Who are they?

The Kahar were once palanquin bearers. As the palanquin is not used anymore, the Kahar carry water for upper castes for weddings, funerals and grow water nuts in ponds and lakes.


This large community is distributed throughout the North Indian states of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Delhi, Rajasthan and West Bengal and the union territory of Dadra and Nagar Haveli. In Uttar Pradesh, they number more than 3.5 million. They are also found in the remote northeastern state of Tripura.


One anthropologist observes about them, “they are a large cultivating and palanquin-bearing caste of Bihar…the Brahminical genealogists represent the Kahar as a mixed caste descended from a Brahmin (highest priestly caste) father and a Nishada (hunter) or Chandala (cremator) mother, but it seems more likely that they are a remnant of one of the primitive races who occupied the valley of the Ganges before the incursion of the Aryans.”

Those living in Rajasthan and Delhi prefer to be called Kashyap Rajput. They claim ancestry from the Kashyap Rajput of Rajasthan who, in turn, believe that they have originated from the divine sage Kashyap, one of the ten sons of the god Brahma, creator in the Hindu trinity. However, this claim of descent from the Rajput – the second highest Hindu caste of warriors – is obscure, and the rest of society places them somewhere in the middle of Indian social hierarchy.

Those living in Bihar, West Bengal and Tripura claim their descent from the mythical king Jarasandh of Magadh, which is the ancient name of Bihar. According to Risley, the name ‘Kahar’ is derived from the Hindi words kandha (shoulder) and bhar (burden), and denotes ‘one who bears burdens on his shoulders’, pointing to their traditional occupation of palanquin bearing. Another version states that their community name is derived from the Hindi words, kandha (shoulder) and ahar (food), meaning, ‘earning of livelihood by the shoulder’ – another description of their traditional occupation.


In Bihar these people are also known as Ravani, Ramani, Kamkar or Chandrabansi and speak the Indo-Aryan tongue of Magahi. In Uttar Pradesh they are known as Dhimar and use the Indo-Aryan language, Bhojpuri. In Rajasthan they are called Mehra and speak Shekhawati and Marwari. In Dadra and Nagar Haveli, where they speak Gujarati, they are known as Raj Bhoi. The Kahar synonym in West Bengal is ‘Kahal’. There they speak Bengali. Almost all the Kahar speak Hindi along with their native tongue.

What Are Their Lives Like?

The Kahar are farmers and are engaged in small businesses – restaurants, fabric shops, fruit and egg stalls. They can be found working for Indian Railways, state transport corporations and state-run primary schools. They also work as rickshaw-pullers, carpenters, basket weavers, boatmen and fishermen. In Dadra and Nagar Haveli, they primarily sell fish.

There are some professionals and politicians among them. The women are employed as domestic helpers and agricultural labourers. Women from Rajasthan and Tripura make baskets of mulberry sticks or bamboo.

Child labour is prevalent. In Bengal, the children work as cowherds and servants on annual contract, while in Delhi the poorer Kahar send their sons to work at tea stalls, motor garages or factories. Daughters assist their mothers in cleaning dishes for others.

The Kahar eat meat except pork and beef as it is forbidden by Hinduism. Their diet consists of rice, wheat, lentils, vegetables and fruit, as well as milk and dairy products. Most men smoke bidis (dried and rolled tendu leaves) and cigarettes. Both men and women chew tobacco. Alcoholic beverages are accepted mainly by the men folk.

The Kahar people approve of formal education for their children and a majority study to tertiary levels. Modern medicine, immunization and family planning programmes are well received. They utilise the facilities provided by government-sponsored development programmes such as those assisting them in self-employment.

The Kahar community has many subgroups and clans. In Uttar Pradesh, there are four subgroups, namely Kharwar, Batham, Rawani and Jaiswar and other clans like Kashyap and Madgolla; in Rajasthan there are three subgroups, namely Budana, Turaha and Mahara, and eighty-four clans. As a rule they, they observe endogamy at the community and subgroup levels and exogamy at clan level. Increasingly, inter-subgroup marriages are also being practiced.


Both child and adult marriages are considered acceptable, though adult marriages are becoming popular. Marriages are arranged by negotiation among parents and elders, and in very few cases (mostly in cities) it is by mutual consent of the couple. Monogamy is common though polygamy is allowed in some cases. Junior levirate and junior sororate are practiced and preferred if such a match is available.

Vermilion, glass or lac bangles and toe-rings are symbols of marriage which are strictly observed. Divorce is permitted as are remarriage for widows, widowers and divorcees.

The community lives in extended families. Property is inherited by males and is equally divided among the sons; the eldest son succeeds as head of the household.

Although the Kahar women have a secondary status to the men, they help out in the fields and animal husbandry by collecting fuel, fodder and water and managing all of the household chores. They also contribute directly to the family income and have an active role in social, ritual and religious spheres. Folksongs are sung by men and women separately during festive occasions.

The Kahar have community councils that function at various levels. In Bihar they are called panchayats and are headed by a council chief. In Rajasthan these councils have been transformed into temple organisations with a president, vice president and treasurer as their office bearers. If there is any violation of community norms, a meeting is held in the temple courtyard and corrective measures decided upon. In Rajasthan, a number of similar communities, including the Kahar, have formed an umbrella organisation called Kashyap Nishad Samaj to form a united front for their welfare and progress. In Dadra and Nagar Haveli there is the Kahar Samaj which exercises social control at the village level and is headed by a chief elected by vote. Delhi has an ad hoc council of elderly persons that has replaced a strong caste council.

What Are Their Beliefs?

The Kahar’s religion is Hinduism. They worship the gods and goddesses of Hinduism like Shiva (Destroyer in the Hindu trinity), Vishnu (Preserver), Lakshmi (goddess of wealth and Vishnu’s wife), Kali and other regional and local deities. In Bihar they worship Vishnupad, Mangalagouri, Kalesari Devi and Dhakarni Mai, as their regional deities, while Manasa Devi, a regional goddess associated with snakes, is very popular, especially among the Kahar of Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal. In Dadra and Nagar Haveli, Gotrej is their clan deity while Amba Mata is the village deity. The Kahar of Delhi have great reverence for Sant Kalu Baba (Saint Black Father) whose birthday they celebrate yearly.

In Rajasthan, Rani Sati (Queen Virtuous, who immolated herself on her husband’s funeral pyre), Sakhambari Devi, Jeen Mata, Jobner Ki Mata and Bheru Deo are worshipped. Here the Kahar have constructed many temples dedicated to Balaji, Hanuman (monkey god) and Shiva. Tomb shrines of Muslim saints are also venerated. A few Kahar have joined Guru-dominated sects like the Arya Samaj and Radhasoami that lay stress on pious and simple living to achieve salvation.

The Kahar celebrate all major Hindu festivals like Maha Sivaratri (Great Night of Shiva), Janamashtami (Krishna’s birthday), Holi (festival of colours), and Navratri. This is a nine-day-long festival connected with the autumnal equinox during many rituals are performed.

The Kahar seek the services of Brahmin priests for their birth, marriage and death rituals. They cremate their dead and immerse their ashes in a river, preferably the Ganges which is considered to be holy. Animal sacrifices and ancestor worship are also prevalent.

They are deeply religious, seeking salvation through the worship of many gods, goddesses, worship at shrines and temples, offer blood sacrifices, worship of ancestors, pilgrimages and even in their guru-dominated sects or the rituals of the Muslim Kahar, their lives are spent in service as a means of finding peace and freedom from fear.



  1. This is not totally fact in article.kahar never eat meat and drink alcoholic drinks.

    • have you read a book on (kahar,mehra , keer, kayshap,nisshad,matsy samaj ) and title of that book is jal sanskriti ke pathik. That is written by ”Dr. Ratan lal Mehra” (R.E.S.) if you not read this book yet then contact me on this no. 9928581319.

      • Sir like to whether Mahars belong to kahar community or relations can be possible in between these subcastes…

  2. who are jaiswar kahar

    • Jaiswar are harijan & kahar caste is different. In critical condition due to harashment of Non Indian Arya, these two caste ( Jaiswar & kahar ) came under one roof and known further as jaiswar kahar.

      • Not every jaiswar is a harijan ! collect some knowledge first. Real Jaiswars are Chandravanshi Bhati Rajputs. Rawal Jaisal Dev who was a Jaiswar himself, established the city of Jaisalmer. The harijans you are talking about are the ones who were considered untouchables, who very proudly use the title jaiswar so there name sounds good. Real Jaiswars are proud thakurs !

      • it is absolutely Right

  3. My grand-father was from Puntamba, Taluka-Kopergaon, Maharashtra. I am a Doctor,M.D.(Medicine) & now pracficing at Aurangabad, Maharashtra. I belong to Hindu-Kahar. i want to know status of Kahar Samaj in Maharashtra, in all respects….or would like to work in that direction….. Like facts are known in the states of U.P.,M.P.,Gujarat, etc.

    • Hello durgesh sir,
      Nice to see our community discussion forum I Manish Batham basically belong from gwalior(M.P).
      In M.P our caste called by many name like Batham (Gwalior,bhopal,kashyap,Majhi,Manjhi),Raikwar,kashyap,bhoi,majhi,manjhi(Indore).

      • Dear Sir,
        It is fact that same caste name or surname is used for different caste in different state of India, but one thing is common that it remains in same category SC/ ST, some time it changes from SC to ST and wiseversa.
        In fact in Maharashtra several surname is common in Lower and upper caste.

        • Dear sir,
          My gotra is keer my grandfather told me that his grandfather alone has migrated from rajasthan i dont know the exact place , and he was married to a harijan girl and make him ghar jamai.
          From then we are considering as harijan , sir how can we come out of this stupidity I want to correct my ancestors mistake

          Vikas keer

          • Dear Vikas keer,
            Do you know that before caste system all were same thete caste system is created before about 1800 years to separate all indian origin ‘Sudras’. please note that all lower caste whether they are open, OBC, SC, ST even 95% of minorities all are sudras. please do not limit your self. now days all Indian origin are coming under one roof and you are saying stupid? please and see where the world is going. I think you need more historical reading. Do not worry initiate now you shall realised your correction. Plese read few line as below and tell to other in your society(Caste) please

            Mulnivasis-Who and How? Some Sanskrit literature of Arya Brahmins, that is available today makes mention of some important aspects, related to Mulnivasis. According to this literature, in the ancient period there was heavy struggle between the Aryas and the Mulnivasis. This struggle is described in the Sanskrit literature. The terminology used for the Mulnivasis is Anarya, Dass, Dasyu, Asur, Rakshas, Ravan and Naga. These were the names given by Aryan invaders to the Mulnivasis. These are not praise-worthy names, but were used to abuse and condemn them. Therefore, it is now proved that these Anarya, Dass, Dasyu, Asura, Rakshas and Danav are the original inhabitants of this country, who, are now referred in the constitution as Scheduled Castes and convert from them to religious minorities. How can we say that these people are Mulnivasis? This question can be answered in many ways and many reasons can be given, to call these people as Mulnivasis. One, these people were made untouchables and were driven out from the public life and were forced to live a wretched life of animals. The Second section of the Mulnivasis are tribal people, who were forced to live in jungles and hills. Thus we can see that the Scheduled Castes are not Hindus, because they do not observe religious customs of Arya Brahmins. Arya-Brahmins call them Hindus, but have not granted them any rights of Hindus. Hindu code bill was not applicable to the Scheduled Castes. Thus there is no similarity of conduct, thoughts, faith, belief, customs, religious tradition, language and way of life between Arya-Brahmins and Scheduled Castes / Scheduled Tribes. The third big section, whom we call, Other Backward Class(OBC) is also Mulnivasis, because they have been deprived the right of holding power, acquiring property and possessing weapons(As per manusmruti). When these O.B.C. accepted the domination of Arya-Brahmins they granted them religious rights of Hindus, but adopted Puranic system for them, instead of Vedic system. From this, it is proved that this class is not Vedic. We can see that when rights were granted to O.B.C’s as per Mandal Commission, the Arya-Brahmins opposed it most. They tried to hatch a conspiracy against the objectives of the Mandal Commission and were successful in that. From these SCs, STs and OBCs, who are the Mulnivasis have become Sikhs, Buddhists, Christians and Muslims. It means the 95% people of minorities are from this Mulnivasie castes. Arya-Brahmins call them foreigners, especially Muslims. Muslims are not foreigners, but are original inhabitants of this country. Thus we all are Mulnivasis. This is proved fact. Struggle for liberation of Mulnivasis When freedom struggle of our country was going on, we were dual slaves. The Arya Brahmins were slaves of British people and we, Mulnivasis (original inhabitants) were the slaves of the system established by them, in which we were made slaves, socially , culturally and religiously. On 15th Aug. 1947, these Arya-Brahmins got freedom and became the masters and rulers of the country. And we, who were the slaves of the slaves are still slaves of these Arya-Brahmins. On 15th Aug. 1947, the country got the freedom, but the people of the country did not get this freedom. Only Arya brahmins got freedom and we, Mulnivasis are still their slaves. Therefore, it is necessary to launch the struggle for the liberation of the Mulnivasis. Pride of the caste is the reason of our slavery and caste are invented by Arya Brahmins, through which they divided the Mulnivasis into 6000 small groups and perpetuated this division into them. Every caste is having its own caste people and there is ladder of high and low, based on graded inequality among these castes, they keep on fighting among themselves, instead of uniting themselves to fight against the common enemy. The Arya-Brahmins encourage and sponsor this fight. Because of this constant division of Mulnivasis of the country, they have become unfit for the resistance. Along with this, another important aspect is that these Mulnivasis were prohibited from taking education, possessing weapons and acquiring property. Because of this, they became helpless, and hopeless and came to depend upon Arya-Brahmins. The brahmins took advantage of this dependency and made the Mulnivasis, slaves. When they were made slaves under Brahminical system, they could not save the independence of their country and along with them, India, their motherland also became slave. Therefore, it is necessary to liberate the Mulnivasis and their motherland. It is necessary to free them from the system. Hence to achieve the objective of “Change of System” and to free the country from Arya-Brahmins, it has become necessary to launch the movement of their liberation of the Mulnivasis. Point of view based on Social system From the view point based on system, it can be seen that the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Other Backward Classes and Minorities are victims of the brahminical system. Therefore Mahatma Jyotirao Phule, Periyar Ramaswami and Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar have fixed the objective of their movements to change this social System of inequality. Therefore those who are suffering from this Social System, can only take active part in the movement of change of System. This is quite natural. There is no point in organising those communities, who were benefited by the System. Thus for changing the System of inequality, it is necessary to organise those communities, who were victims of the system, Therefore the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Other Backward classes and Minorities are being organised. Aryan Brahmins are foreigners If Scheduled castes, Scheduled Tribes, Other Backward Class and the minorities converted from them, who have been divided into 6000 castes, are the Mulnivasis of this country, then who are foreigners? We must find out an answer to this question. There is not much difference of opinion among historians on this point, that Aryans are foreigners. The only difference of opinion is on the issue of the country of their origin

          • Dear sir,
            thanks for your valuable suggestion



  4. Hey I am Aman, my ancestor migrate from U.P to Gujarat

    Can you tell me more about our caste in GJ.

    I read the entire article and i think that i have found one mistake, you said that kahar is a primitive race settled in the country before the aryen invasion. And you also said that the kahar From bihar are originated from the king of magadh, but this king was an aryen no ?

    is kahar an autochtone race or are kahar descendent from indo-aryen ?

  5. Hallo,
    I am Phool chand Keer belong to Kahar samaj. I am at present PA toChairman, Rajasthan Gramin Bank, H.O.Alwar(Raj.) I am Originally from Village Sarwar Distt. Ajmer (Raj.)

    Keer, Kahar, Mehra & Kashyap samaj count in OBC category in Rajasthan state but we are too backward because we are not aware about Boy/Girl education after 60 year of freedom. Our samaj is very laborious & honest but we have not any Godfather in Politics and Higher services. Only reason for this lake is education.

    I have to say wealthy & prosperous samaj bandhus, they help & cooperation to upgrade our samaj for education. Without education we are alone in race of development * progress.

    Phool Chand

    • I belong to the caste Kahar (Kharwar) gotra: kashyap, from UP.I want to know status & ranking of this cast in india and UP, bihar & Delhi on the basis of their living standard. . Tell me also what is the rank/ status/ category in bihar, up, & delhi among the all SC/ST/ OBC..which category.
      I want to know updates of this cast. please……

      • respected Madam,
        I think you are realy interested and want to know about our social condition and History.
        Depending on social/economy/political and Education condition, kahar may belong to sc/st or OBC in different state, but it is trueth that they are sudras, poor and backward every where.
        For more historical details Join BAMCEF ( Bharat mukti morcha or mulnivasi sangathan) in your nearby area or visit to http://www.bamcef.org
        Your good wisher
        R Kori

        • dear sir,
          thanks for your reply but I want more information of present, my mother tell we are kahar khawar rajput, kashyap gotra, some people tell we are obc & other st, but m so confuse then please give me all detail

          thank regards

          • respected Madam,
            Please go through your living state government webside which gives details of SC/ST/OBC list, you can findout the catogary declared in that state. Each state have such list.

          • Dear Preeti ji,
            first of all u note down that, u r not kahar, n ur gotra is not kashyap.
            kashyap Gotra name is of Brahmins not of others.
            u r moolniwasi, ur gotra name is Kharwal means Kharaha (wild rabbit), and also u r not hindu.

  6. this is wrong fact that The Kahar eat meat except pork and beef as it is forbidden by Hinduism.

  7. kahar caste is rock star

  8. I see a wide prospect of uplifting this samaj by binding all the 15 community together from all parts of india
    1. Dhuriya
    2. Godiya or Gond
    3. Dhinwar or Dhimar
    4. Batham
    5. Gharuk
    6. Bot
    7. Jaiswar
    8. Kamkar
    9. Kharwar
    10. Mahar
    11. Mallah
    12. Rawani
    13. Singhariya
    14. Turai

    • Dear Sarad Ji,
      Plz note that, Gond, Dhuriya and Kharwar are not Kahar, Gond is separate caste which is belonging to Scheduled Tribes (ST) and Dhuriya is its sub caste or synonym caste. kharwar is also a separate caste which is also belonging to tribal community, plz don’t misguide to people.
      apna itihas khojiye, sb kuchh mil jayega, lekin Brahmino k likhe ved purano k aadhar k sath nahi, apitu moolniwasiyo k aadhar pr coz we r not Hindu, the brahmin community is only belonging to Hinduism. plz search ur History.

    • Dear sir,
      For more historical details Join BAMCEF in your nearby area or visit to http://www.bamcef.org
      Your good wisher
      R R Kori

    • Dear sir, I live in west Bengal in Jalpaiguri District and belong to kahar community

  9. chandrabanshi link with indovally civilization 25 or more subcaste lives in diffrent state of all over india

  10. Information available on site is very very useful and every person belonging to Kahar community must read it.

  11. Dear ALL

    position of ‘KAHAR’ samaj in rajasthan is very weak. although there is sufficient population in rajasthan. but there is no facility by the government. persons do majduri or beldari. they does not have any agriculter land.yet they are expert in cultivation.For your knowledge the ‘KAHAR’ community is only the community in whole world who can grow crops in water(water- nut) .second the only one and first community which started organic crops. although the kahar have large abilities. but they did not have his own ponds.

  12. can any one tell me whether KAHAR or SC/ST

    • Dear sunil kumar ji

      This matter is under controversial stage, some state are giving the status to Kahar as ST and some state OBC based on their population census. for example Maharashtra state is notified kahar community in NT ( Nomadic Tribe )

    • OBC

  13. can anyone tell me where do i get more information on kaibarta/keot community of bihar


  14. this a good forum , i appreciate the efforts, I am Dr. M.K.Tomar Sec. General Natio9nal Association of Fishermen rgtd at Delhi .Dr GK Bhanji is the Chaiman of the Association. We raised the voice of Nishads and kahars at highest level with our own rfforts but have not got proper response form Government due to lack of unity. All our people are very opportunistic ,if come to our association for getting name and fame then land up in politics causing them to drift away and parish in the political parties.
    I would like to warn you that if unity comes to this samaj then do not allow any politician to join .
    Thanks and regards God Bless you

  15. I thank to all the reader who have given their valuable guidance in this forum. I also belong to this community and staying Ambarnath near Mumbai and working as PA to Addl General Manager in Ordnance Factory Ambarnath. I would like to attend the conference/ meeting regarding development of this community if any orgainsed by the our community at any where in our country. thanks.

  16. hats off to you all…

    i also belong to this clan…my native place is Ara(Bihar). .. i am a social science researcher here in centre for advanced study,ugc…and exploring hidden aspects of our tradition..and i am a writer and a social activist too…i was in jnu and also worked for various social organization…i felt that ..a class consciousness is lacking in our community..ppls who are in higher jobs are hiding themselves…which is acting like a hurdle for us…those community members who are in delhi…invited for a talk…just leave a message on my email id..i will contact u asap…


  17. Dear,First of all I would like to Thank Mr.Arvind who has send me this link.I am very proud of being a member of Chandravanshi Kahar.I am from Jharkhand.we are devided into 14 Sub-cast it is painful. Please avail more and more information about kahars.

  18. Very nice, Bahut kuchh janane ko mila. Thanks a lot.

  19. thanks for the information about kahar cast,
    but,I want to know more information,like political,social,economical,land educational, statue in kahar cast. ( current)



    • Our position is just like “A DROP OF WATER IN OCEAN.

      Phool Chand Keer
      PA to Chairman
      Rajasthan Gramin Bank,
      HO, Alwar (Raj.)

  20. I am so glad to have to this site . I am from South Africa and i am trying to trace my roots in India. My great -grandfather and great grandmother left India as indentured laboures in the late 1800’s . I great grandmother was from the kahar caste. To complicate matters even further ,they left india with Hindu names and somewhere along the in South Africa reverted to Islam. I would so deraly love to find out if there are any relatives still alive in India. i have some information of of them arriving in South Africa .

    I would really appreciate it if some one can assist in how to get in touch with some one from a certain village and who to speak to as well. Please help! This is really important for me and my family.

    great grandmothers information:
    Caste Zillah Thanna Village

    great grandfathers information

    Caste Zillah Thanna Village

    If anyone has information of how i can go about searching for my ancestors ,please e-mail me on [email protected]

    I thank you in advance .

  21. Hi,
    I am very happy to have this community. I am staying in mumbai and working as a Executive – IT (Information technology) in Janalakshmi bank. Pls let me know if any meetings will be conducted by community.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Chandresh Dhuria

    • Dear Dhuriya,
      You are not Kahar, u r sub caste of or synonym caste of Gond tribe, plz consult government orders, The Gazetteer of India of respected state.
      apna itihaas khojiye, apne ko sahi janiye, aap is dharti k mool niwasi h, yadi swayam ki khoj na kr payen to Akhil Bharatvarshiy Gond Mahasabh Shakha Allahabad se sampark kare, sb kuch bataya jayega aap ko.
      Jai sewa.

      • dharmendra ji, i find you very much in favor of government papers.. par apko btana chahungi ki sarkaar ya court oders evidences pe diye jate hain. zaruri nahi ki unka sarokar satya se ho. ap btaiye kahar kaun hai ya gond kaun hai ya jaiswar kaun hai…iski satyta kaise paramanit hogi.? ham jaiswar hain or abhi tak jitna yaad kiya ja skta hai uske mutabik hm 10 peedhiyon se thakur hain. to kya agr govrn. ne order dia h ki jaiswar chamar hain to kya hm chamar ho jaenge.? govrn. k order krne se hmare dada thakur ya pardada thakur ki thakuraiti khtm ho jaegi kya? koi b aj singh title laga raha hai..to uska mtlb wo rajput hogya kya.? kindly government decisions ko samajik taur tareeko se na jode..government to sirf sc st obc me sbko mix and match kr k apna kaam asan kr rhi h.

    • I feel very shy and humilated on being exposed.That is why I am always frightened, even my children do not know the reality. How to get rid of this problem,i feel socially very isolated for this reason.

      19/8/2014 Delhi

  22. I would like to organise a kahar community introductory meeting in Mumbai or any other suitable place. Please suggest me or propose the venue/place of the meeting which would be convenient for all.

  23. Hi
    I am very happy to have this community.I am staying in varanasi and working as a manager in I.S.computer&electronics digree college vns.please let me know if any meetings will be conducted by community.

    indrasen varma

    • varma ji kripya apna no ya mail id post karen

  24. I belong to the caste Kahar (Rawani) and leave gaya. I want to know total population of this caste in India and Bihar& Jharkhand. I want to also know present status & ranking of this cast in india and bihar & jharkhand on the basis of their leaving standard. . Tell me also what is the rank/ status in bihar among the all backward caste.
    I want to know updates of this cast.


  25. I belong to the caste Kahar (Rawani) and live at gaya. I want to know total population of this caste in India and Bihar & Jharkhand. I want to also know present status & ranking of this cast in india and bihar & jharkhand on the basis of their living standard. . Tell me also what is the rank/ status in bihar among the all backward caste.
    I want to know updates of this cast.


  26. i frinds i am bhawani shankar mehra
    addresh ,, vil kaharo ki dhani
    post . bajor
    dist , sikar

  27. hi… frinds i am bhawani shankar mehra from bajor sikar (rajasthan) sikar me kahar samaj bahut badi sankhaya mai rahata hai , (my gotra is PINDWAL) . i am complited my b.com from rajsthan university jaipur . i am 20 year. my contact no : 9660753189

  28. hello sir please tell about kahar samaj in hyderbad. i am kishan lal kahaar s/o amba lal from hydrabad

  29. Hi
    Myself Dr Dinesh Mehra 25 from Jaipur.
    it is correct that we r progressing but the rate of progress is too slow.
    we have sufficient population but most r illiterate that’s the reason we r so backward.
    we have no higher authority in politics
    we are categorized under Obc class in north India Bihar Gujarati
    we r very honest n laborious but still we don’t have any IAS in Rajasthan n Delhi
    n we hardly have any three or four Doctors in Rajasthan n same condition in Delhi .
    education level
    Rajasthan 50-60%
    Delhi n punjab 65-70%
    way behind national average
    Hope we will be on d path of success soon
    for any suggestions n query
    [email protected]

  30. I am in this comunity and i am proud of it, I want to join with all persons of this comunity all over India.

  31. Hi,

    First of all I would like to say that I am very much surprise to see so many response to the blog also very sorry to response late to the blog…

    Thanks to Mr.Ramkumar kori, Mr. Vikas keer, Mr.Phool chand keer,Mr.Rakesh mehta,Dr. M K Tomar,Mr.Arvind,Mr.Ashok Ram,Dr.Dinesh Mehra and ol of u here respected Sir…

    Im Dev from Bihar…nw servcing ma motherland as a soldier…m belong 2 Chandravansi Kahar community…

    In ma view…”We were the traditional palanquin bearers…However,Over the years we have moved to newer professions…Legends trace our ancestry to the moon god…hence the surname “Chandravansi”…through nation to North India…We have moved out and settled in other regions of India…


    Knw more abt this community plz click…http://chandravansi.saveramedia.com

  32. dear Dev Chandravansi,
    i m feeling very proud that you are serving for our motherland, unfortunately i did get opportunity to become soldier for our motherland , still i m serving to society with my profession, serving for my patients,
    nice to hear from you that you fell proud about Magadha emporers , Samrat Jarasandh attacked 17 times on Mathura, because of which Krishna ran away from Mathura to Dwarka, want to know more about Jarasandha as at some places he is described as anarya.
    i also feels proud about Magadha, kings from Magadha spread our motherland india ‘s boundries to the greatest geographical area , magagha gave religuos kings like Ashoka , Magadha gave shelter to great Indian philosophers like Mahavir and Budhha,who opposed bramins vedas and its karmakand, Magadha serving our motherland since very ancient time.it was the Magadha to only whom aryan-brahmins were used to afraid.
    you are also so lucky got birth in that PAVITRA BHOOMI .
    Im very impressed with Mahavira and Budhha’s philosophy and i m one the follower of Budhha
    keep in touch with me dude, I m also want to do something for our community.

    • Respected dr. sunil sir please add me on facebook by the name of raj chandrabansi

  33. kahar is the truthful & reliable caste

  34. kahar people can marry musilm girls?

  35. This is a very nice platform of adjoining our society. I belong to KAHAR Samaj also, but I do not describe anyone to it becoz of my unknownness and social thougt. I belong to punjab and live in Rajasthan where I present myself as Punjabi. So no one ask further for caste etc. Here in Rajasthan whenever we meet someone, He/She surely ask for caste, And after knowing it they behave accordingly. And Kahar is known as lower caste, as I feel here. So it is necesary to enhance our samaj and its thought. And the people who are in very well condition in financially or politically of kahar samaj are requested to accept themselves in kahar samaj, not hide their caste or subcaste. But help to enhance the kahar samaj…………………………… Thanks To All.

  36. Ek aadmi do jati ka kaise ho sakta hai ? Bihar ka Kahar apne aap ko Jarasandh ka wanshaj batata hai aur apna jati me kahar ke jagah chandrawanshi likhta hai, Jarasandh ek Chandrawanshi Kshatri the to Bihar me kahar kahe jane wale log bhi kahar na hokar Chandrawanshi Kshatri huwe lekin yaha ke log dono jati Kahar aur Chandrawanshi Kshatri ka samay ke anusar use krte hai

    • ekdam sahi mere bhai we belong to chandravansi kshatria aur jarasandh hamare wanshaj huye. parantu jarasand ke saheed hone ke baad chandravansiyo ki sakhti kamjor hone lagi aur sekdo saal baad dusare wansh ka sasan magadh par ho gaya. unki aadhinta na savikarne ke karan chadravansiyo se tarah tarah ke karya leye jate the is karan inhe kahar kaha jane laga par hum log chandravansi kshatria aur jarasandh hamare wanshaj hai.and we proud for our community. jarasandh maharaj ki jai ho aur chandravansi samaj ki jai ho.

      • pura mahabharat chandrawanshi kshatriyo ke dawara ladi gai aur chandrawanshi kshatriya pure bharat me hai, fir ek kahar apne aap ko jarasandh ke wansh se jod kr kahar kyo bolta hai jabki jarasandh ek kshatriya the, Jo chandrawanshi kshatriya apne aap ko kshatriya batata hai, wose kahar log kahte hai ki ye apni jati chhipata hai, jabki din aur raat ki tarah kahar aur kshatriya samaj me do alag-alag jati hai, ser hamesa ser hota hai chahe wo jangal me rhe ya chidiyaghar me……….fir ek kahar, kshatriya aur ek kshatriya, kahar kaise ho sakta hai………

  37. Dear sirs I am very happy when read delails about our community. Basically I am belong from nalanda bihar now leaving bilaspur chhattisgarh.

  38. tell me about Singhariya is it in kahar

  39. can kashyap be rajput or not?

  40. I am krishna kumar s/o late niranjan ram ranchi jharkhand

  41. Hi all,

    Iam Suraj Jathapi from Indore,its very good to see that people from our community are now coming forward and expressing their views particularly they are open to tell which group/community/caste they belong to…Here i know few of them who basically belong to KAHAR community but they have changed their social staus to RAJPUTS due to social stigma which is very painful to hear…

    Can any one provide the details of CHANDRAVANSHI KAHAR community as to what are the other Names and Tittle they keep also please let me know what is the exact TITLE for us (CHANDRAVANSHI KAHAR ) as a SURNAME…because i find many different titles like..Singh…Prasad..Sharma…etc

    Would feel happy to know if some one can provide correct and trusted details so that we can pass this valuable information to other members.Dear Friends ,intern-ate is the best communication thing ,i am really thankful to all for comments about our community ,i really proud to be from chandravanshi community,but i am little up-sad when i seeing the people of our community ,there is lots of improvement needed in our community in comparison of others,i founded that lots of educated & rich families are still hiding there identification,i want to say than pls donnt do this help the community ,pls come in front as a key leader my basic point of view is not to debate about the status of our community but weather people are rich or poor but bring those fundamentally and economically strong people together to help our needy people. Help can be in form of providing better livings ,jobs , business ideas, getting benefits from govt., marriages ,social etc.

    To make this thing come true we have to come unity.

    Thanks & Regards
    Suraj Jathapi
    Lafarge Cement India Ltd
    Shambhupura Unit (Rajasthan)
    Email: [email protected] /[email protected]
    Mobile: +91-9039300289

    Thanks and Regards,


  43. Kashyap Rajput is a community which is found mainly in Haryana, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Rajasthan in India. Many members of this community have migrated from India to Canada, USA, Australia and European countries. The Kashyap Rajputs are descendants of ancient Hindu and Indo-Aryan, with some converting to Sikhism and a few others to Islam during the Mughal period. The Rajputs from the Kashyap clan were the most trusted by kings, with whom they would travel as confidants and personal guards. .Rajputs of Kashyap belong to the branches of Suryavansh, Chandravansh, Raghuvansh, Nagvansh and Nimivansh. so please do not thnk that we are some lower caste . kashyap rajputs are high caste having roots joined with rajputs.

  44. Dear friends , very warm good morning to all of you, Because Iam very new to this blog
    I belongs to chandervansi samaj , after reading lots of things here , I want to know whether the pandav (in mahabharat) are chandervansi , and about krishan if he is also a chandervansi than why people said that he is from yaduvvansi , and maharaja kans and jarashant if all of they are chandervansi than why they fight with krishna and pandav .
    further more i also visted BAMSEF where they say JAI BHIM , who is Bhim is he of mahabharat or they give respect to RESPECTED BABASHEB BHIMRAO kindly clarify this things . Somewhere I had studyed that use of RATH in ancient war like Mahabharat and ramayan was started by aryans is it true or our great ancestor also known about these techniques of Rath and DIVYASTAR . kindly reply I want to know more.

  45. Hi I m prakunj. In Bihar there is a problem in our caste.people of our caste is hidding there identity and used surname Singh prasad Verna etc.my father surname is also Singh. And second big problem is marriage of girl. How to find a groom in our caste becose people are hidding themselves. I remove the surname Singh and used kumar . I m in central gov job. My phn no is 9250045489.

  46. Hi………..
    this is amit and i belong to Nalanda dist from bihar

  47. namaskar sabhi bhayiyonko,

    mera nam muttesh.mai karnatak dist-haveri savanur ka rahane wala hoon.
    mera mother tounge kannada hai.mai ne bhovi (maharastra me bhoi) caste ka hoon.maine caste ke bare me internet per khoj kiyatho kahar samaj se rajbhoi samaj se sambandh julthimilthi hai.hamara traditionally occupation palanquin bearing hai.karnatak me hamare caste sangatith nahi hai,aur karnatak me bahuth kum logh hamari caste ka logh hai.karnatak me bhovi surname se humko janatha hai.maine internet per khoj kiya tho bhoi shabd sahi lag raha hai. bhayiyo muje ek clarificatin chahiye tha……….bhoi(karnatak me BHOVI ) kahar samaj ek hai….or nahi……muje jarur bathayiye……………idhar karnatak me kahar samaj ke bandhuvo ne rajput se janatha hai.aur muje bhoi aur kahar samaj kaise judathe hai bathayiye……….facebook per mera profile name MUTTESH BOVI…….

  48. vHkh gky esa Ykksd lHkk pquko&2014 esa d”;i&fu”kkn eka>h lekt
    ds fot;h gq, tuizfrfuf/k;ksa ds uke o izkUrA

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    1-Jh /kesZUnz dqekj d’;i vkWaoyk&mRrj izns”k Hkk0t0ik0
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    vkfnoklh lhV ls yksd lHkk&-2014 esa fofHkUu izkUrksa@’kgjksa ls
    fuokZfpr gq, gSA

    Note- Above list Winner MP-2014 ( Yeh Hindi font mai hai)

  49. Recently Lok Sabha-2014 Winner MP, Different Seat in India.
    ( Kashyap-Nishad Majhee ke Winner MP)

    Name of Janpratinidhi
    Winner Party
    Sh.Dharmendra Kr.Kashyap
    Aavala -UP
    Shadhvi Niranjan Jyoti Kashyap
    Sh.Veerendra Kashyap
    ,,Dinesh Kashyap (ST-Seat)
    ,,Ram Charitra Nishad (SC-Seat)
    ,,Ajay Nishad
    ,,Hari Majhee SC-Seat
    ,,Balvendra Majhee
    Biju Janta Dal
    ,, Har Narayan Rajbhar
    ,,Chhote lal Kharwar (SC-Seat)
    ,, Faggan Singh kulste (ST-Seat)
    ,,Dileep Singh Bhuria (ST-Seat)
    ,,Bahadur Singh Koli (SC-Seat)
    ,,Kanwar Singh Tanwar

  50. इस जानकारी के लिए बहुत अधिक धन्यवाद | आशा करता हूँ की भविष्य में भी इसी प्रकार की जानकारी से हमारे समाज को अवगत कराते रहेंगे |

    एक बार फिर धन्यवाद |

    • i am an advocate i became very much delighted to know about my the information regarding my case. Thanks N.K.Singh West Bengal

  51. I am tarkeshwar prasad from ranchi

  52. IN Madhya pradesh what is raikwar caste

  53. thanku so much for this today i know what i am nd my caste

  54. Kahaar samaaj ek ho

    • Goud r u khar

  55. google par ekta dikhane ke liya thanks

  56. kahars have come a long way from the forbidden days of palanquin bearers…and hope to inch mightier heights in future…we just need to be together…

  57. Thanks for introducing our kashyap community on web. Our kashyap cast is most ancient and 2nd highest cast of all. We went to backward due to lack of education. So education is great vapon to be leader in society.
    Dr.Ashok kashyap, Asst. Professor, Etawah, U.P.

  58. I am Rakesh Kumar working as a Junior Engineer in UPPCL and proud myself being in Kahar Chandravansi Communiy.

  59. I am very happy to join group. Before join I have no idea about chandravashi caste. But now I got information. Thanks for provide information …

  60. Namaste,I am so happy to know more about our caste.

  61. i am medical officer with ministry of home from chandravanshi kahar community, basically from educated family and good family background, looking for bride from same community,7677055507 contact number

  62. can anyone tell kahar in UP are OBC or SC

    • Obc

    • Obc

    • Obc

    • Obc

  63. Hi m mukund

  64. Thanks, proud to be kahar

  65. good to know about the kahar caste on the internet ,

  66. see details about kahar :abknamindia.cfsites.org/

  67. i am kahar

  68. Kahar is also known as chandravanshi in the bihar gazette and india gazette.

    Thanks to everybody kahar samaj.

  69. Hi,iam p.c.raman belongs to biharsharif(nalanda)bihar.in bihargov.kahar in obc(bc-1)

  70. I belong to the caste Kahar (Chandrawanshi) and leave patna. I want to know total population of this caste in India and Bihar& Jharkhand. I want to also know present status & ranking of this cast in india and bihar & jharkhand on the basis of their leaving standard. . Tell me also what is the rank/ status in bihar among the all backward caste.
    I want to know updates of this cast.

    Thanks & Regards
    Rakesh kumar chandrawanshi

  71. I am University Professor cum chief scientist in Bihar Agricultural University,Bihar and posted at Bihar Veterinary college ,Patna-800014

  72. listen clearly we are kahar and we are origin of jarasant……so plz delete ur article; u have written very rubish thing about us and we belong chaterya community

  73. My ancestors were having surname KAMKAR,but when we started to become educate,our surname was changed into Singh,this is conspiracy to deprived us from ST fecility,however is KAMKAR comes under S.T?is Kamkar and gone are same? Please let me know? If Kamkar is ADIVASI,shouldn’t they get nomadic tribe fecility?


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