Dalit life is excruciatingly painful, charred by experiences.  Experiences that did not manage to find room in literary creations.  We have grown up in a social order that is extremely cruel and inhuman.  Omprakash Valmiki

Who are they?

The Balmiki are one of the largest socially stigmatized Dalit groups numbering nearly 1.5 million in Uttar Pradesh alone and constitute about 16 % of India’s population.  They occupy the lowliest position of the caste system.  During the colonial period they were brought from villages to remove human excrement and clean the cities.  They became an urban community.  In time, with the introduction of septic latrines, the practice of carrying buckets of excrement on their heads is gone but they still work to clear blockages in sewers where they are half submerged in filth.  The stigma remains as they are still identified with the work they perform and considered untouchable and treated as such.  They have always been marginalized and treated as outcasts socially, economically and culturally.   Sweepers are now referred to as safai karamcharis or sanitary workers.

The Balmiki make up a cluster of communities – a few of whom are the Bhangi, Mehtar, Chuhra, Lal Beghi and Halalkhor.  They have united to form one community and claim a common origin from the saint Balmiki.  Balmiki is thought to be the first Sanskrit poet and author of the holy Hindu epic Ramayana and was brought up by a sweeper woman although he was a Brahmin (highest Hindu caste) mendicant’s son.

They were given names contrary to their position to give them dignity despite their lowly status – like Chuhra meaning beautiful and Mehtar, a Persian word meaning prince or leader.  However Bhangi, the most widely used name is a Hindi word meaning one addicted to drinking bhang (a drink made from marijuana leaves).


These communities can be found throughout the states of Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, Delhi, Gujarat, and the union territory of Chandigarh where they are locally known by various names mentioned above.

What Are Their Lives Like?

Balmiki’s are employed as sweepers in municipalities, hospitals and government offices.  Some Balmiki are engaged in agricultural or contract labour.  Pig rearing, bamboo basketry, and poultry farming are some ancillary occupations.  Some Balmiki, such as the Mehtar men of Bihar, play drums at weddings and festivals, while women are midwives.

Post-independence, the Indian government’s affirmative action policies have seen an increase of Balmiki emerge as political leaders in regional and national levels.   A prominent example is Buta Singh, from the Bhangi community in Punjab, who was an MP in parliament from the early sixties and became a Union Minister of Home Affairs.  The Balmiki who work at municipalities have formed unions to help them be treated fairly.  The Balmiki have also formed an association for their caste at a national level called the All-India Safai Mazdoor Congress with a head office in Bombay and branches in other states.  The objectives of the association are to strengthen the economic, social, educational and political status of all sweeper castes in India and to remove all social discrimination.

Literacy rates among the Balmiki are low because they cannot afford it, though they view education favorably.  In recent years, especially in urban areas like Delhi, girls are educated.  They visit doctors and use traditional medicines as well.  They have begun to value and practice family planning.  They have started to utilize the government’s developmental programs provided for Scheduled Castes.

A major problem among the Balmiki is debt.  A common saying of the Bhangi is that they are born in debt, live in debt and will die in debt.  Social customs that require money for dowries, marriages, death rites, help for extended family and poor health all contribute to debt.  Money is borrowed from a money lender at very high interest rates.  Gambling is seen as a way out of poverty that leads them further in debt.

The Balmiki have a diet that includes wheat, millet and rice.  Pork is eaten by all and beef is eaten by Gujarati Balmiki’s.  Men drink homemade alcohol and women are allowed to drink at ritual celebrations only. The Balmiki accept water and food from almost all other communities but other communities make it a point not to reciprocate.  Wherever they are, the Balmiki live in squalid, overcrowded segregated areas.


The Balmiki practice group endogamy and clan or lineage exogamy.  Vermilion in the hair parting, a dot on the forehead and toe-rings are symbols for married women. They believe in monogamy and prefer adult marriages. The custom of dowry, given as cash and goods is given by the bride’s family.  Marriages are arranged by parents and elders.  Divorce is permissible.  Women are slightly better off in comparison to other lower caste women and participate actively in religious and social activities.  Both men and women work as sweepers.

What Are Their Beliefs?

Despite the abject position they hold in the Hindu caste system and in society, the Balmikis remain Hindu.  The Balmiki worship village and regional deities along with other Hindus.  As they are considered untouchable and not permitted entry to Hindu temples, they worship at Balmiki temples.  There are some localities that allow them entry.  Shiva and saint Balmiki are revered and Balmiki Jayanti (Balmiki’s birthday) is celebrated with a procession.  They worship a mother goddess called Masani who is thought to protect children from liver failure (caused by malaria and intestinal infection).  Animal sacrifices are offered to appease Masani and Kali (goddess who wears a necklace of human skulls).  Some others are Maha Mai (great mother) and Sitala (the smallpox goddess, who is believed to have cured the disease).  The Balmiki also believe in spirits and call on a Bhagat (a person who communicates with spirits) to pacify them.  The Bhagat identifies the problem and recommends a remedy which usually involves worship, a sacrifice and an offering to be made to the spirit.  Witchcraft and evil eye have other solutions.  Vows are also made at tombs of Muslim saints.

The Balmiki have tried for centuries to free themselves from the bondage to the degrading caste system by converting to Islam and Christianity.  In the 1880s and 1890s there were large scale conversions in western Uttar Pradesh which resulted in a marginal improvement in basic dignity and some economic gain.  It did not take long before they converted back to Hinduism on being offered inducements.  For example, the Mehtar of Karnataka embraced Islam to escape the stigma associated with their caste and returned to Hinduism in order to receive the benefits extended to Scheduled Castes in newly independent India’s constitution.  In the early 1900’s a Hindu organization called Arya Samaj was active in reconverting Balmiki’s to Hinduism.

What Are Their Needs?

The Balmiki need to be given dignity and freed from centuries of discrimination.  Poverty and illiteracy has to be eradicated.  Material needs have to be balanced with emotional and spiritual growth.

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  1. I born in a bhangi comunity,and have closely seen my society .Due to grase of my mother and father we all r graduates (five brother and one sister)but we still didn’t got better jobs .Still strugling

    • Dont worry my dear. Things will defenitely change by hard work and possitive mind set. Our community needs to be sufficiently aducated about the importance of education and good values in life. We still have very thin represntation in schools and still thinner in higher education as compared to other dalit communities. I had taken to this strugle and suceeded in rising up to a considerable higher post in my organization and also bringing up my childeren with good meaningful education where one of then is an engineer and the other one is an MBA from a very prestigious institution. The need of hour for us is to awake and awake early. Good luck.

      • Please struggle. The day is not far when we will touch the moon. AND EVERE MAN SAY VALMIKI

      • dear respected sir
        Ram Pal Chindaliya- sir i am also agree the thought of yours but one thing i can see in your comment your too much worried about our cast what people are thinking about my kids i should give the good education dont force them to be like dis and dat make them understand what they dont hear dont get weak if any one goes on comment your bhangi or anything foucs achive the best and prove to unspoken victory of life life time which cant tell in words
        your giving them very nice vision i really like that happy pepople like you in our comunity thank you so much
        ratndeep gohar -8055922014

        • ;hay guys]Aman valmiki”’sir i only wanna share my most important thing of my life if we will run our self in that way ,i am sure my self that cunfirmly we will achieve our goal and achievement-
          ””””””””’Small deeds done are better than great deed planed ”””

          • very good lines…

            I hope U carry these lines throughout your life.

    • dear respected sir
      Satpal Chindaliya – but we still didn’t got better jobs .Still strugling. this is line it’s shows to the world how weak we are don’t do that please i am 10th failure. i am done wid animation eng.on my base now days i have my own investment company in nashik called trinity capital i did because my dad teach me one never give up stand strongly in storm, never forget to fight work harder and learn everything from life. so i am on top. thanx to my family who is not educted as compre to yours. so belive in urself trust u cn face it and u cn make it out wish best of luck for happy life.

      • Dear Sir,
        Ratndeep Gohar, Great….Just Great…What u have done, this is high inspiration to all of strugglers like me. I would like to meet u share some more if u dont mind.
        -Anil Chindaliy-

    • dear you have not got good job its cause is caste discrimination in India don’t worry your future are bright only all Balmikan must be organized as you know no development without opposition and unity most of the leader are not serious about this caste

    • dear you should not called yourself Bhangi you should say/write balmiki and must be proud on God Balmiki first of all you would think good than you stand good society

      • R8 sir , first we have to stop Rona Dhona , n plz dosto ultey sidhey sabdo ka istmal open site main na kijiy ye hamari manodasha ko darshata h , pehley khud ko samman dey phir kisi se apekhshaa karey ki wo apko samman dega ………………Dhanyawad


  2. I am agree with Mr. Ram Pal Chindaliya Ji that importance of education and good values in life.

  3. Dear we are balmikin but most of the people are called us many attonyms word as bhangi or chura these words are objectionalable all of us raised this matter before the state and central govornment our old leader as Buta singh is unable to raise this matter please come to us and we will give social and political justice to every indian K p s Balmiki president Bhartiya Sarvodaya party

  4. our caste valmiki can go up , if w adopt edecution. so pl send yr children school daily.

    • i agree , i m working for weeker section need ur suport , 09868340420

  5. we are not upto the level of jatav comunity, because lake of eduction , so we should care for children eduction.

  6. Please struggle. The day is not far when we will touch the moon.

  7. I think we can do something better but we can’t have a positive mind because we think that other comunity used our share but it’s not a fact because our community not think about hardwork. Without hardwork we can’t change our life style and it’s time’s requirement to change our views about our society and to make a positive view about our life.- Rakesh Soda (Zila Parsad)-8950339942

  8. they have right to live as like others.they r a part of our brotherhood.I have done research on valmiki socio & economic condition in aligarh distt.(u .p)

  9. Bhaio Bahano 19/8/12 ko panipat mae bharat samaj nirman sangh ka ek programme tha esme chief guest D D Kalayani the enko mene suna jo bhagwan valmiki ko brahaman batate hae aur kahate hae aapane ko bhangi kaho valmiki to brahmin the enka purei desh mae virodh hona chahiya yah log samaj ko hajaro saal pichhe lae jana chahate hae sabse pahale kalayani ko aapane name ke sath tatha aapane bachcho ke name sath bhangi lagana hoga yah log baamsaf ke log hae rnse bachkar rahana hoga yah mayavati ke bhagat hae ense puchho ki mayavati ne up mae valmiki samaj ke liya kya kiya yah log kisi lalach vansh samaj kr logo gumrah kar rahae hae president bhartiya sarvodaya party

    • Dear Respected Sir,
      Please don’t think it as politician…please go to the bottom of our History. If u know our Communities History then pls explore it to others.
      Thank u sir,
      Anil Chindaliya
      Maharashtra State

      • hi sir i thank u forwarding this issues and great service for our samaj how i contact u sir

  10. i wanna all valmiki connect to a group and every persone know we are strong and educate .

    • Oye……………ji……….sabhi……….Valmiki group ko mera RAM RAM …….so………..i can joint to your group………….pl……………
      My Name PREM KUMAR Cast – Mehtar and Stay in Maharashtra (Dist- Buldana )

      • We live in Bihar… belong to the Mehtar caste. But, a lot more is to be done. graduated last year. Dont know how to go about it.
        We are three siblings Di is Officer in a PSU. Younger brother doing graduation.
        But, people of our caste even relatives pull legs to get better education and a happy life. despite We all are educated distressed.

        We wish this tag of Distressed community can be taken away.


      • Mr. prem kumar ji ap to ho he nahi valmikan kyo k ek sacha valmikan Jay Valmiki Har Har Har Valmiki kehta ho ap jaise log to samaj to dhokha deta hai.

  11. dear brothers/sisters willingly person of our country who are interested in politics and want to wash out criminals from indian politics they can join bhartiya sarodaya wants representation of all castes and religions at all stage of government and administration please see our website president bhartiya sarvodaya party

  12. ambedkar ji ne kaha h ki kewal tin sidhant kisi bhi jati ko upar le jane mein saksham h,
    1. shikshit ho,
    2. sanghthit raho,
    3. sangharsh karo,
    hum pahli bat to shikshit hi nahi ho paye , or galti se shikshit ho gaye to hum sanghthit nahi ho paye kyunki hume is baat ki sharm h ki, kanhi kisi pata na chal nahi jye ki hum balmiki community se belong karte h, fir yadi sanghthit bhi ho gaye to apne samaj k uper ho rahe atyacharo ke khilaf sangharsh nahi kar pate h, in tin chijo par yadi hum dhyan de to hamara samaj beshaq aage badhega, jai bhim , jai balmiki

    • Dear Subhash Gharu ji

      I appreciate your opinion related to our Valmiki community. Hum aaj bhee pehli paydaan `shikshit bano’ ko hee paar nahi kar paaye. Shikshit nahi hone ke kayee karan ho sakte hai. Lekin aisa bhee nahi hai ki iss paydan ko logo ne paar nahi kiya hai. Isske aage ke sidhanto per toh baat karna lagbhag bekaar hi hai.
      Ab jo dour hai, ussme toh aur bhee mehnt aur sajagta kee jarurat hai. Ab teeno paydano ko saath lekar chalenge tabhee society me bane rah sakte hai. Bahut kuchh karna baaki hai.
      Ummeed me,


    • subhash ji mai b yhee sochta hu or apke vichar se 101% agree hu or mai chahta hu k is manjil ki taraf badne k liye hum jese jagruk logo ko he samne ana hoga or pury imandary se is manjil ko pana hoga. kya aap tyaar hai agr ha to pls reply de.

  13. bhagwan maharishi valmiki janmotsv ki hardik subhkamnay to all indian. bhagwan valmiki jayanti ke pawan parv par aao sabhi samaj ke bhai sikshit banne , sangthit banne, nase or kuritio se dur rahne ki sapath uthay, jai bhim; jay valmiki, har har valmiki.

    • Hello Rajender Kumar Sonaria,

      i have a question first of all check how many surnames we have in Balmiki Samaj.

  14. well written thoughts by all community elders above. i just hope people are living them too !

  15. i have been reading various blogs on numerous websites and also searched google nd wikipaedia but am unable to find out the origins of this caste group. can somebody please enlighten me ?

  16. please call at 09266638810 to support s.c./s.t. reservation in promotion………..please pass the msg to all your near and dear. thanks.

    • Kanwarpal singh ji ek to apne spelling correct kariye valmiki hota hai na ki valmiki ok or valmikans deepawli nahi selebrate krte wo sirf bhagwan valmiki prakat diwas or dr. b.r. ambedkar diwas celebrate krte hai.

      • kis dunia main rahtey ho bhai kya aap depawali ya holi nahi kheltey kattarwadi sabsey pahley apno ka nuksaan kartey h uskey baad dusro ka pahley hum hindu hai aur try to improve u r self tabhi dusro ko badlaney ke liye kahey

        • kyok k diwali wale din king ram ne hmare anarya devta mahatma ravan ji ki katal kiya tha or in aryans ne hame gulam bnaya tha.

  17. dhanters me barse dhan, chhoti diwali khush ho apka mn.diwali ki tarah roshan ho apka jeevan. bhaiya dooj me ho pyar ka bandhan. happy festivals to all indian. thanks.

  18. Myself is national general secretary in akhil bhartiya safai majdoor congress which is mainly connected with the balmikies in all over india. From my childhood I am living with this community It is my fortune that being a brahmin I have got chance to serve this community. During my visits in various cities and states I have seen rituals their living standards problems which are being faced maximum due to illiteracy. I think only 10 percent of the people who know the actual history and ethics of the community are seriously worried for the community. I think education is extreme need of this community. We have to change our minds and to be strict with the children as they could pass minimum graduation. We donot have to prefer the old rituals in which if child is not studying it would be better he brings something for the cooperation of the family. We have to discourage this types of things. One more thing is weaker in this community is economic condition. But some daring people with good economic conditions of the community are also sucking blood of the rest. It should be discouraged.

  19. sabse pehle apna itihas jano or apne dost or dushman ko pehchano. hamara itihas bahut accha tha magr dusmano ne sab badal dala. hame education ar awareness se koson door kar diya Jis karan hum har akshetar me pichharte chale gaye.
    agar hamare smaj ke bare me kuchh bi Qustion aap ke dimag me aaye to mujhe mail karen:[email protected]
    Thanx JanakAtwal,Fatehabad

    • Dear Sir,
      I would like to ask u one question, Why we celebrate Maharshi Balmiki Jaynti, and why he has attached to us ? pls explain me sir if u know.

    • dear sir,hamare samaj ke bhagban balmiki g ko ye other cast ke logo ne inhe dakou ki upadhi dete he.inse ye pucha jaye ke koi anpad insan doctor ya inginier ban jayega nhi na to ek daku ramayan kaise likh sakta h…ye hame aise hi badnam karte rahenge..ham kyu inke khilaf koi andolan nhi karte…ye hamare bhagban ko chor ya daku batate he or hamare samaj ke log inke bhagban ki puja karte h…kahene ko inike bhagbano ne hi hamare sabi purbajo ko mar dala or ham inhi ki puja karte he…iske liye hame kya karna chahikye kyu hamara samaaj is bat ko nhi samaj rha…

      neeeraj balmiki,u.p bareilly


  20. happy new year 2013 to all indian and worldian. aao manvata aur sare sansar ko adhik sunder banaye. siksha ka parsar felaye. new year me buraiyo ko chhodne ka sanklp le. thanks. rajender kumar s.s.master hisar haryana.

    • hello my dear brother how are you iam vereymuch happy to write you five things that we are balmiki and we will be balmiki and secondly we have to give good education to our childrens so we can change ours image in this world especialy in india. any how my freand wish you all the balmiki samaj good future. also if it is possible for you to join with me some time on Skype. my Skype i.d is francis_tabal

  21. one of the reasons of our backwardness is literacy rate is very low, secondly we don,t have any political face to represent us, surprisighly i just came to know that we constiute 16 % of indian population, its mean we can do wonders if we are united,thirdly i stronghly believes that there must be bifurcation with in reservation policy, as it was earlier in haryana and still in punjab govt, because it has been proved by an commitee of indian govt. which says reservation is not for the benefit of a specific caste/community it is for all the s.cs not for specific community, as in north india its majorly the jatavs who are capturing our seats.
    so govt. must look into this matter……….

  22. I belong to balmiki samaj.. salute to people who have stayed with surname as balmiki.. this shows their willingness to support their caste and are on the field to promote that.. I really feel that we should be united and speeden this process of progress of our caste.. best of luck to all.. I am always with my caste and yes proud to be a Balmikian..

  23. happy republic day to all indian. aao des or valmiki smaj ke vikas ke lie baba saheb ambedkar ke pdchinho par chalne ka sanklp dohraye. please write your address and qualification with comment. rajender kumar m.a.m.ed. h.c.s.2011wrtten qualified .s.s.master hisar haryana.

  24. Comments of each one is full of zeal and cordiality. Still commitment to struggle for successful rise through proper skill and education at individual level and family level is prime condition to make a strong plateform and a successfull movement for rise of sweeper communityu can be possible. Let us resolve to choose one child for giving education in addition to our brothers , sisters and children.

    With grand salute to each one of you reading this to all others also.

    Vijender Singh Rai Chief Manager 09818191454

    • DEAR SIR,
      kisi cheez ko ager yogy margdarshan na mile to………… muze hi dekho……sir…..mai….Accounting ke Job kar raha hu……Priwar ki Zimedari… vazhase ..kuch khas nahi kar saka…..but Apne Samaj Ke Waste kuch katahi rahta hu………..

  25. Hi Freinds,

    I am Rakesh Gohar I am also born in Bhangi Society. I know that bhangi caste is a very backword caste, for that various factor’s are responsible e.g. lower rate of education, drinking alchohol, lack of guaidance etc. etc. So for the improvement of this society it is necessary to understand them about the importance of education and disadvantages of alchhol. Because when they understand the importance of education at that time they admit there son’s and daughter’s in schools. And it will be helpful in the improvement of that caste. So I think education is the main point which is week point of that caste.

  26. Yes, I have seen that our people are progressing but the growth is very slow and to a limited extent..
    Our people should be made aware of the Government policies pertaining to SC/ST help and growth..
    Our people should know how they can get justice, education and discounts..
    Education is the only medium that can help us to stand in the crowd of these upper caste demons..
    Best of luck for all of you all..
    Jai Shri Balmiki Maharaj..

  27. Good education , health , and socioeconomic suport will help for upliftment , i m working for weeker section need ur suport , 09868340420.. to uplift all balmiki samaj people. come join hand for cause .
    thanks every one.
    Dr. kaushal

  28. All my respectable brothers,
    it is very glad to know that there are numbers of people to enlighten our society,i m a small person from MAHARASHTRA working as an assistant engineer in state electricity board.During my 35yrs lifespan so far i am facing castism from other SC people rather than OPEN its only because they know that we are scattered plz unite atleast statewise make a forum,for that upload all the data regarding our SAMAJ and my dear friend Satpal Chindaliya study hard for comp exam so that u will be top in SC or select asOPEN if there is A will there is way.I have made it in a smaller way but i want that my SAMAJ WILL MAKE IT IN larger WAY. my email id is [email protected]

  29. I m an advocate n if any one need my advice i m with my comunity my no. 9529461956

    • Dear Sir
      I am very glad to see that some our bros like u are coming forward and willing to serve our community and for providing guidance and help. Nice!

  30. We do any thing..belive in that….
    And i m animator…or web designer
    if our community need…m alwz wd them
    (anil jinghala)

    • Dear all,

      Great! We all are in good track. Keep it up. The day is not far when we will be topper.

      Thanks to all.

      Regards, Vinod

  31. My dear brothers/sisters, I believe that our community was/ is misguided by the cast hindus, as such we could not achieved the success at par with our elder brothers JATAVS. They have been following path of Baba Saheb Dr, B.R. Ambedkar whereas we have been hating from them and following the way shown by the caste hindus. Saying this that Jatavs are at the better position than Balmikies is wrong. They have devoted themselves to the Education and hardwarking whereas we were enjoying KORMA and kept our selves from Education. The new generation have noticed this and our young talents can be seen everywhere. I would like to request those Phalwans who are residing in Balmiki dominating Basties and indulging in anti social activities, may go to in those areas/ villages where the caste hindus harass us and commit atrocities upon our people like MIRCHPUR Village in Haryana and show your mussel power rather to defame the name of our community.

  32. Uddmain hi siddhyanti, karyani na manorathe ..
    Na hi suptashya singhashya parvishanti mukhe mirga ..

  33. Dear…..It is true that eventhough we have passed many years and we are living in a very advance and modern society but we are still strugling becouse of the the castiesum,this probleb only can be solve by follow the steps of Dr Ambedkar as he said in 1935 in Nashik MH..I was born in a hindu family was in my controll but will not die as a hindu is in my controll.
    Therefore converson is a only way….where we can have respect and truth.
    Anil Karotiya

  34. Balmikis were never Hindus. These were natives of India, were made slaves by upper castes to work dirtiest work for them and kept out of villages. Any reader has knowledge of history- can challenge it. It was only during British raj people got education, health taken care, employment and dignity as human being were given.When they got upliftment, naturally they started converting to Christianity also. They were sitting in Offices as Babus where upper caste people had to come. Sometime they had to wish them gently as they were working under British rulers. Many time they did not wanted to wish. These upper caste people that they all will come on top posts after education once it was their domain only and moreover they would came in minority if these people keep on moving to other best religions. Post independence, they decided to bring back to their religion as to become majority group and keep them remain backward/oppressed. Hindus worship human idols and same is given to this group now called Balmiki.Otherwise, Hindus have no relations with Balmikis and hate them. If they have grow, they have to grow with their own efforts.

  35. No peter sir,as u don’t know,our founder belongs to a BRAHMINS COMMUNITY,which is the upper most class,therefore we are upper class people,but our founder MAHARISHI BALMIKI,is in taken care of a guardian,that guardian is a sweeter,but balmiki said him her mother.

  36. Respected All,

    I want to be in contact of such community minded people. If there are, please contact on my above given e-mail id.

  37. Hello Bro…s
    Nice to c that many young people from our community are excited to help each other and want to share some more……but we all must submit here our mobile no and e -mail id. So we will connect each other for our communities development. Waiting for more replies……….JAI BALMIKI

  38. My dear brothers and sisters,
    I request to all my communities persons that you should not addict to any intoxication things. Give performance to the unity and make a good leader for the upliftment of our community. Pay attention to the literacy of the children and recognize their power.
    Good luck (07417687316), Pilkhuwa, Hapur

  39. And I will request all my Balmiki samaj youth not to induldge in with or believe Those of religiouse so called
    imaginary HINDU GODS (Dviyan,Matayen,Babe, and all animals like monkey(hanuman),snake(guga peer),elephant(ganesha),rat,cow,bull(nandi) or dog(bhairon)yaa bhalu(jamwant .Come out of their enticing net.or our generations will keep on facing the same as before and today we are going through!!! this way
    break the bondage of darkness come in Light.Turn your Face to Sun you will have your face shine…………….yes so forget any dharm varm and think,of self development through education &socio economic march free from Imposed Dharma full of myths All vain.Yaad rahe
    “Chidiyan agar eka kar le to sher ki khaal bhee khinch sakati hain”
    “Lakdiyan ikathhi ho kar aag jalati hain,ek akeli to sulag sulag kar raakhh ho jaati hai”
    this is the message of Victory for my people

  40. When We are searching for a good groom to my sister got to know about by 2 Chowhan brothers in Delhi, spoke to them abhi tak to bot constructive nai maloom ho raha as our whole family is in Patna only And site or the book (Kadam) they publish include people from all over India. But, seems to be a good platform. Had heard of something like this in OBC community every individual and what they are doing is in a Community Book.

    THen for Business Loan got to know about National SC Financial Development Corporation providing Skill training & loan for business.

    need to be aware in oneself.


  41. All I mst say is really feeling proud of being a Valmiki… Bt plz stop adding words like hurts our souls.. We should raise our standard of living.. May god gives more strength to our community….

  42. Respected sir,
    Don’t think like bhangi and all that only just improve ur self and ownest on your work you’ll defiantly achieve your goal e

  43. i am realy know about my caste valmiki is uneducated many problem about mu caste i will try ss
    some solw this plz someone call me in delhi i want help

  44. my dear balmiki brothers, i somehow came in contact with this page and read all the comments above,it gave me immense pleasure to knw about the keennes u guys have to serve for ur community,m jatav by caste bt i believe dat the real change wil come wen each and every SC caste wil b empowered and educated,first of al v shoud get united as the sayng goes ‘united v stand and divided v fall’,the main prob is the lack of unity,and the only solution for the problem is movements,v need atleast 100 movement to change the mindset of our people and other masses of india, our mobility is very slow that is becoz of lack of protests and movements,after ambedkar movement v havent indulged any movmnt on big scale,resulted in manual scavenging stil present,so guys my point here is v should be united and change our identity from dalit as it is very derogating,secondly v shoud do protest for dignity not for reservation al the time,conversion is not the solution, plz join me wid your valuable feedbacks,,thanks,

  45. Parveen Gill
    hi frnds…..
    hmary samsayo ka sirf ek hi samadan h wo h education.
    and ek dusre ka sahyog karo………..
    or ek achi pure india me unity banao.
    or is google chrome or wikipedia par case kr do kyon ki in dono ne hme net pe bilo ka darja de rakha h,
    hm bil kaise ho skte jab hamare guru valmik dunia ke sabse bidwan kabi or bahgwan or ramayan ke racheyata h.

  46. Hame ye bataye…logo ki jo bhavna h.valmiki community k logo k liye use kaise badle….aap pade likhe ho,wel educated ho job bhi h..lekin phir bhi kahi na kahi logo k mann me ye rahta h are yar ye to schedule caste h …aisa kyon h..ise kaise badal sakte h…

    • hm anaryans is country ke moolniwasi hai or aryans(brahman,shatriya.vaishya) ye sb bahar se aaye hue hai or india pe raaj kr rahe hai ye log 15% hai or 85% pe raaj kr rahe hai. hme divide kiya hua hai ek duje se ladwate hai taki hm log unity me na aa jye or apna haq na maang le.

      • dosto,ab ye time nh h k hum history me ghuse rahe k hum ye h wo wo h,,society me sabko milkar hi chalna hoga,hum aj jo h apni khud ki galtiyo k wajah se h,,hamare purwajo ne unites hokar jung ladi hoti to aj ye nh hota,ambedkar ji k andolan k bad kabi koi andolan nh hua,hum educated hokr khud aryans ban jate h,,sab hamari galtiya h,,hm sewer
        or chamda saf karenge to log bhedbhav krenge,sabse phle jaruri h hum sab socialy active ho jaye,logo ko polluted jobs chhodni hongi,education leni hogi,ye sab dosto bina andolan k possible nh h,mind set tabi change hota h jab andolan hota h,,hame kuch selfles social activist chahye,jo is community me 0 hai,,tabi kuch hoga or logo ka mindset b change hoga..

  47. Sir…..I proud bcoz I m valmiki…
    From chetan vaghela

  48. right gautam jatav g blkul right ajj sadi community nu humble need education di h job appe mil jaugi j educated hovage ta

    Khudi ko kar buland itna
    ki khuda b tujse aake puche
    e bande teri raja kya h

  49. Dear Readers , You have been kept out boycotted by People since born,, People uses you but never accepted you in there heigh value society. Till today people talk about system but in village and city these comunities are still in boycotted by Upper class ( upper class mean people who think that only there right to read and write and give social justics to any one,,
    you people must unite and raise the issue together else you will be used by people like before,,, Think Great Person Late Babasaheb accepted Other relegion,, Do not forget his hard work for you people,,, stay united and stay for better yours community….there are lot of people who sacrifice his life for the freedom of INDIA , for example late gangu who had been hanged by british ,,, after raising his voice against Britihs, in 1857 lot of lower class help to get freedom from british,, but Todays samaj taking all the cridit for there own benifit and keeping lower cast people away for education, and equal right.
    decision is yours,,,

  50. i real appreciate u sir to give this much knowledge and its really required for our community do bst education and prove our self what we are….i am from pune now i am doing journalism
    i want to do something for our community people… u can guide me sir

  51. I am absolutely inspired to read all the comments . I am an upcoming Rap Music producer and MC . I am in Canada but from Punjab(India) . I respect all castes and regions but my aim is to do shows back to back as I have target of educating Valmiki Students who can’t afford to study . All knowledge I have will be used in spreading education in our community.
    No matter who is doing what , We gonna make the change. All of us , lets be the change that we see in our community.
    Jai Valmiki , Har har Valmiki .

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