India is a land of contrasts

…a rich tapestry of cultures, ethnic mixes, languages and traditions. India’s landscapes span from the awe inspiring Himalayas, beaches, forests, the Deccan plateau and the Rajasthani desert. From North to South, East to West – there are changes to color of skin, clothing, food and language. These may appear to be superficial regional and language changes. Yet, varying religions, traditions, culture and caste add another layer to the complexity of Indian society. India’s caste system is intricately entwined with the people’s identities. The people group name denotes everything – it is a person’s occupation, religious beliefs, social standing, traditions and life story.

India – tradition and change

As India continues to grow, many people are drawn away from their traditional occupational groups into other professions and locations. A father and grandfather who are itinerant cattle herders have a grandson who works at a call centre in Delhi. Although he is an office worker, the community identifies this young man with his people group. Everything about who he is, his surname and who he will marry is entwined with the knowledge of this background.

People Groups of India

There are over 72 People Groups with a population of more than 100,000 each in Uttar Pradesh, North India. This site currently features 72 profiles of these groups from the Agaria to the Yadav. There are, of course, many hundreds more depending on how you define these groups.

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  • Indian Culture by States: Madhya Pradesh Culture


    The state which is the the center of the country is considered as one of the best states in culture of Incredible India.With this article, we will tell you more about the state, about its people groups, in Madhya Pradesh culture. Madhya Pradesh is only one of the few states which is connected to 5 other States in India.

    Did you know that “Kanha National Park” is recognized by the International Union of Conservation of Nature as a protected area

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    Facts and Figures

    Madhya Pradesh was established on 1 November 1956 having a total area of 308,252 km2. Out of all the states, Madhya Pradesh is the 2nd largest state in India in total area. As per the latest Census, Madhya Pradesh has nearly 725 million population which is 6th highest in India. It has an literacy rate of over 70% and the state’s official language is Hindi.

    Culture – language, religion and people groups

    In Madhya Pradesh Culture, we see many similarities to what is seen in places like Rajasthan and Maharashtra. It is definitely a land for folk music and traditional dance right from the time of Akbar’s rule. We ...

  • Indian Culture by States: Rajasthan Culture


    A land full of deserts and forts, Rajasthan is known for its traditional and cultural heritage. It is definitely a place of visit to know more about the ancient Mughal Raj. With this article, we will tell you more about the state, about its people groups, in Rajasthan culture. Rajasthan is said to have been a region where human settlement dated back to the early historical period.

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    Did you know “Jaipur (Capital of Rajasthan State) is also known as the Pink City on account of the pink color that was used to coat the buildings of the walled city, as a mark of respect for the visit of the Prince of Wales in 1876.”

    Facts and Figures

    Rajasthan was established on 1 November 1956 having a total area of 342,239 km2. Out of all the states, Rajasthan is the biggest state in India in total area. As per the latest Census, Rajasthan has nearly 680 million population which is 8th highest in India. It has an literacy rate of 68% and the state’s official language is Hindi.

    Culture – language, religion and people groups

    In Rajasthan culture, we see many folk dances which are played with folk ...

  • Indian Culture by States: Gujarat Culture


    India is known for its religious traditions right from the mythological era. We see different type of culture, religion and languages in every state. Though one find it difficult when to comes to communication, but then that is the uniqueness India is proud of. We now tell you about the state where the Father of the Nation (Mahatma Gandhi) was born. The Gujarat culture is talked about everywhere in the world.

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    A state with a population of over 60 million is connected with Rajasthan in the North, Maharashtra in the South and Madhya Pradesh in the East. After the partition of Bombay State in 1960, Gujarat has emerged as a religious and cultural destination of India. People from across the country and from abroad visit Gujarat, which makes this state as one of the top contenders of cultural destination of India. People living are Gujarati and speaking the state language are called Gujarati’s.

    People Groups Living in Gujarat

    There is a majority of Gujarati Community having a religion of Hindu, Muslim and Jains.The majority of the population speaks Gujarati, but other Languages like Kathiawadi, Kutchi, Hindi and Marathi are also ...

  • Indian Culture by States: Maharashtra Culture


    India is known for its diverse cultures which have emerged over the centuries. The deepness in Maharashtra culture is regarded all across the world. People come to visit India, not just for visiting its famous tourist spots, but also to understand the culture and people of India. Our website will feature articles that describe the various cultures and people groups that can be seen across India.

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    A state which was formed after the partition of Bombay decades ago, is very rich when it comes to culture. It’s capital Mumbai thrives with people from all across the country as they come to earn their livelihood. The majority of people are Hindus, but there are many other religions in the urban parts of Maharashtra like Muslims, Christians and minorities like Buddhists, Sikhs and Jains. The official language of this state is Marathi as in Government offices and bureaucracy this is the standard language used for communication.

    Temples and Historic Sites

    We see various temples for God’s and Saints in various places of Maharashtra. Some of them are Lord Shiva, Krishna and Ganesh. ...

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