About the Authors

There’s not a lot to say about the authors of the profiles except that they are genuinely interested in the people of India. They have spent several years living in India interviewing, collecting and organising this information. Whilst there may be inaccuracies (as many visitors have pointed out) it has been published with the intention to inform only.

About this site

The original purpose of this site was to simply publish the profiles and photos as a free resource to anyone who may be interested. Later we added features to allow visitors to leave comments. More recently we added other features to support the growing number of visitors that are genuinely interested in contributing to the quality and breadth of information published here.

Please consider registering as a member (free) and contributing articles, photos or just comments. Articles do not need to be lengthy – they could be as simple as a review of another website that contains useful/interesting information relevant to our users. We also want to see more personal stories so if you have one you’d like to share or read one online that we can link to that that would be most welcome.

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