..They are too much money minded…..Khatris never has any land on their names…Aroras had ‘Aror’, the land of aroras….So request to all aoras, don’t claim to be khatri…don’t downgrade yourself….

        and those who have any doubts or questions about bravery, mail me at [email protected], i will be more than happy to see them face to face to test their balls…..

    • Aroras are not khatri….Khatris are inferior to Aroras…..They are too much money minded…..Khatris never has any land on their names…Aroras had ‘Aror’, the land of aroras….So request to all aoras, don’t claim to be khatri…don’t downgrade yourself….

      and those who have any doubts or questions about bravery, mail me at [email protected], i will be more than happy to see them face to face to test their balls…..

    • Res Sir,
      Thanks for this valuable information pls, let me know “ Mehrotra” comes in which tribes as you mention Suryavansi: Chandravansi etc my gotra is Kaushal,
      pls send your mail on [email protected] also you can call me on 9415024077..
      Lots of Regards
      Amit Mehrotra

    • Who are Popli’s?

      • arora

      • Popli are Arora of South punjab mainly concentrated in lyallpur, jhang, multan distt

    • Gujral, Chandhok and Madhok are pure Khatri surnamed

    • Highly informative. I am truly enlightened. Could you please share more information about origin of individual Khatri surnames.

    • Sikhs have been traitors to india in panipat battle of 1761 and in fisrt freedom battle of 1857 .
      Only after british refused to honour their promise to make sikh as separate constitiency from hindus fid sikhs got annoyed with beitish otherwise they were good slaves of forwiners.
      If sikhs had beemn such warriiors then how come punjabis as a whole had control of punjab only for 50 years frpm 1799 to 1849 thst too as british vassal.
      Too much crap we have bee hearing from sikhs – the fact is sikhs were taken in british army for their treacherour behaviour to other indians.

    • I am a Kapoor, what is my gotta?

    • Sir I have to know about sareen caste …? Please help nd give me description – 9056478171 / fb:-Rajan sareen …

      • Contact me 8265935032

    • Proud to be a Khatri chopra

    • Your article mainly amplify North part of India, however I am from South India Chennai where there are Pawar, Habib, etc gothra. Generally people are reluctant for marriage with Habib, the reason not known. Please suggest why it is so.

  5. aroras are also kshatrya , they are vanshaj of king arur (aror vansh)

  6. How about “KOCHAR”? I found some references suggesting them to be khatris however some people contested that and said they are aroras. Can some shed some light on this particular gotra?

  7. we khatri’s living in kanchipuram with ending name of “sah” not only in kanchipuram of tamil nadu my relatives are in chennai, bangalore and hydrabad.My ancestors from bangalore came and settled in kanchipuram and so we are known as “bangalorewala” in kanchipuram we have khatri samaj under which we have a panduranga swami temple and khatri matric hr sec school.mmost of our khatri members are involved in silk buisness in kanchipuram.Not only in kanchipuram our khatri people are allover north tamil nadu.Dont think that our people are only in North India we are also in tamil nadu

    • Dear Concerned,
      whether Mr Sairaj Sah’s Diety is Sahasrjun / Kartveeryarjun?

  8. thank you for such kind of information!:-)

    • Can anyone please tell where r the Jathere’s of marwaha khatri’s of Punjab that will be of great help for my family.


      • Its in Patti near Tarn Taran Punjab. I got this info from my parents, nd will soon visit the place and let u know.

  9. I saw in some websites that rana are khatris and also sikh jats. Let me tell you that rana are pure rajputs(kshatriya). They are not khatris.

    • khatriyas are called khatri in punjabi…khatri are much strong and upper caste then rajputs

      • also jat sikhs are not khatri…they are agricultural farmer class…khatri never marry jats as they are inferior..all sikh gurus are khatri

        • Khatri is baniya not rajput or kshtriya that all rajput believe khatri as a very lower caste

          • Khatris are the pure Kshatriyas. Khatris were the one who raised their voice against mughal rule,khatri were the one defeated Alexander the great,Yes King Porus was khatri of sabharwal clan,khatris were the one who gave sacrifices against the British empire. Unlike the Rajputs of rajsthan who gave their daughters to Mughals.

          • You so rightly told manish

      • Sir great khatri app Iam Abhishek vohra join me at WhatApp 8265935032 great khatri you ans I am khatri kstriya vohrA bro nice ans

    • Rana ji Ram ram khatri a kstriya kaushal gotra of Khanna Kapoor real desents from Sidodaia Rana I read history kaushal is Rana Punjabi kstriya ko khatri language hah read history Hari singh nalva a uppal khatri and dogra rajpoot vanshi from vohrA kstriyA or khatri thanks search about all khatri Chopra a vashist badgujar rajpoot and vohra rajpoot a bhati of HP and himachali but surname in khatri a kstriya


  11. can u tell me about ansal,r they khatris or somebody others ,is it sur name or only gotras

    can u tell me something about ansal,r they khatri or somebody else
    is ansal a surname or a caste or gotra

  12. pahwa’s are from kashyap comunity[non brahmis]

  13. Guru gohbind singh ji once clamed to be kjhatri when a brahim asked him what religion he is- he said – Mah koi bhram da putt nai-= mah khatri guru teg bhadur da putt”

    Khatris are very intelligent people and this is shown througout sikh history- jatt people became sikh around the time of banda singh bhadur-

    jatts and khatris need to re unite to make the khalsa raj –

  14. anand are also Suryavansi. but gotra section is not shown the caste

    • Anand comes under khatri’s they are not Suryavanshi
      Refer “”

  15. i m belong to chawla caste, but i dont know the gotra of this caste or place of that gotra, if anybody know then plz help, provide relevant information.

    • Ye Farak hai Aroras and Desi Khatris mein,
      Apne bajurgo se pucho,
      vaise chawlas bhi arora khatri hote hai,
      Arora ek to surename hai, ek unko bhi bol dete hai jo migrate huye the 1947 mein,

      arora and desi khatris mein sirf ye farak hai ki unke bde bajurg pakistan se blong krte the, and desi khatris k India wale area se, but pehle to sab ek hi desh tha,
      All are same

      • Aroras are not khatri….Khatris are inferior to Aroras…..They are too much money minded…..Khatris never has any land on their names…Aroras had ‘Aror’, the land of aroras….So request to all aoras, don’t claim to be khatri…don’t downgrade yourself….

        and those who have any doubts or questions about bravery, mail me at [email protected], i will be more than happy to see them face to face to test their balls…..u listen Mr pandhi…

      • arora -> chawla

      • True bro … all are same …. nice answer !

  16. में मारवाड़ी खत्री हूँ, जैसलमेर राजस्थान का निवासी हूँ।
    और मेरी गौत्र “किरी” है।
    में आपको ये बताना चाहूँगा के आपने अपने इस लेख में
    मारवाड़ी खत्री का कही भी कोई वर्णन नहीं किया है।
    और जहाँ तक मुझे याद ह तो हमने यहाँ हमारे बुजुर्गो
    से यही सूना है के ,खत्री एक बहोत बड़ी community है,
    जो कइ क्षेत्रीय आधार पर भी बटी हुई है।
    जैसे मारवाड़ी खत्री
    पंजाबी खत्री
    सिन्धी खत्री
    गुजराती खत्री etc…………
    और हम मारवाड़ी खत्री में कुछ गौत्र इस तरह से है
    किरी, दड़ा ,बिछड़ा, भुत, दलोरा, वारेड, छूंछा, खाखुपोतरा,
    धनदे etc……….

    अतः मेरा आपसे निवेदन है की आप अपने इस वर्णन म पुर्ण खत्री समाज
    की जानकारी उपलब्ध करावे

  17. why khatri’s are not counted in minority category?

    • they are sc

  18. hi,
    my question is could u brief me abt “Dheer’s”…
    We are a family from descent of Baluchistan -migrated all over north and finally settled in Bihar …

    • dheer are brahmins

    • Dheer is khatri kstriya real true

  19. I belong to punjabi khatri Mahendroo family (also spelled as mahindru, or maindru), and have Dheer relatives; Dheer is a very much punjabi khatri caste.

    • mahendru are bari Khatri (12 house)

  20. is any body know about badwhar khatri please give me all impronation like badwhar gotra ,kuldevi thanks

  21. In recent days I have been researching information about kshetris and Khatri. I am from Nepal with surname Niroula. We are chhetris (Kshatriya) in Nepal. We, in our community are called Khatri (meaning Khaseko chhetri- which means a slightly impure chhetri). Of course cheetri in Nepal is ruler including kings and Rana dynasty and population is huge. I see Bhandari as Khatri; Bhandari in Nepal can be a Brahmin and a Chhetri (Khsyatria). Its interesting that we are so close, and I think people in Nepal moved from Khatri land of India.

    • I revisited this website after long time and saw a great discussion on who is Khatri and who is not. In fact, I don’t think it makes any difference who is who with respect to his genes, what matters is what good he is doing for the society. Anyway, my two cents for taking interest in one’s origin!
      We cannot guess much based on surname. In different regions, surnames may communicate different information. For example, in Sindh, there is a trend in Hindus to call their name behind their grandfather or great grandfather by adding .. aani to his name. Like Advani, Asnani, etc. In some cases this surname lasts until 4-5 generation, and for some it changes after 3 generation as the household grows or separates. Sometimes, people from different castes may have similar surname just because their ancestor had similar name. Also, surnames diversify as the population of a clan or caste grows. For examples, Hindu Khatri’s in Pakistan usually use Khatri as surname because they are in extreme minority even among Hindus. Their relatives in India Rajisthan use their “Nukh or Gotar” as surname, while pre-partition. Sindhi Hindu Khatri’s used their great grandfather names as surnames. Also, the neighborhood/village/town/city is also used as surname, as in case of Arora. Hence, it is up to themselves to call them whatever cast they belong to and it’s not as simple as it looks to identify someone’s origin through current surname.
      What I would like to add here is that the story we heard from our forefathers about their origin is related to Parashuram and fleeing kshatryas taking refuge with Dadheech rishi (a brahman) who brings them to Hinglaj Devi (in Baluchistan, Pakistan) to save them from Parashuram. There, they also marry with rishi-kumari’s and have Brahmkshatrya offspring that are later referred as Brahm Khatri, or simply Khatri who take three trades, i.e. goldsmith, carpenter, and cloth dyer. Another story mentions Khatri’s being Soomras (Sindhi rulers, who were probably hindus) who fled after Alauddin occupation along with their women and later remained hidden doing different occupations mentioned above. Based on this, I guess Khatri’s may have had different reasons (predominantly a defeat at the hands of a powerful enemies) to quit their military related profession and hide under disguise of a different occupation ranging from trade to arts and crafts.

      • I saw this blog by accident & read the interesting comments , being research
        Student of Indian history , these are my 2 cents :
        Khatri are one of the Varun Shankar communities of India along
        with Kayastha , Nishad .. There origin is due to cross of upper & lower
        Caste and given the name Khatri – people who are neither KSHATRIYA nor Vaish ( Bania).
        Khatri don’t have any martial history & there were no Khatri kings in India. They are purely
        Mercantile community , except few Sikh Khatris who took Army as profession
        But only 11% Khatris are Sikhs & predominantly Hindu by religon .
        Arora are another mercantile community originating from Sindh who migrated to multan & some areas of Punjab when Mahmud Ghajnavi forces finally defeated then Sindh ruler Raja Idris ( Brahmin king from Rajasthan & Sindh) , since Khatri & Arora both were mercantile communities still the Khatris from punjab would not marry into Arora considering them as lower to them by caste / status being from other state . Aror is a place in Sindh even today.
        Though Khatris like Saraswat Brahmins ( mainly from punjab & Kashmir) are part of classic Indo Aryan society which were settled around the banks of river saraswati in punjab & migrated to other parts of India. Jatt or Jatts are originally from Rajasthan & migrated after Rajputs into other areas in north , being farmers as Rajput would not allow Jats to use title Singh meant only for KSHATRIYA Rajputs & not allow jats to have military trainings , still in Rahasthan Bhatti Rajputs are one of the biggest communities & on regular basis clashes take place between Rajputs & Jaats. Rajput in Himachal are one of the branch of Rajputs who migrated to upper Himachal areas from Rahasthan after getting defeated by Mughal Armies. These areas are still 12 hours away from Simla so they wanted escape the wrath of invading Mughals who wanted to wipe them out so that they don’t have any body to challenge them albeit people like Raja MAn Singh who became there employee.

        • Dheer Khatri

        • 100 % authentic history. I agree with you.

        • Funny…check your basics

          Khatri means Khatriya…means army man or warriors

          Sharma means Bhahmans…means pandit or pujaris

          Khatriya were born to rule and fight to save Hinduism…

          Read Geeta again…ur saying brahmins were kings and khatris were doing only trade…

        • Bharmin marry Kurmi they are not Brahmin same original khatri a kstriya raghuvanshi ji and porus king a khatri king Salwan khatri but arora are not khatri they are Kurmi they refuse to marry tham because khatri are Gorkha dogra kstriyA and some a rajpoot clan in khatri surnames check pandit ji namaste, I am vohra khatri a kstriya my 8grandfathed ranjit singh army and decent from dadwAl rajpoot familys

        • nishad are original inhabitants near water bodies. they have nothing to do with varnas!

  22. I revisited this website after long time and saw a great discussion on who is Khatri and who is not. In fact, I don’t think it makes any difference who is who with respect to his genes, what matters is what good he is doing for the society. Anyway, my two cents for taking interest in one’s origin!
    We cannot guess much based on surname. In different regions, surnames may communicate different information. For example, in Sindh, there is a trend in Hindus to call their name behind their grandfather or great grandfather by adding .. aani to his name. Like Advani, Asnani, etc. In some cases this surname lasts until 4-5 generation, and for some it changes after 3 generation as the household grows or separates. Sometimes, people from different castes may have similar surname just because their ancestor had similar name. Also, surnames diversify as the population of a clan or caste grows. For examples, Hindu Khatri’s in Pakistan usually use Khatri as surname because they are in extreme minority even among Hindus. Their relatives in India Rajisthan use their “Nukh or Gotar” as surname, while pre-partition. Sindhi Hindu Khatri’s used their great grandfather names as surnames. Also, the neighborhood/village/town/city is also used as surname, as in case of Arora. Hence, it is up to themselves to call them whatever cast they belong to and it’s not as simple as it looks to identify someone’s origin through current surname.
    What I would like to add here is that the story we heard from our forefathers about their origin is related to Parashuram and fleeing kshatryas taking refuge with Dadheech rishi (a brahman) who brings them to Hinglaj Devi (in Baluchistan, Pakistan) to save them from Parashuram. There, they also marry with rishi-kumari’s and have Brahmkshatrya offspring that are later referred as Brahm Khatri, or simply Khatri who take three trades, i.e. goldsmith, carpenter, and cloth dyer. Another story mentions Khatri’s being Soomras (Sindhi rulers, who were probably hindus) who fled after Alauddin occupation along with their women and later remained hidden doing different occupations mentioned above. Based on this, I guess Khatri’s may have had different reasons (predominantly a defeat at the hands of a powerful enemies) to quit their military related profession and hide under disguise of a different occupation ranging from trade to arts and crafts.

    • History and humanity don’t go hand in hand,history is always written by the winning side and hence is likely to be distorted always.What is more important then to fall back to your genealogy is current ideology which should be progressive and not regressive.
      I doubt if the current generation bothers about the caste system in matters of marriage so discussing which castes married with which others seems a little out of place.
      We as Khatris should be happy with the fact we are generally good looking intelligent,well read successful people worth emulating by others.
      We should look at examples in our scripture where the Kaurav king i.e. father of Bhishma married a fisher women so I feel marriages within the clan were not mandatory but yes genetically our scripture was very clear for reason of good health of progeny marriages within same Gotra (own cousins ) was not allowed or recommended or maintenance of 5-7 generation gap.
      I may like to add I have traveled all over India owing to my job profile and you find khatris all over sometimes with similar or same castes like I found Talwars in Karnataka and Andhra all Khatis in these states are nothing but Khatris written record is not available except for recent past ; older record is in ancient scripts not understood by most .Somebody in the blog already mentioned TN and off course Naidus as same stock . So folks don’t worry about the past live your present and achieve on your own.

    • Res Sir,
      Thanks for this valuable information pls, let me know “ Mehrotra” comes in which tribes as you mention Suryavansi: Chandravansi etc my gotra is Kaushal,
      pls send your mail on [email protected] also you can call me on 9415024077..
      Lots of Regards
      Amit Mehrotra

  23. Who are Madaan’s are they khatri tell me.

  24. can anyone tell me whether Bhusari caste is among aroras or khattri grandfather was resident of abohar and it is said this clan is from some village called shergarh near lahore.can any one shed some light.

  25. Thanks for giving such a vast knowledge on Khatri, it may be raw. But I feel instead of criticising each other we can contribute our caste belief here . I am Nanda, my knowledge as to my caste is that we are khatri’s and we are proud of it.

  26. I am a Brahmin and I am in love with sethi… tell me what do I tell my parents, which caste does he belong to? sethis are Kshatriyas?

    • Sethi are Khukherian (arora khatris (migreted))

  27. khatri were tailor/darzi ,cook , silk weiver/jalahe and goldsmith.some were involve in trading .basically they are खतरी |now they are not kshatriya or rajput.because rajput are also not pure kshatriyas.there is no historical evidence about khatri be of kshatriya.

  28. Hii . I’m mona bajaj.. Or mein khatri punjabi hu.. Muj apny kul devta or devi k baary mein jaannna h ki vy kon h .. Plzzzz muj cnfrm kry ki kon h ? If any onesknows …

    • mona ji
      pls visit zhanda sahib mandir of ahlawalpur near jalandhar where our kuldevtaa/jatheraas are residing

      mahesh bajaj

  29. Is surname bhalla Khatri or Brahmin?is Khatri upper caste in Punjabi?

  30. I have been searching for the Origin of Khatri’s or Arora’s. Are they Aryans or what? please enlighten?

  31. mani laroiya khatri gotra kanchanplus .main navashar ki rhnewali hu please aap mujhe batayege ki es gotr ki origin kha se hai

    • apki baat hi smjh ni arhi ki aap kya bolna chahte ho

  32. jhooth maan badai chhode . be pious pure n in peace .love respect regard to others who shall return same with interst . everyone is enjoying good / bad the returns of his past n present karmas whether thinking speach act sanskars from parents teacher envirement of present or past . god pure bodiless can’t take gigantic shape to produce brahmans kshtriyas vaishyas as have been tought . in mankind nobody is superior or inferior , all strike together like brothers for glory n prowess ( rig ved 5:60:5 ) do you think indivisual promoting caste superiority really cares for the religion .all human beings r equal . man is seed woman is earth physicaly mentaly spiritualy suitable match certinly results shall be good .fisher woman + kshtrya shantnu = bhishama krisna sister married to arjuna s/o indra/pandu s/o biyas s/o fisher woman +parasar s/o sakti s/o vasistha s/o brahma b/o visnu n shiv (trimurti ) s/o durga + brahman s/o parbrahman /paramabrahaman the real god whose ansh is every living being /atman. brahminism has not only broken jambudvip in pieces but promoted convertions to budhism / jainism / islam / sikhism becoz of selfishness of brahminism ie brahmin man + sudra woman =brahmin biyas where as brahmin woman +sudra man =chandal kshtriya woman +sudra man = nishad- huntar -balmiki vaisishya woman +sudra man -tarkhan /goldsmith /blacksmith . dashtarth/kekai were from same gotra similarly kunti/pandu also .biyas/parasar/vasishth gotra marry among or not .you marry anywhere you like leaving 5 n 3 pidhis in parental n maternal side respectively .gotra/clan is name of area village guru of one hails . pious pure true honest staight farward loving soul shall lead peaceful life

  33. Hi
    I wanted to know about one caste which I really don’t know about this caste that is “Sewalia” please tell me in details.

    • Know Gotra,
      kabhi kabhi surname village and area se rakh lete the bajurg to vhi chalta rehta tha,

  34. Sadhubad ! Itni vistrit jankari ke liye,

  35. There are many khatris in South India. They are the descendant of Somavamshi Sahasrarjun. They are Silk traders & weavers. The Surnames of these people are Gangji, Mengji, Damji, Namaji, Khoday, Katwe, Shalghar, Gorak, Dewan, Vishwanath, etc.

  36. pl. help me,iam in search of any khatri plateform.sameeti/organigation in bangalore.i am eager to mobile no.9342026107

  37. i feel disgusted after reading this …. arnt you ppl ashamed , what rubbish are you talking about
    its nothing to do what last name uve got , its all about your “KARMA”
    Guru Gobind singh formed khalsa n abolished the cast system gave a name called SINGH & KAUR

    Jatts , khatris , aroras your just use less if you judge ppl or marry by taking into account some ones last name …

    ive never in my life cared to ask anyones last name no matter what

    you were born human, you dont have to be anything else !!!

    • Kya guru gobind singh ji ne ya unki family mein kisi ne inter caste marriage ki thi?

  38. meaningless is caste n meanigless is (caste) name the same shadow protects all beings(gg 83). what caste can do ? truthfulness is true criterion(gg 142). don’t inquire caste n birth , preach true shastra ; caste n honour determined by deeds(gg 1330). vidur sudra , impotant pandu akshtriya , dhritrashtra zero, suka brahman diciple of janaka raja/akshtriya all sons of vyas brahman s/o satyawati fisher caste female n parasar brahman. satyakama brahman s/o prostitute. kauntikeya biolgical father unknown named after mother similarly radheya on given out anga desh were akshtriya n raja. mother of vyas fisher caste satyawati lateron became rani/ grand daughter-inlaw of bharat after whose name present india was called bharat including nepal, bhtan, mayamar, banladesh, pakistan, afganistan etc n step mother of bhisham s/o santanu with whom parsuram had fought. it may not be out of mention that ganga mother of bhisham too was of same fisher caste of satyawati. caste is known by character/deeds. corrupt people created caste by birth in their childrens’ intersts like claver monkey looting share of two fighting cats over a loaf of roti n big barking dog snatching away piece of bread from poor puppies. it is simple that from color- varna/caste—varnashankar–intercastes n castes names as vyas parasar n vashist ie son/father/grand father same blood r found in all shades of colors as black, dark,brown, red n white. how son from brahman female called chandal n another son from akshtriya female called khatri can be of lower status. simple saying wealth is lost nothing lost, health is lost something is lost, however if character is lost everything is lost. deeds/character lost where is identity of indivisual. do u think anybody promotinng caste superioty does really care for religion/ huminity man n woman our father/mother created by parmatma whose ansh atman in all beings.

  39. Aap sab ko mera: iiIi

    • ok sir jee

  40. Sewalia which cast?tell me in details please

    • 2nd way,
      know surenames of relatives of “sewalia”
      thn find caste of relatives,

  41. Khatris are a ethnically diverse group of punjab some have accepted khatrization and sum went to rajasthan who were of rajput aka scythian origin n related, type scythic origin of rajput race eg of maheshwari s who have khatri as one surname are called chattris origin according to community committe. Theyr nakh ppl of scythian descent of dahae. Wr united but ethnically diverse from place to place . Somr rajput khatris of rajasthan are presrnt in greater punjab spk punjabi but khaps or surnames are rajput kin. Many are recent origin sum evn creatd in 1800 s for variety of reasons
    Neva blv the net but our samaj or commutte historians see max Mueller conspiracy
    V complicated but yes interrsting. There is rajputization for various reasons but the bulk not ol 36 royal races are doliochocephaly race. No obligation s but check max Mueller conspitacy, so called divide and rule and arya samaj hare krsna website on aryans which proves wer united

  42. i am sourashtrian from tamilnadu our caste also known as sourashtra in tamilnadu near about 8lakh population, in madurai itself our population more than 3lakhs we were migrated from somnath and dwaraka during 11 th century all part of india particularly settled in tamilnadu more than 600 years our people silk weaving specialists we were migrated from gujrat due to md ghajni invasion actully we are khatri people from gujarat we follow brahminical system our ancestor khatri people refer in wikipedia as sourashtra we are speaking sourashtra language also called sourashtra caste we are traditionaly khatri people as per research done by research scholors from sourastra university our language mixed with gujarathi marathi sanskrit and south indian language khatri from from north india please contact sourashtra madya sabha ta madurai in tamil nadu they established enginerng colege polytechnic arts colege also higher secondary school with 12000 students modi gurarat c.m support us he attented our sourashtra meet held madurai tamilnadu by murali

    • geo khatri geo

  43. please mail or call at 07669199502 tell me syal caste under general cast or not

  44. hey guys stop this conversation about aroar and khatris first of all let us spread out community many of them dont know who khatris are …..?and from where this caste is came from

  45. Can khatri be Maheshwaris?

  46. Hi, I m a (raghvanshi)suryavanshi rajpoot and in love with a girl of your community who is a tandon of Uttar pradesh. We are descendants of lord Rama and as we are highest among kshatriya clan. So we have always married rajpoot of inferior clan… but strictly only rajpoots. I saw people are claiming that khatri are also a rajpoot. I will be highly highly obliged and happy if you can provide me real information claiming tandon of uttar pradesh as kshatriya. It will be a real help as I will be able to convince my family by facts. So please share info. Thank you

    • Though Rajput is a warrior and brave community of recent time of History but its origin in India is not of ancient time….So connection with Epic time is not correct…You can search on net about same …how the migration took place in 6th / 7th Century from Central Asia..Just during Islam invasions were taking place on the borders of India by Arabs / Mongols (Mughal)..and how smartly Priest Class of India took this Tribal community (Now Rajput) in to Warrior community to save guard against these invasions…..Because of their guts and braveness both communities spread their wings and reached up to various other parts of India almost together ……You would love to read your own history and use your own judgement….as unbiased Human…as history is only history …

    • Khatri are also Suryavanshi, no harm without any fear go and marry a Tandon Girl.
      Khattri are very progressive community.
      The gotra might be Kaushal or angiras of this Tandon Girl. Let others make you feel whatever, if you are real rajput, khatris are real Suryavanshi too.
      Mehrotra, Khanna, Kapoor, Tandon, Seth are the main caste of khatri Community.
      Mehrotra = Mihir Avtara (Avtar of God Sun)

    • What are you ?? retarded ?? marry the goddamn girl … who the fuck cares how her name ends ? and with how many syllables ?? adding some titles in front and end of your name makes you cool ?? what a fuckin retard i swear …
      P.s Remembered my parents wrote punjabi khatri on the piece of paper when they ask what cult,ethnicity , caste , religion you belong before 10th’s board exam . I am no schedule caste ,tribe … And it dont matter to me either .. fuck this shit …this caste , religion and morons like (i am raghuvanshi) nonsense creates the rift . Grow up u dumb piece of shit ..

  47. Real Rajpoots who are mainly concentrated in Rajisthan and Khatris are as well the decedents of Prabhu Ram,no offend to Rajpoots but saying that Khatris are Rajpoots..feels like an attempt to dilute once identity!!there doesn’t exists any vertical relation between the two but a horizontal one.

    • Well, your right about that being confusing. I researched that Punjab existed prior to caste system. Now, that could open a few eyes because Rajputs have always had a valour of fighting skills whereas Brahmins and Buddhism appears after Shaman, Animism, Jains?

  48. Yes,

    We are great, brave, and can lead all community and religion .

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  50. SELECT * FROM comments . {deepak kataria}ORDER BY RAND() LIMIT 0, 100

  51. Plsss tell me
    Salhotra caste in which category ???

  52. Niceeee

  53. When the puranas and historical records themselves list them as Kshtriyas, then why call them a mercantile community ?? or use words as ‘they claim’ ??? And anyways rajputs are different line of kshtriyas than khatris

  54. bhaiyo jat is always ryt..

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  56. Very good info about Punjabi khatris but living in North America and looking life kharti partners for their kids is very hard. Do you or anybody have suggestion or website? I will appreciate it.

  57. meri caste khatri laroiya hai (nava shahar duwaba ke rahne vale hai main laroyia ke origin place or kis clan ke under aati hai caste janna chati hu mera gotr kanchanplace hai

  58. they are savji of north India there main business is money lending and silk weaving.they can also be considered as haihaya rajput or hayoban.

  59. Mera Naam Dheeraj monga hai Agar koi bhi mare help kar sake ye patà karñe me ki hamara goter & hamàre kul ki davi kon hai ,( please)

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  61. Does maglotia belongs to scheduled caste in punjab

  62. Please tell me chatrath caste is in which category

  63. Can somebody tell me if Mohal caste comes under hindu khatri caste or not?

  64. What do you mean by Khatri claim to be Kshatriyas . Its Stated in the Puranas that we are the purest lineage of Kshatriyas and calling us The Mercentile community is an attempt to dilute once Identity and this will not be tolerated. I Hukam singh Gandotra s/o Balwant singh Gandotra from the Reasi kindom of Jammu and Kashmir ask you to immediately change the world “Claim” and “Mercentile Community” as soon as possible. My grand father were in the high ranked Military commander alongside Commander Zoravar singh who conquesred ladakh .
    We have a Khandani Sword Having Initials Kshatriya.(if you want i can send a screenshot).
    The Gandotra clan is a Part of Khukhrain which is a Group of Eight Clans of the Khatri caste originated from the salt reigns.
    When there are legends like Hari singh Nalva,all sikh Gurus were khatris,king porus was khatri,Nanda dynasty was khatri then using words like “Claim” and “Mercentile Community” is a straight offence to our Identity.

  65. Mere Haatho Ko Apne
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    Usne Mera Chehra Utha
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    Heraan Ho Gayi Or Pucha
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    Mene Kaha Pyar Karne
    Waalo Ko Agr Ye
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  67. our subcaste is bhatla (khatris)Bhatla subcaste was born sometime in 1700. The story goes thus:Number of children were borne to a A Khanna lady but will not survive,when another son was borne to her, out of frustration she kept the baby away in the hot summer sun, watching from a distance the boy to die.But a Cobra arrived from nowhere to provide shade to the baby. The lady watching from a distance ran to shove away the Cobra to save the child.He was named as BHATLA.( The story in Punjabiis :Khanni puter jaya, bhati se langaya and a bhatla (bhati-la)was born)

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    • Julka’s jathere in shri hargobindpur Punjab . It’s a very famous guruduwara . So many people come here on the day of vaisakhi Nd Diwali. You can go there and ask local people there

  71. Arora are khatri, but land is diffract from very past. i am not khatri or arora. i am brahmin, but arora are cheap. desi khatri are better then aroras.

  72. regarding khatris R.P bhatla version is told by old men in stories regarding khatris of Jhang .It seems that khatri castes of Jhang are not shown in lists. Ancient and medieval history is ignored.Now it is the need of time to trace the footprints in history from Ashoka to present day to trace the reality.Bhatla,Bhandula,Nijhawans,Pugloks and many more castes are negligible in present time screen,it seems real khatris are facing extinction.

  73. The Khatris (Punjabi) or Kshatriyas (Sanskrit, (K) silent) are a north Indian community that originated in the Potwar Plateau of Punjab. This region is historically connected with the composition of the Vedas and classics like the Mahabharata and Ashtadhyayi. In the old varna (caste) system the Kshatriya were members of the Hindu military order who as administrators and rulers, were tasked with protecting Hindu Dharma, and serving humanity. In the course of time, however, as a result of economic and political exigencies, Khatris also expanded into mercantile occupations.It is important to note that many of the Khatri clans (gotras) are common with many jatt castes.

    When India was divided to placate the demands of its Muslims for a country of their own, most of the Khatris in the Panjab which was divided to create Pakistan migrated to India. In one of the worst human trajedies of modern history, which resulted in the deaths of untold thousands, millions of Hindu and Sikh families, many of them of the Khatri caste, were forced to abandon their heriditary family lands and flee to the Indian side of the British imposed dividing line. Today Khatris live in all regions of India, but are concentrated in East Punjab, Haryana, Delhi and Uttar Pradesh. While most Khatris are Hindu, some are also Sikh, some Muslim and even a small minority are Jain. Khatris of all these faiths collectively form one community. In modern times, the Khatri play a significant role in the Indian economy, serving as businessmen, civil and government administrators, landlords and military officials.

    Khatri Family Names

    Contents [hide]
    1 Khatri Family Names
    2 Historical Background
    3 Historical Mentions
    4 Khatris and Sun Worship
    6 Khatris and Saraswat Brahmins
    7 Khatris and the Sikh Panth
    8 Khatris and Jain Dharma
    9 Khatris and Islam
    10 Khatris and Indian Culture
    11 Khatris Organizations
    12 Divisions among the Khatris
    13 Kukharan
    14 UP Khatris
    15 Khatris in Burma
    16 Distinguished Khatris
    17 External links
    Khatri family names include Anand, Awal, Bachewal, Badhwar, Baijal, Bagga, Bajaj, Bakshi, Batta, Bedi, Behal (Behl), Bhalla, Bhola, Bhasin, Bhandari, Bhandula, Bindra, Birghi, Chadha, Chandok, Charan, Chona, Chopra, Choudhary,Chetal, Dhall, Dhawan, Dhir, Dua, Duggal, Dhupar, Dumra, Gambhir, Gandhi, Gandhoke, Gadok, Gadhiok, Ghai, Gujral, Gulati, Gulla, Handa, Jerath, Jairath, Jaggi, Jalota, Jolly, Kakkar (Kacker) ,Kapoor (Kapur), Katyal, Keer, Khanna, Kehar, Khosla, Khullar, Kohli, Koshal, Lala, Lamba, Loomba, Madhok, Mahendru, Maini, Malhotra, Malik, Mangal, Mankhand, Manraj, Mehra, Mehrotra, Midha, Modi (Awal) , Monga, Murgai, Nair(Nayyar), Nagpal, Nakra, Nayer, Nehra, Nijhawan, Nikhanj, Oberoi, Ohri, Parwanda, Passi, Phull, Phul, Phool, Puri, Rai, Rehan, Roshan, Sabharwal, Sablok, Sadana, Saggar (Sagar), Saggi, Sahi (Shahi), Sahni(Sawhney), Sami, Sarin(Sareen), Sarna, Sehgal (Sahgal), Sekhri , Seth, Sial (Syal), Sibal, Sikka, Singh, Sobti, Sodhi, Sondhi, Soni, Suri, Talwar, Tandan (Tandon), Tehim, Tuli, Thapar, Trehan, Uberoi, Uppal, Vadehra, Vasudeva, Ved, Verma, Vig, Vij, Vinaik (Vinayak), Vohra, Wadhawan, Wahi (Wahie), Walia, Wassan(Wasan/Wason).

    There are some more Khatri initials in south India [Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka] like Bachewal, Barad, Bharatwaj, Bochkar, Chauhan, Damankar,Dhondi, Jessu, Khode, Kubeer, Ghatadi, Gujarathi, Namaji, Padaal, Pawaar, Ring Ring, Satpute, Vadde, Vaidya etc[1]. There are some towns like Armoor [NZB, AP], Nirmal [ADB, AP],Narayankhed, Mahaboob nagar, Hubli[KN], Nanded[MH] etc where population of khatri people is above 60% and here khatries are well known as Pategars, patkari, kshatriya and loddies. [2]

    The Arora (Ahuja, Aneja, Khurana, Chawla, Juneja), Sood, Bhatia and Lohana are distinct communities of the Punjab and Sindh. One interesting difference between Aroras and Khatris is the colour of bangles (churah), which brides wear during the marriage ceremony. Arora women wear white bangles (Chitta churah) and Khatri women wear red ones (Laal churah), along with their bridal wear.

    Historical Background

    For the most part, Khatris have been in the civil, government, and military administrators roles for centuries. Some subgroups of Khatris have gone into the merchant business as traders, and have participated in trade well beyond India’s borders, for many centuries from Burma to Russia. At one time, the Khatris controlled a significant share of the trade in the central Asian region. The Hindu fire-temple of Baku, Azerbaijan, supported for centuries by Khatri merchants flourished until the middle of 19th century. The Hindu temples of Kabul built by the Khatris still exist.

    Khatris continue to be the most educated group in modern Punjab. Their historical access to resources and education, has translated into wealth, influence and service to the society.

    Many prominent historical figures have emerged from the Khatri. All ten Sikh Gurus were Khatri, belonging to the Bedi, Trehan, Bhalla and Sodhi subcastes. Raja Todar Mal was a Tandon Khatri who codified the revenue collection system as Revenue Minister for Akbar. Haqiqat Rai was a Puri Khatri whose martyrdom was celebrated on Basant Panchami in Lahore until independence. Hari Singh Nalwa, an Uppal Khatri, was a prominent general under Maharaja Ranjit Singh. The father and son pair of the Diwans Sawan Mal and Mul Raj Chopra were successive governors of Multan under Ranjit Singh. The former instituted vast improvements in agriculture, while the latter was instrumental in leading the revolt against the British to prevent the annexation of the Sikh kingdom into the East India Company territory. Sadhu Singh Gulla fought against the British Empire in the 19th century.

    Historical Mentions

    Khatri gotras are divided into four major groups; Baraghar, Bawanji, Sarin and Kukharain. These divisions were reported by Emperor Akbar’s close adviser Abu’l Fazal in his book Ain-i-Akbari (compiled in 1590). These grouping are said to been around at the time of Ala-uddin Khilji (1296-1316).

    Bhai Gurdas (b. AD 1551) in his, “Varan Bhai Gurdas Ji”, Vaar 8 – Pauri 10 (Khatri jatan) mentions: barahi, bavanjahi, Pavadhe, pachadhia, phalian, khokharainu, chaurotari and serin sections.

    The family names mentioned above have existed for long time. We know that the four gots of the Sikh gurus have existed at least since the 15th century CE:

    1. Guru Nanak: Bedi
    2. Guru Angad: Trehan
    3. Guru Amardas: Bhalla
    4. Remaining seven: Sodhi
    One of the most important characters, of famous Punjabi legends, was Raja Rasalu’s minister Mahita Chopra. Most scholars agree that Raja Rasalu ruled from Sialkot and lived sometime between 400 to 500 AD. [Temple] If it is true then the Chopra family name, of the Baraghar Khatris developed by that time. The actual timing of the development of other Khatri family names is an interesting subject which requires more research.

    Khatris and Sun Worship

    Raja Vanvihari Kapoor has written that major Khatri clans are named after Lord Sun. The Sarasvat Brahmin clan of which some of these these were yajamanas are also mentioned below.

    * Mitra Mehra Priests: Jetali
    * Kripakar Kapoor Priests: Pambu
    * Shankan Khanna Priests: Jhingana
    * Martanada Tandan Priests: Jhingana
    * Shreshtha Seth
    * Dhavan Dhavan
    * Mahendra Mahindru
    * Bahukar Bahora (Vohra)
    * Chakravali Chaupada (Chopra)
    * Karalagni Kakkar Priests: Kumadiye
    * Surya Suri
    * Sahasrakar Sahgal Priests: Mohile
    According to the Bhavishya Purana, Punjab indeed was an ancient center of Sun worship.


    Khatris and Saraswat Brahmins

    As noted in the introduction, the mercantile communities were the socio-religious leaders in the Punjab. The Khatris were the patrons (‘yajamansas’ or in Punjabi ‘jajmani’) of the Saraswat Brahmins. Together the two communities represent the heritage of ancient Aryan center of NW India. The Saraswat Brahmins accept both Kachcha and Pakka food from the Khatris.

    A few Nukhs (Sub-castes) of Kapoor, Malhotra/Mehra, Seth, Tandan and a few nukhs of Chopra (Chakravali) are known to be descendents of Shakdvipi Maga Brahmins and have close affiliation with the Sarasvata Brahmins. Among them Chopra equals to Chau-Pada (4 Ranks) were originally Worshippers of Lord Mitra (worshipped as Mihir or Mithra in Persia and Rome). They were invited to Punjab by the Kings to perform rituals for the Great Sun Temple near Multan. Among them are both non vegetarian as well as some that do not consume alcohol, meat and egg or fish.

    Khatris and the Sikh Panth

    A minority of the Khatris are Sikh. The Sikh panth is not caste based, still the Khatris played a major role in development of Sikhism as a gentle and inclusive faith. All the Ten Sikh Gurus were Khatri. During the lifetime of the Gurus, most of their major supporters and Sikhs were Khatris. After formation of the Khalsa (1699), and especially during the reign of Ranjit Singh, Hindu Khatri families raised at least one son (usually the oldest) as an Amritdhari Sikh. The Sikh institutions till the early 20th century were led by Mahants (Masands) who were generally Khatri. Widespread abuses by the Masands, such as the introduction of idols in Gurudwaras, led to calls for reform (which were met more than once by deadly resistance from the Mahants) by the Singh Sabha which resulted in formation of the Shiromani Gurudwara Prabhandak Committee to oversee Sikh Gurudwaras.

    Among the Khatris the Khukrain or Kukhran were one of the foremost followers of the Sikh Gurus and traditionally brought up one son as a Keshdhari Sikh. This is evident from the large number of Kukhran surnames among Khatri Sikhs.

    A predominant section of the Hindu Khukrain continue to follow dual religious traditions of both Sikh as well as Arya Samaj mores. This has continued in spite of the religo-political competitive zeal of both the Arya Samaj and the Tat Khalsa effort at creating purified separate identities.

    Intermarriage between Khatri as well as Khukrain Sikhs and Hindus are common. The dual religious Hindu and Sikh identity and Kukhran biradri identity comfortably coexists.

    The Khatri’s also in large numbers started converting to Sikhism, from the time of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, upto the time of the tenth Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singh Ji But then the Khatri Sikhs started to shrink, as the majority of them started reconverting back to Hinduism. And their population also became very tiny, as before there houses were found in all villages, Towns, Cities, but now they are rarely found. The Majority of the Khatri’s follow Hinduism, with a tiny number following Sikhism, and Islam.

    The Khatri Sikhs also used to have a intermarriage with the Hindu Khatri’s, as most of the famous Khatri Sikhs on their maternal side were Hindu.

    Khatris and Jain Dharma

    The number of khatris who are Jain is very small. However One of the best known Jain munis in recent times, Acharya Atmaram (also known as Shri Vijayanandsuri) (1841-1900) was a Kapoor Khatri, born at Lahra, Firozepur. In 1890 he was the first person to be raised to the rank of a Jain Acharya in the past 400 years. He was invited to visit the Congress of World Religions held in Chicago in 1893. The rules for Jain monks prevented him from going overseas, but he sent his lay disciple Virchand Gandhi, who is now considered to be the father of American Jainism.

    Khatris and Islam

    With the advent of Islam into Sindh and the southern Punjab region with the invasion of the Arab general, Muhammad bin Qasim in 711 CE and subsequent invasions by Turkic tribes from Afghanistan and the North West Frontier Province from the 11th century onwards, there were conversions of Hindus to the faith from among various Punjabi communities, including Khatris . While the conversions took place at different times, often when entire communities converted they retained their tribal, clan or caste affiliations as has been the norm in the Indian Subcontinent. Similarly, the Khatris who converted to Islam, continue to retain a strong social identity and are known as Punjabi Shaikhs. This also holds true of Rajputs in the Punjab, who converted to Islam but have continued to retain a sense of their Rajput origins. One such example are the Janjua Rajputs of the province.

    Khatris and Indian Culture

    The Khatris were adversely affected by the partition of India, as it resulted in the loss of their traditional home regions.

    Khatris have traditionally been an orthodox community, although there is now a significant amount of exposure to modernity in some Khatri families. However, even when they are modern, Khatris have a great affinity with their traditions and values.

    Khatris take pride in their Indian heritage and have contributed significantly to the Indian culture in terms of industry, commerce, administration, scholarship, etc.

    Khatris Organizations

    The sessions of Akhil Bhartiya Khatri Mahasabha were held in Lucknow in 1916, 1936, 1952 and 1980. Lucknow Khatri Sabha was established in 1927 and publication Khatri Hitashi was started in 1936.

    Divisions among the Khatris

    There are several subdivisions within the Khatri clans . There are , the Dhai Ghar (i.e. 2 1/2 -the number 3 being considered unlucky) grouping comprising of Khanna, Kapur/Kapoor and Mehra/Malhotra . Along with the Seth clan these four form the Char Ghar grouping. The Dhai Ghar Khatris originally consisted of three family groups – Kapoors, Khannas and Mehras. They were referred to as the Khatris of two and a half families because the number three is considered unlucky. Aurangzeb banished many Khatris from the Moghul military and administrative roles because of their non-cooperation and since that time many of the dhai ghar khatris adopted trading and business professions that many other khatris were already engaged in and from where they frequently took wives for their sons, while giving their daughters only to the other dhai ghar khatris in marriage.

    The origin of this caste is not clear and requires further research but it appears that they are a relatively recent addition to the khatri clan as may be inferred from Ain-i-Akbari (Eyes for the Emporor, Compiled in 1590) by Abu’l Fazal a prominent historian of Emporar Akab who recorded the Khatri Gotras. There is a story that the grouping was formed by the families of three adminstrators – Kapur Chand, Khan Chand and Mehar Chand who had come to work in Akbar’s court from Multan. But this story appears to be a fictional one since the Kapoor clan has pre-existed in India as a Kshatriya clan. It is more likely that the grouping was formed in Akbar’s time for marriages from three existing family groups – the Kapoors, Khannas and Mehras that preexisted in India. They were later expanded to form the char ghar khatris ( Khatris of four families) by including the Seth clan. Some members of the Mehra family also adopt the alternative family names of Malhotra or Mehrotra. This group has expanded rapidly since the time of Akbar and spread across the entire North India.

    The Chopra, Dhavan, Mahendru, Sahgal, Talwar, Tandon, Vohra and Wadhawan sub castes, all 12 form the barah-jati grouping. another group is called Bavanjai (52). The Sarin are yet another grouping, . The historical reasons for these divisions need research. A regional clan grouping is the Kukhrain grouping (see below). Yet another grouping is one associated with the ten Sikh gurus (Bedi, Trehan, Bhalla, and Sodhi).

    Regionally Churamani, Nanda, Khullar, Jerath, Chopra and Vig were particularly connected with Ludhiana; Bahl, Kapoor, Mehra, Seth, Beri, Sencher and Dhir with Jagraon ; Batte, Sondhi and Karir with Machhiwara and Bahlolpur ; Sehgal and Thapar with Raikot; and Had and Cham with Khanna.

    The origin of many clans and surnames is not exactly clear. It is possible that some of the clans among the Khatris, Rajputs and Jats, along with other similar subgroups, are somehow related.


    Kukhran (also spelt Kukhrain) Khatris are a regional grouping of ten subcastes of Punjabi Khatris originally from the town of Bhera in the Jech doab (Jhelum – Chenab interfluve) region of Sargodha district of Pakistani Punjab. In keeping with Khatri traditions, Bhera was an important trading outpost on the road to Kabul, and a ‘taksal’ (mint) during the reign of Ranjit Singh. Kukhrans are Aryan and Vedic peoples and have originally followed Hinduism, however a significant number adapted Sikhism during the 18th and 19th centuries. This, and also because many Hindu Kukhran families, as well as other Khatri clans, raised at least one Sikh son after the formation of the Khalsa in 1699, resulted in Kukhran family names, as well as other Khatri clan names, being present in both Hindu and Sikh communities worldwide. Common Kukhran names are Anand, Bhasin, Chadha, Chandok,Gadhok, Gadok, Kohli, Sabbarwal, Sahni, and Suri many of whom had migrated from present Pakistan to India during partition.

    The Prime Minister of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh is a Kukhran of the Kohli subcaste. Other famous Khukrain personalities are: Mulkh Raj Anand (English novelist/Writer), Dev Anand (Actor/Producer/Director), Balraj Sahni (Actor), Narinder Kohli (Hindi Novelist), Gurinder Chadha (UK based film director), Bhism Sahni (Sahitya Academy Award and Padam Shree winner).

    UP Khatris

    Uttar Pradesh Khatris are those who have been living in Uttar Pradesh for several generations. They have culture quite distinct from Punjabi Khatris. They speak local dialects of Hindi rather than Punjabi.

    Khatris in Burma

    Prior to revolutionary and nationalist movements in Burma, Chinese and Indian merchants and landowners formed an economic upperclass in the country. Many of the Indians landowners in Burma were Khatri that settled in the country for generations because of their economic control and prosperity. Wealth became increasingly concentrated in the hands of very few Indian upperclass families. However, as nationalist sentiments grew, most all Indian and Chinese merchants were forced out of the country.

    Distinguished Khatris

    Manmohan Singh (Kohli), Prime minister of India
    Dev Anand – Bollywood actor
    Om Prakash Malhotra Former Chief of Army Staff, Governor of the Punjab
    Mulk Raj Anand, pioneering Indian novelist in English
    Vijay Kumar Malhotra MP, Deputy leader BJP
    Sangam Rai Kapoor – Founder of the house of Maharajas of Burdwan
    Gurinder Chadha – Kenyan- Brit movie director (‘Bend it like Beckham’, ‘Bhaji on the Beach’)
    Yash Chopra – Bollywood movie director and producer
    Satish Gujral, artist and muralist who trained under Diego Rivera
    Inder Kumar Gujral former Prime Minister of India
    Anish Kapoor – Indo-British sculptor
    The father-son duo of Prithviraj Kapoor and Raj Kapoor legendary actors, directors, and producers of Indian movies
    Shekhar Kapur – movie director (‘Bandit Queen’, ‘Elizabeth’)
    Devaki Nandan Khatri, pioneer Hindi author
    Raj Khosla-Renowned Movie Director
    Narendra Kohli, Hindi author
    Master Tara Singh (Malhotra) – freedom fighter and leader of the movement for creation of Punjabi subah
    Deepa Mehta – award winning Indo-Canadian director of the trilogy ‘Earth’,’Wind’,’Fire’
    Meera Nair, the director and producer of the award winning movies as ‘Salaam Bombay’
    Kuldip Nayyar – crusading Indian journalist
    Mohan Singh Oberoi- hotelier, founder of the Oberoi chain of hotels
    Y.K. Sabharwal, Chief Justice of India
    The brothers Balraj and Bhisham Sahni, the former a well known actor and the latter the Hindi author (‘Tamas’)
    Birbal Sahni – renowned botanist
    Kundan Lal Saigal (Sahgal/Sehgal), the legendary singer and actor in early North Indian (Hindi and Bengali) talkies, known as the Enrico Caruso of North India for his vocal range.
    Roshan Seth – Indo-British actor (‘My Beautiful Laundrette’ etc.)
    Vikram Seth, the novelist, who so sensitively portrayed urban Khatri life after the partition of India in ‘A Suitable Boy’
    Dr Karam Singh Kapur -litterateur, author of ‘Punjabi Mahakav’ etc.
    Prakash Lal Tandon – Indian professional manager, author of ‘Punjabi Century’ and ‘Beyond Punjab’
    Purushottam Das Tandon freedom fighter
    Sukhdev (Thapar) – freedom fighter, revolutionary comrade of Bhagat Singh
    Khushwant Singh, Author and commentator
    Bhai Mohan Singh, Founder of Ranbaxy
    Sunny Vij, LSE

  74. This is an interesting article. I believe when i trace my fathers Rajistani family who claim to be Muslim converts from a Hindu Lamba surname Rajput caste, it must mean they were Khatri people too. Interesting.

  75. Sewalia which cast

    • Plz tell me about Thukral or Thakral ..Khatri or rajput ?

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    • Hey The Kaushal Surname in Khatri Belongs to KAUSHAL Gotra. Directly related to Kush son of Shri Ram. After Shri Ram Luv Children got the kingdom in east and in central india and kush children shifted to western part of india. then they called as Khatri with kaushal Gotra

    • never heard wahi?

  80. Have you heard of the fact that all Sikh Gurus were Khatris?

    Do you know that many freedom fighters such as Sukhdev Thapar were Khatris?

    Do you know that more than half of Indian Army Chiefs have been Khatris.

    Have you heard of Sher Khan (Martyr Batra)?

    Do you know that each of the Khatris caste is associated with agnivanshi or suryavanshi etc.

    Try to read some trustworthy sources such as this oxford publisher book,

    look at page no 35 to get the real picture about Khatris.

    I am sorry but you should correct your article.

  81. Malhotra,Kapoor,Khanna,Tandon..etc are Khatris families.They only marry with them.

    • Dear All,

      I belongs to remote area where many people dont know about Khatri cast. They ask me who r khatri………….? I explain every time and proud to be Khatri.

      We are the khatri so every one should be proud a Khatri.

  82. Principally clans families of Khatris are: Khannas (fire),Malhotras (Sun) and Kapoors (moon) they forms the Dhai Ghar. The royalty hierarchy on clan.

    • well with repect I want too share my experience that khari and Rajput are same community while arora belong to ror caste and bhatiya community were gujars. however their origion is same and rule in india that way Punjab sind gujrat mratha belongs to Khatri arora Bhatia and saraswat bhramin community

  83. Informative discussion ! I learned a lot from the facts ! Does someone know if my business might be able to acquire a blank BLM 3160-5 document to fill out ?

  84. I am from Nawalgarh, Rajasthan(60km away from Haryana) and in my city half of the population (around 500 family’s) who trace their linage back to four brother who came from some other city to Nawalghar when King Nawal Singh was building this city, we are Muslim Khatri’s, we are generally known as vyapari by other communities here and our main occupation used to be trading of goats and now are days we are mainly involved in construction business mainly in Mumbai and in Middle east.

    Just wanted to share this Info.

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  86. want to know where is jathere of chadha hindu biradari

  87. Khatriyan di balle balle baki saare thalle thalle.
    Khatris have produced one of the greatest warriors including Hari singh Nalva,king porous, Nanda dynasty, Gandhar Dynasty, kings of budgam,Devan Mool raj ji who slayed the Afghans at his feet,Maharaja Mehtab Chand ji,even the Sikhism which ia a religion of warrior saints was started by khatris,yes all sikh gurus were khatris including the fierced warrior Shei Guri Gobind Singh ji.
    We are the khatris/Kshatriya the warriors.

  88. The basic difference between khatri and Arora is that khatri are warrior clan and Arora are trading clan

  89. i am Kawaldeep Singh gujral, my grand parents came from Pakistan and we are kahtri sikh. i want to know my gotra if any one can tell me will be great.

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    Limka book of record holder
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  91. Originally i m beri (chopra) migrated from pakistan during partition near dera baba nanak pakhthan pakistan.i want to know my jathere. Please help me to as i want to get my family bey blessed.

  92. Hi, I want to know where is our jathere situated my gotta is kashyap khatri.

    • are all chandnas have kashyap gotra?
      and what is jathere?

  93. Are Handas khatris. If yes, also plz tell if they have a powerful ancestry and can someone plz tell from where to get my family tree

  94. Mera naam Sami Bahl Khatri hai or Mujhe apne kull Devi or kull Devta ke bare me nai malum plz. So plz. Bahl gotra ke kull devi or kull devta ke batae plz. Help. My Email Id. [email protected]

  95. My whatsup no. 07837784577

  96. Hey….plzz tell me Kochhar are Sikh khatri?or?

  97. There is no dowery system in khatris cash or kind only gifts r given

  98. The Khatri is born from the union of a Kshatriya and a merchant. Nice people. The Khatri is very much liked by the Jews since they are greedy like the Jews thus the Jews are using the global media to label them as Kshatriyas (Rajputs). In fact even Wikipedia is being used to propagate this. This is the Jewish history for India. The Jews believe if they have a Khatri (a Bapha) in front India is theirs. The history of the warriors of India the Rajputs, Jats etc. is on solid ground and can not be changed.

  99. Dear Concerned,

    whether Mr Sairaj Sah’s Diety is Sahasrarjun?

  100. I support Mr Sairaj Sah’s opinion

  101. Dear Concerned you are doing a great service by maintaining lot of info on various clans of khatri group of people.

    I support the opinion of Mr Sairaj Sah entered on April 16 2013

  102. I belongs to Sood caste and my Sub-caste is Jari. I want to know, what are the relationship between Khatri Caste and Sood caste?? Plz explain..

  103. They have their origin in Punjab Pakistan, after partition millions migrated to India, principally India Punjab,Delhi..etc. A lit of Bollywood stars are Ounjabi Khatris.

  104. They have their origin in Punjab Pakistan, after partition millions migrated to India, principally India Punjab,Delhi..etc. A lot of Bollywood stars are Punjabi Khatris.

  105. What caste people with “Pajni” surname belongs to?

  106. I am (khatter) ARORA AAPKO ARORVANSH KI KOI B JANKARI CHAHIYE TO MERE PASS UPLABHADH HE JIS ME ARORA KI 827 गोत्र का वर्णन है मेरा नाम विलायती राम अरोड़ा(खट्टर)है।

    • I am not sure between Khatri & Arora. Need some information, if you can publish anywhere on Web.
      And as far as Aroras and Khatris don’t have much of a difference.

  107. Khatri can be salujas also ?? plz reply fast

  108. Their origin is in Punjab of Pakistan. Mostly of them lost their land after partition and migrated to India.

  109. Sethi khatri hote hain kya sir

  110. Dear sir Anandha gotra’s tatam gaaru vamsi people ,in patra community living in Anandhrapradesh,Anantapur dist. thank’s.

  111. I am a Chadha, I belong to Kukhrain, so i would like to know for my sir name chadha what is my Gotra and what is the deity of worship for our Gotra?

  112. My gotra’s is Girdhar and I am Arora by caste. May I know where are our jathre. My forefather were migrated from Pakistan Faisalabad.

  113. In maderchod khatri(sudra) ko ham log kabhi v uche jati ke list me nahi lete ye maderchod jhuth ka rajput se compare karne lagte h

  114. khatris are real descendants of ancient warrior class of hindue vadic age but with the lapse of centuries the lost their trade of warrior. may Allah return us our trade!

  115. no doubt khatris are real descendants of warrior of ancient warrior class of vedic age but with the lapse of centuries the lost their trade.May Allah almighty return them their trade!

  116. no doubt khatris are real descendants of ancient warrior class of vedic age but with the lapse of centuries they lost their trade .May Allah return us our trade!

    • When you believe in the Khatri’s origin and Vedic history, and that you were forcefully converted by Mughals, why don’t you come back to the religion of your ancestors?

  117. Kya khatri jaat hotai h plzz tell me

  118. I m sood. My sub caste is JARI. Now i know my jathere.

    Meri age 31years hai. Aaj tak hume nai pta tha hamare jathere kaha hain. But now i got. Ab mujhe pta chal gya hai. 07-04-2017 matlab kal main ja kr matha tek aya vaha. Now i m happy.

  119. What is gotra of chandok
    And rishi of our gotra pls confirm me

  120. Plz mujhe koi btaye ki hamare jathere kon hai

  121. are kathuria are khattri and which gotra they belong




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